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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry Opens Mouth, Inserts Ass

John Kerry, who - lest you ever forget - served in Vietnam, is the gift that just keeps on giving and giving to his political opposition.

This time, in California, the LOSER of the 2004 Presidential Election once again Insulted the Military:

    "You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you can do well. If you don't , you get stuck in Iraq."

Then...as usual, he flip-flopped and tried to weasel out of his words. He
claims he was joking. He claims his comments were directed at the White House.

I am thankful every day that Senator Piece of Shit Kerry doesn't occupy the White House.

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Howard Dean Tells Democrats "Don't vote."

Washington D.C. - A confident Howard Dean, Chairman of The Democratic National Committee, said today that democrats shouldn't bother to vote next week on election day. Encouraging the Liberal voting base to stay home, Dean said the DNC considers the November election over and that all democratic candidates were elected and have won. He declared that democrats are now the majority party.

Appearing on
ABC's "Good Morning America", a jubilant Dean told host Charlie Gibson, "Our message to our constituents is for them to stay home on election day, we've already won! There's no doubt about it, we've won the election, it's over! And now we're going to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney! We're going to immediately begin cutting and running from Iraq and Afghanistan! We're going to immediately raise taxes!"

Dean tells an incredulous Gibson, "We've already won the election!"

A puzzled Gibson asked Dean how he could possibly consider his own words accurate since voting hasn't taken place and no votes have been counted. Appearing irritated by the question, Dean replied, "Look Charlie, we're jumping the gun like we always do. Accuracy has never been our strong point! We've already decided that we've won! What more is there to it that you don't understand?"

Gibson, following up on Dean's answer, noted that the U.S. Constitution's template for elections contradicts Dean's statements. Dean remained unfazed answering, "that's just a bunch of hooey that the Bush and Cheney Administration and the United States Military Industrial Complex would like for you to believe. People like Karl Rove and companies like Halliburton. That's what they want you to believe, Charlie, that's what they want you to believe. We're going to start acting like the winners we already consider ourselves to be."


Concert-goers Demonstrate Love For Ugly Streisand

Heh...[A concert-goer] threw his beverage over singing legend Barbra Streisand after she criticized US President George W Bush during her Miami concert Monday night. [She] has been repeatedly heckled during her current tour. [A] second heckler began harassing her following the soaking and was escorted from the arena as he shouted abuse at her.

Which just goes to prove that those concert-goers have good taste and prove what I've always said about her; she's all wet!

Babs Streisand: As Pretty As A hemorrhoid.


The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!

Special Spooktacular Halloween Double Edition!



Monday, October 30, 2006

Vandals Destroy Patriotic Display

Over the weekend, someone spray-painted obscene symbols and insults against President Bush on the white stripes of the flag. WCAX News

And more from
Capital 9 News:

    Susan Hoffman owns Wit's End Giftique in Clifton Park. In honor of our troops serving overseas, she displays a mammoth American flag, 20 by 40 feet, on the west wall of her building which faces the heavily-traveled Northway. Sometime over the weekend, the flag was vandalized.

    Hoffman said,
    "It disgusts me. It absolutely disgusts me. It's outrageous that someone would do this to our flag. We have men and women fighting to defend our flag and then some person does this."

    Hoffman understands that everyone has his own political views, but she said desecrating the flag is inexcusable.

And from the same Capital 9 News story:

    The desecration didn't stop at Wit's End. Just down the road in Halfmoon at the American Legion, another phallic symbol was painted in the same green paint on a fence behind the legion's war memorial.

    Former Mohawk Post Commander Robert Dyer said, "It's a memorial to deceased veterans. What happened at Wit's End is even worse. It's desecration of the American Flag. I feel that the politicians who don't favor protecting our flag are dead wrong."

I couldn't agree more with Ms. Hoffman and Mr. Dyer. Vandalism is bad enough, but when it appears to happen due to nothing more than differences of political philosophy, it's sick and depraved. An action that, committed by the Left, does not surprise me.

Step Right This Way To Your One World Global Government

Here it comes...One World Government Courtesy of The Global Warming Alarmists.

"Step right up to the Registrar Of Individual Pollution Emissions and pay your annual Global Pollution TAX. Oh, and by the way, we at the Registrar's Office would really appreciate it if you would bow, kneel or curtsey while in our presence. Thank you."

From the BBC:

    The UN has released new data showing an upward trend in emission of greenhouse gases, and called for urgent action from rich countries.

Well, I'm sure if the UN says so, it must be true. "Urgent action" means taxes. "Rich Countries" mean the USA. Please don't go thinking that the UN would ask China or India to contribute, why - that would be discriminatory.

What is the projected monetary cost for this "WAR" on global warming?

$9000 Billion? $7 Trillion? $9 Trillion?

The Grand Wizard, Chief Poobah and Exalted Registrar of Global Warming. He also invented the internet. Oh, and he also claims he was the first actor to portray Floyd The Barber. I'm not sure about that last one, but I know all the others are true!


Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid: Where Are They?

Boy, have these two Jokers gone into hiding, or what? Huh?!

After her Botox enhanced performance on "60 Minutes" a couple weeks ago Nancy Peloshit must've burrowed herself deep down into the ground and is currently hiding from the public until the swelling from her most recent Botox injections is gone.

And where's Harry Reid? Well, after his Real Estate Scandal news broke, he just up and disappeared! You don't suppose a UFO plucked him from the face of the earth, do you? Oh, we could only be so lucky.

Oh....wait...wait...wait...wait...Harry's holed up at the Ritz...that's right!

Have you seen either of the above people? If not, maybe their images should be placed on milk cartons soon?


The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


Global Warming Alarmists Will Eventually Lead Us Down The Road To A One World Global Government

From the BBC:

    [The UK's] Environment Secretary David Miliband has confirmed the government is holding discussions on tackling climate change using green taxes.

    He refused to confirm details, shown in a leaked letter, which may include "pay as you drive" tax, cheap-flight tax and levies on energy-wasting appliances.

    He told Sky News that "the longer we wait, the more costly it will be".

    [He] calls for measures to combat "car use and ownership", and a "substantial increase" in road tax, the paper claims. He also calls for a new pay-per-mile pollution tax.

And the UK has signed on Al "I invented the internet" Gore to be their Chief Snake Oil Salesman:

    Britain is to send the author of today's landmark review on global warming to try to win American hearts and minds to the urgent cause of cutting carbon emissions - as it emerged yesterday that the government has already signed up former US vice-president Al Gore to advise on the environment.

Look people, the common thread to move people and nations toward a one world government will be the hoopla over so-called Global Warming. This is the issue that will be used, abused and hyperbolized to move people and nations to a unified, one world government. Maybe not in my lifetime or yours, but certainly the generation after next will be moving in that direction if not already solidly planted there.

Where and when you travel, where you live, how you live,
what you buy, when you buy it, how you buy it and the selections you have when purchasing something will all be restricted and limited while the Hoity Toity crowd of politicians and celebrities - you know, the "privileged Socialists" - will still be burning carbon in a manner similar to Michael Moore eating at a free buffet.

If you think moving towards a one world government is a good idea, and you think Global Warming is a real threat that must be tackled right now...go ahead, vote for your favorite Socialist and get on board the Global Warming Train. And when your travel, freedoms and lives are severely reduced in what you can do and where you can go and when you can go there...don't pretend you don't know how we got there.


Sunday, October 29, 2006

MrsSatan Hillary Clinton Gets Halloween Off To An Early Start!



Bill O'Reilly asks David Letterman a very simple question: "Do you want the United States to win in Iraq"? American Citizen David Letterman CAN'T ANSWER the question!
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By golly I like what he has to say and if he runs for president in '08, then I'm Voting For This Guy!
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Morons In The News. And don't miss what this fatuous "Peace Protestor" had to say.
- - -
A Belated Happy Mole Day, which I missed, which is why I read This Guy's Blog, because he remembers!
- - -
It's not the food that keeps you slender, it's just that the recipes are so gross, you don't mind the hunger pangs. Heh!
- - -
The reconstituted Caliphate Map.
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Oh......SO THIS IS HOW Louise Madonna circumvented the usual adoption laws. Boy, those celebrities have everything, don't they?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

David Letterman: Bitter Liberal

Letterman... what a crabby and bitter man. He's still manifesting transparent bitterness from not being named the successor to 'The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson' some 14 years ago. Who knew back then that the NBC hierarchy was right in choosing Jay Leno over Letterman! And let it be known that I don't watch Leno or think that he's all that funny.

Carson was and always will be the King of Talk Shows. He may have been an Uber Liberal, but one would never have guessed that from watching him. He skewered all politicians and political parties equally without appearing to ever take sides or promote the agenda of one over the other. This is a talent and ability that completely escapes Letterman and one that he is unable to learn.

So it was by accident that flipping through the channels last night I caught most of Letterman's interview with Bill O'Reilly who is out promoting his latest book. And I'm no huge fan of O'Reilly, his program or his books. But Letterman simply could not maintain political neutrality, letting his Liberal partisanship shine!

The discussion turned to the Iraq War with O'Reilly noting that if we simply pulled out of Iraq, and if Iran considered Iraq weak, then Iran could co-opt the Iraqi government thereby controlling a large portion of Mideast oil.

Failing to acknowledge that the entire administration prior to the Bush White House - that would be Clinton for you Truth Deniers - all believed Iraq possessed and was manufacturing Weapons of Mass Destruction, Letterman disapprovingly remarked that the "war is all about oil." Well, the war isn't about oil.

A younger, Less Bitter Letterman

But hey, Dave, what about your cars? You know, the ones that you drive at excessive and reckless highway speeds enabling you to joke about all the speeding tickets you've received in your lifetime? What do your cars use for fuel? Are you filling up your Porsche with discarded vegetable oil from fast food restaurants? Or maybe it's powered by pig feces?

Hey Dave, what type of fuel is used to power your Worldwide Pants production company? How much natural resources does it consume? How many limos and airplanes - owned or leased - in your production company run off renewable energy? How many film and television production tools and equipment used daily by Worldwide Pants are made from oil by-products? Is Worldwide Pants completely powered by renewable energy?

What other natural resources are consumed nightly to power the broadcasting of your program? You fly in guests from around the country and around the world. Are those airplanes powered by canola oil? Is there perhaps be a more economical and fuel efficient manner in which to provide transportation for your guests? Do you fly the guests in on commercial flights or do you send out private jets? What fuel do they consume, Dave?

Hey Dave, how many natural resources have you used in your entire television career? What about all the food you've wasted by dropping it from the roof of a building onto the ground? What about all the perfectly good manufactured items you've destroyed and flattened with a steamroller? How much waste are you personally responsible for, Mr. Letterman?

A decade or two ago Letterman used to be funny and used to be cutting edge. Cutting edge and innovation has since been redefined by the likes of Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel who leave Letterman in their dust.

Letterman joins the ranks of so many other celebrities who are well beyond their prime and refuse to step aside. This wouldn't be so bad in and of itself, but he's also joined the crowd of the 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do' politically correct-massive-energy-consuming celebrities. And his ongoing poor ratings, unable to draw an audience or beat Leno and often having fewer viewers than even Nightline bears this out.

Dave, you've attained so much, you're a household name, you're a success story of the ultimate American Dream. But what you've become is a crabby and bitter man with a political and hypocritical axe to grind. It's too bad because there once was a time when you were funny.



Janet Reno Marries

Former United States Attorney General during the Clinton Administration, Janet Reno, today married a promotional-sized bottle of Old Style beer. The low-key ceremony was conducted by the Justice of The Peace in the small Florida town of Drinkwater.

"I met her, uh - him, uh...Janet - down at Nip's Bar," said the oversized bottle of Old Style. "She - uh, he, uh...Janet - captivated all my attention the moment she - uh, he, uh...Janet - walked in the bar. Why, I didn't even glance at the other seven post-middle-aged, leather-clad biker women - at least I think they were women - that she, uh - he, uh...Janet - walked in with."

Reno, for her part, noted that she couldn't take her eyes of the robust and condensation-laden bottle. "He's the one for me," Reno recalled telling the girlfriends she had arrived with.

The happy couple said the location of their honeymoon is a secret but a brewery tour is likely to be part of their plans.

All of us here at the mrssatan blog wish the very best to the newly and happily married couple!


Friday, October 27, 2006

One Hit News

The Off Again German Opera due to militant Islam that objected to the Prophet Mohammed being depicted on stage is Back ON Again, BBC:

    The Deutsche Oper in the German capital said the production of Idomeneo will be staged after it received a new security assessment from the police.

= = =

Outrage (by non-Muslims
this time) at "South Park" episode lampooning death of Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, AHN:

    The [episode shows] an animated Irwin in Hell with a stingray poking out of his bleeding chest.

= = =
New study shows British Men spend six months of their lifetimes ogling women,
Sky News:

    Researchers claim men will target eight different girls every day and spend two minutes eyeing up each one.
    The first thing the average bloke will look at is the boobs before working down to the bottom and then the legs.

= = =
Phishing attack Hitting MySpace users.
PC World
= = =
Your DOG does not want, under any circumstances, for you to do THINGS LIKE THIS to him or her.

Jim Webb: Writer of Pedophilia And Misogyny...Also Running As Democratic Candidate For Senate!

Who knew Democrat James Webb of Virginia is such an accomplished writer? Why, he ranks right up there with Shakespeare! Hemingway! Steinbeck! Faulkner! Does't he?

Jim Webb: Soon to be writing letters for Penthouse Forum

Webb's Writing Is Deviant.

Webb whines, "smear tactics".

Why...Webb didn't even want passages from his books to be read on the air! Well, if you're so proud of your writing Jim, then why don't you want someone to read it aloud over the airwaves? What are you ashamed of?

Oh, Those Good Old-
Fashioned Democratic Family Values!


Jim Ward Wishes Illness On Limbaugh

More rich sympathy and empathy from the always caring Liberal Crowd.

Speaking about the Michael J. Fox - Rush Limbaugh imbroglio, Liberal Talk Radio's Stephanie Miller sidekick- impressionist Jim Ward said on this morning's show (37 minutes into the third hour of the program), " the wrong people are afflicted with diseases."

Jim Ward

I take a lot of liberties on this blog criticizing the Left and holding them to the same standard that they apply to everyone else. I have also been nothing short of caustic in criticizing Republicans and Conservatives when they deserve it.

But my sympathy and compassion for someone suffering from a disease is not ever predicated on that person's political beliefs. Nor could I ever "wish" that someone should be "afflicted with disease" based on disagreeing with their political ideology.

And today, on the Stephanie Miller Show, Jim Ward did just that. Dude, that's sick, sad and indicative of a political conviction placed well ahead of basic compassion.

Compassion is one impression that Jim Ward can't do.


Because It's Worth Watching Again And Again

SOUTH PARK: The Day After The Day After Tomorrow

The only thing missing from the story is that of Al Gore playing the role of Randy Marsh:

He's (Wheeze...Gasp...Cough...Hack...) Coming Baaaa-aaaaack!

The Rotting Corpse crawls out of his grave, just when we thought that the last Shovel-ful O' Dirt had settled!

Fired In August and left to assume room temper, the decrepit corpse, scraping with his fingers through six feet of dirt, latches onto one, final, desperate breath hoping that someone - anyone - will listen to him or care about what he thinks.

Well, welcome back Old Corpse Man. Just in time for Halloween? How appropriate!



Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Pelosi Pumpkin: "Boo!"


"Why doesn't anyone want to talk with us!?"

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, all the widdle Bankrupt AirHead America Network talking heads are doing what they always do...whining and crying. This time it's because they weren't invited to the White House for Radio Day. Unibrowed Stephanie McSlut Miller, Al O'FrankenFailure, Raymond Maddox, Fat Eddy Schultz, Sham Cedar, Ratty Rhodes and the rest of the hate-speech and falsehood spewing Lefties didn't get invited to Radio Day.

"Oh, Dat's So Sad!" Don't you feel sorry for them? Seriously, don't you?!

Let's see, in six years these people have said Bush is Hitler, that he stole both elections, that he's an idiot, that he's an evil genius, that he raises the cost of a gallon of gasoline on a whim, that he led us into a "false war", that Bush is having an affair with Condoleezza Rice (what happened to a president's right to have affairs in his personal life?), that Bush has single-handedly wrecked the Medicare prescription drug program, that Bush is responsible for global warming because he refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty (um, Clinton refused to sign it as well but the Left conveniently forgets this), that the aftermath from Katrina was entirely Bush's fault and any other number of allegations that if it went wrong or didn't work the way it was supposed to - it's Bush's fault.

And these people wonder why they weren't invited to Radio Day? They spend six years-plus pi**ing on the White House, Conservatives, Republicans, Moderates, and anyone who dares question what they say - both politically and personally - and they wonder why they weren't invited to Radio Day? Heh - they really are dense, aren't they?



Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Michael Moore Eats Pelican That's Eating A Pigeon!

For the second day in a row people have witnessed strange eating habits around the world. Yesterday we read about the report of the pelican eating a pigeon.

Today, families and tourists in New York's Central Park were left shocked when Michael Moore picked up and swallowed a pelican that was swallowing a pigeon that was nibbling at the remains of a White Castle Cheeseburger.

The unusual wildlife spectacle in New York's most recognized park was caught on camera by photographer Kathal NacMaughton.

He said the White, Euro-Centric Moore had the pelican in his beak while at the same time the pelican had the pigeon in its beak. Meanwhile, the pigeon was eating part of a discarded cheeseburger.

An RSPB spokesman said: "It is almost unheard of for a person to eat a pelican that's eating a pigeon that's eating a cheeseburger!"

Mr NacMaughton, from the Press Association, said: "Moore was on the towpath preening itself, and there were a lot of tourists watching it.

"Then Moore got up and strolled along until it reached one of the pelicans, which it just grabbed in its beak.

"There was a bit of a struggle for about 20 minutes, with all these people watching. Moore only opened his mouth a couple of times.

"It was kicking and flapping the whole way down," said NacMaughton, adding, "so was the pigeon. And the cheeseburger didn't look too happy about it either."

"Then he managed to get the pelican, the pigeon and the cheeseburger to go head first down its throat."

Moore then released a huge burp according to NacMaughton, saying, "he then began to look at other pelicans like what he'd just consumed wasn't enough."

Taking a lesson learned by nature, Moore remarked, "I don't know why I didn't think of eating like this before. Hey - you don't have any mint jelly on you, do you?"


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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nick Coleman: Regurgitating Nothing New

I do a pretty good job avoiding my of reading Nick Coleman. Regurgitate a couple cans of any generic brand alphabet soup and chances are there's a Coleman column contained in the, uh - regurgitated material (aka vomit). I did find interest in his most recent scribblings, "Verdict in Block E's murder case doesn't solve one mystery", which appears below at the end of my post.

In March of this year a man minding his own business was shot and killed by someone he did not know. The shooter received a life sentence.

Yet Bleeding Heart Uber-Liberal scribbler for the Red Star, Nick Coleman writing about the murder, begins his story with this sentence:

    The Block E murder that shocked Minneapolis turns out to be a double homicide.

Why? Because the shooter received a life sentence? Only the warped mind of a Liberal like Coleman could conceive and believe that his opening sentence is objective, legitimate or anything remotely approaching truthfulness. I guess Nick's editor was absent that day to proof the column. Or perhaps his editor's heart bleeds at the same rate and quantity as does Nicks. There's no other way to explain it.

The mother of the shooter, upon hearing the life sentence verdict, cried out the following, according to Nick's column:

    "I might as well stop living. They gave him life for political reasons. My son is not a menace! His life is over! This is racial and political! Oh, Jesus! I'm sorry what happened to [the victim], but they didn't give my baby a chance!"

Do you remember the "Seinfeld" episode where the character Elaine, to get back at an old boyfriend whose book she was editing, added exclamation points after each sentence? Okay, Nick - was there a sale on exclamation points at the Red Star?

Now..."who" gave the shooter life for political reasons? The jury? The judge? Who is "they"? The only person responsible for the life sentence is the person who fired the gun.

Yes, your son was a menace. Without the slightest consideration for the victim, your son shot and killed another person without any reason or motive. Your son, unprovoked, pulled the trigger on a gun and shot another person dead. Your "baby" had chances and choices. And no one is a "baby" at 21-years of age. Unfortunately for him, he made one very bad choice when he pulled the trigger, sealing his own fate. It's just that simple.

For the majority of the rest of the column Coleman tells us about the killer, about his difficult teenage years, about how the killer developed a good relationship with a Big Brother sponsor, about how the killer was a good student, about how somewhere along the way the killer went bad. Perhaps, it is implied that the killer, before killing, was a "wannabe" gangsta.

The Big Brother interviewed for the story says he was shocked when he heard that the killer was the kid he had spent time with in the BB program.

In court, after the verdict was read, the killer said to the victim's family, "I hope y'all are happy."

The column runs 911 words (heh, 911...I wonder if he threw in some "ands" or an "is" just to do that). Of these 911 words the name of the victim and his family account for thirteen (13!) of the 911 words. Thirteen words out of 911...why Nick, it's almost anecdotal that you mention the victim. Was doing so an afterthought?

The rest of it is basically devoted to who, what, where, why, when and how what happened with the killer and his life prior to pulling the trigger.

You may have gathered by now that the killer is black or guessed that he was a part of a "minority". But does, or should, race matter in terms of sentencing when it comes to a shooting like this one? It doesn't for me. Apply the same standards employed by the killer in this story to anyone else, and their color, gender, race, religion, creed, ethnicity, sexual preference or any other societal and/or self-described label is irrelevant. Anybody found guilty in a shooting like that of the story should receive a life sentence.

But Coleman, in a not-that-coy manner, attempts to draw sympathy for the life sentencing of the killer! This illustrates one of the major problems of Liberals and Liberalism. How long a sentence should the killer have received, Nick? Ten years? Two? Fifteen? Twenty-five? First-Timer Get Off Free Card? Liberals like Nick won't give you an answer because they don't have one. Oh, they know how to set up their faux-sympathy generating stories but they never have the answers to their very own questions that they pose to the reader.

The story Coleman tells is a story that has played itself out over and over, hundreds and hundreds of times in city after city, around the country and around the world. There's nothing unique or different in Coleman's story than is in any other similar story about the same issue written by a any Bleeding Heart Liberal. The only message stories like this convey is advancing the Liberal Agenda that "good kid-goes bad-gets unjust lengthy life-sentence".

Hey Nick - how about an 911 word story on what a great guy the victim was. Tell us about how his life enriched those around him. Maybe how he took interest in helping someone less fortunate - you know - maybe he was a Big Brother to someone. Tell us about the victim's family, what they recall about the life of their now departed son, brother, nephew and friend. Tell us how his co-workers liked him, how he always got the job done, how he went out of his way to succeed in everything he did. Tell us how he smiled when he talked of his dreams, what his goals were and what he wanted to do during his life. Tell us how much the victim will be missed by his family and friends.

You won't read a story like that in any Coleman column or by any of the Liberal Columnist (and you know, it is so unfair and unwarranted to even call them "columnists") Clones scattered about on the staff of any newspaper in any U.S. city. They won't write about the victim or tell you his or her story. To do so would mean they might actually agree that paying a price for committing a crime falls on the perpetrator - no matter what their color is - and not the victim.


    Verdict in Block E's murder case doesn't solve one mystery

    Nick Coleman, Star Tribune

    The Block E murder that shocked Minneapolis turns out to be a double homicide.

    Alan Reitter died last March. His killer, Derick Holliday, 21, was convicted of the crime last week and will spend his life in prison. The loss of his life was self-inflicted, but left another mother crying.

    When Hennepin County District Judge Toddrick Barnette delivered the verdict, Holliday's mother, Yolanda White, wailed loudly.

    "I might as well stop living," she cried. "They gave him life for political reasons! My son is not a menace! His life is over! This is racial and political! Oh, Jesus! I'm sorry what happened to Mr. Reitter, but they didn't give my baby a chance!"

    I can't question a mother's grief, but a few points in rebuttal are in order. There is little doubt that Derick Holliday was a menace when he was wildly firing a "Dirty Harry" .44 Magnum in downtown after a fight in a movie theater. Alan Reitter, out on the town with his fiancee, didn't have any chance at all. County Attorney Amy Klobuchar, who is running for the U.S. Senate, spoke with Reitter's family outside court. But if she hadn't done that, she would be criticized, and rightfully. As for race, Judge Barnette, like Holliday, is black.

    Justice isn't always color-blind, or politically pure. But it appeared to be so in this case.

    That leaves us with this mystery: Why did Derick Holliday, without a hard criminal record or evidence of drug use, shoot a perfect stranger? One person who knew Holliday as a smart, happy teenager says murder was the last thing he expected from the kid he called "D."I nearly dropped on the floor when I heard them say his name on TV," recalls Steve Dwyer. "The 'D' that I know and remember would never have done something like this."

    Dwyer, 31, is a finance manager at United Health Care. From 1999 to 2003, he was in the Big Brothers program and his "little brother" was Derick Holliday. Derick was in eighth grade when they met, and for four years, the two got together regularly to play basketball, see movies or just hang out.

    "We had the same interests and we would talk a lot about sports. He was always up on it. He would say, 'K.G. [the Timberwolves' Kevin Garnett] had 23 points last night!' He was lacking in direction. But he was sweet. He had no temper at all. I am shocked that a kid like that ends up in prison for life."

    Dwyer was startled by the impoverished conditions in the fourplex where Derick lived: There were six children, and some seemed to be sleeping on the floor. And when Dwyer would take Derick out to eat, he had to demonstrate the proper use of silverware because Derick ate everything with his hands.

    "It was disgusting," Dwyer says. "I'd say, 'D, you have to use a fork to eat spaghetti!' It was definitely an eye-opener. But I have a lot of respect for Derick's mother. She was trying hard. She was able to make a good home for that family. "

    The trajectory of this kind of tragedy is familiar: A good kid gets caught up in a gang, is drawn deeper and deeper into criminal activity, and ends up dead. Or kills someone. But Derick Holliday made the descent without warnings.

    There is only one misdemeanor on his record, and a few minor scrapes as a juvenile. Experts would tell you this was not a kid at high risk for homicide. But one theory around the courthouse was that Holliday was a "wannabe" who carried a big gun in the hopes of gaining a big image.

    "He was on a good path," says Dwyer, who has written letters to Holliday in jail and tried unsuccessfully to visit him. "Now he has made this terrible mistake. I thought he was too smart to pull something like this."

    Dwyer says Holliday did well in school, earning B grades until he was a senior at Edison High. That's when he was expelled after a fight with another student. He went to an alternative school for a while, then went to Chicago to live with a grandmother.

    "He just fell off the face of the Earth," says Dwyer, who tried to keep in touch. Dwyer was dismayed when Holliday smarted off in court after the verdict, telling the Reitter family, "I hope y'all are happy."I think D knows he really screwed up," Dwyer says. "That comment shows that he's probably scared out of his wits."I keep thinking of him making that initial mistake -- getting kicked out of school. That's when this all began. Somehow, we need to do a better job to prevent things like this from happening. To just throw up your hands and say, 'That's the way things are,' or that "It's just another black kid going to prison. ...' Those things are crimes unto themselves. We have got to keep searching for answers."

    The Block E murder trial is over. The hurt is not.

    After the verdict, I asked Alan Reitter's sister, Jean, how she felt when she heard Holliday's mother crying.

    "I remember when we were crying so terribly, when we went up to see my brother Alan, in his casket," she said. "And I remember my mom almost falling over. So, yes, I know how she [Yolanda] feels. She lost her son today.

    "But at least she can visit him."


Saturday, October 21, 2006

One Hit News

Monty Python star Battles Bowel Cancer. Sky News
- - -
Geologist says The Earth HAS Lots of oil! Oodles of It! So much that we'll NEVER RUN DRY! Washington Times

(Al Gore responds to this news by jumping up and down, throwing a temper tantrum).
- - -
Meth.... Methamphetamine...Methamphetamine people...MAY LESSEN damage from a Stroke! AP :

    "we have seen roughly 80 to 90 percent protection of neurons when administered after a stroke."

    When low doses of meth were administered, the scientists saw less damage in the stroke slices than the non-stroke slices.

- - -
Veil Wearing Woman wins her employment tribunal case for victimisation, but loses her claims for discrimination and harassment. Sky News
- - -
Iran's El-Presidente,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says, "Israel Cannot Survive." News Max

So tell me Liberals,
how do you propose to sit down and have a nice little talk with someone like that? Refresh me on the details of your "we need to talk to them", outlook?
- - -
Woman claims She Finds Finger In Her Subway Sandwich.

    ....a woman claimed she found the remnants of a half-inch human digit in her hoagie.

Jared heard screaming in kitchen, "Has anyone seen my winkie?"
- - -
MrsSatan Mrs. Bubba Clinton claims
She's "Thought About" Running For President in 2008. AHN

No! NO!! Really? Really?! Really?!!! No Fucking Way! No Way! Really...for President, MrsSatan?? I don't believe it! Are you sure?!? Really?! Really?!?!??!??
- - -
Continuing to prove that he is indeed Russia's version of Shecky Greene, President Vladimir Putin Makes Rape Joke when speaking about Israeli President Moshe Katsav. BBC

Bill Clinton retorts, "Rape jokes? Who does he think he is? ME?!"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Brazil Asks Al Gore For His Help

Brazil asks Al "I Invented The Internet" Gore to help them support a home-grown rainforest protection plan.

You good, decent folks in Brazil have no idea what you're in for now...don't say I didn't warn you. Asking Al Gore to stick his nose into your rainforest problems is like asking your Mother-In-Law for advice on how to have a good marriage. You're NEVER going to hear the end of it.

Asking for help from Al Gore? You poor Brazilians have my deepest sympathies. You don't know what you've brought upon yourselves.

Gore also says that American election campaigns have become more poisonous . He also claims he has no plans to be a future presidential candidate, which means he has every intention of running again.

Al Gore Coming To Your Rainforest Soon!

Harry Reid: Stayin' At The Ritz!

Harry Reid, that old, savvy real estate mogul, has once again been caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

This time he used Campaign Contributions to tip the Staff at The RITZ Hotel where he lives.

Oh, he also Paid Cash for a $750,000 Condo at THE RITZ!

Harry Reid, an average, everyday guy who identifies with the working class...from his perch in the Ritz Hotel.

Let's all sing along with Harry as he sings the below lyrics to the tune of "Puttin' On The Ritz"!

Press the > for the music!

Stayin' At The Ritz - as Sung by Harry Reid:

"I tip my hat
Nevada land is phat
To make money
For guys like me
I score all hits-
I'm stayin' at The Ritz

I made my cash
My critics act rash
While I play the Fool
Not hard for me to do
Put up yer mitts-
I'm stayin' at The Ritz!

Have you seen my Candy Land in Nevada
My investment strategy couldn't have been betta -

My land is sold
This issue's gettin' old
Righties stop throwing fits
Your rhetoric is the pits
I'm gettin' my kicks-
Stayin' at The Ritz!"


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Rejected Radio Political Advertisement #3: Patty Wetterling

My "sources" have provided me with some rejected radio political advertisements that - for whatever reason - were nixed before they ran on the air.

I will be running these rejected radio spots this week.

Below is the third rejected ad about Minnesota Democrat Patty Wetterling.

Click on the > to hear the ad.

Patty Wetterling


Rejected Radio Political Advertisement #1: Amy Klobuchar
Rejected Radio Political Advertisement #2: Mike Hatch

The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


Chris Lavoie CD Volume 3: HEY! HEY! HEY!

Regular listeners to Liberal Talk Radio's The Stephanie Miller Show have been waiting for yet another follow-up CD from their favorite Miller Crew member, Boy Toy Chris Lavoie and his wild, wacky and crazy expressions.

Well, the wait is over!

Chris Lavoie's Fabulous New CD "HEY! HEY! HEY!" is HERE!

Click on the > and listen to a preview of The BRAND NEW Chris Lavoie CD, VOLUME 3 "HEY! HEY! HEY!":

Chris Lavoie Volume 3: "HEY! HEY! HEY!" is the long awaited follow-up to his Smash CD Hits Chris Lavoie CD Volume 2: "YEA!"
And His Worldwide, Wildly Successful Number One Debut Release Chris Lavoie CD Volume 1: "WOW!"

Get The Chris Lavoie CD Volume 3 "HEY! HEY! HEY!" Today!

Supplies Are Limited!

All voices are impersonated. Or...


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One Hit News

Judge Vacates Enron's Ken Lay Conviction. Sky News (See, he didn't do anything wrong.)
- - -
Rapper Fabolous Shot in NYC, In Stable Condition.
ABC News
- - -
We all need to Drink More Sewage Water.
Sky News "I'm thirsty, yum yum!"
- - -
Internet Addiction.
eMax Health "It's an epidemic...an epidemic!"
- - -
Cell phones enter into FASHION Arena.
"I can't hear you now, but at least I have a pretty cell phone!"

- - -
Future Humans will Mutate into Two Sub-Species.
Sky News:

    The descendants of the genetic upper class would be tall, slim, healthy, attractive, intelligent, and creative.

    They would be a far cry from the "underclass" humans, who will have evolved into dim-witted, ugly, squat goblin-like creatures.

Looks to me like the Underclass Human species is developing way ahead of schedule:

Ratty Randi Rhodes

At the beginning of her show yesterday, Ratty Rhodes talked about AirHead America's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing. She droned on and on, pontificating how start-up businesses (like AirHead America is some Mom 'N Pop program without a business model....wait...it is), lose money in their early years.

She talked about how much money FOX News lost in its early years. But just one question for you Ratty... has FOX News filed bankruptcy since its inception?

BIG difference in comparing FOX News to the "fledgling Liberal Talk Network"...BIG difference.

Way to stiff AA's creditors, Ratty - hold your head up high and proud.



Rejected Radio Political Advertisement #2: Mike Hatch

My "sources" have provided me with some rejected radio political advertisements that - for whatever reason - were nixed before they ran on the air.

I will be running these rejected radio spots this week.

Below is the second rejected ad about Minnesota Democ
rat Mike Hatch.

Click on the > to hear the ad.

Mike Hatch


Rejected Radio Political Advertisement #1: Amy Klobuchar

The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!

John Kerry Has Nothing New To Offer

It's great that John Kerry (who, just in case you did not know, served in Vietnam), keeps repeating the same, old, tired platitudes that lost him the presidential election two years ago. It's amazing how Libs like him keep repeating the same rhetoric. He magnificently exemplifies that his party has nothing new to offer anyone:

    WALLACE: ... not to President Bush, because this, quite frankly, is a rap against you. Isn't this - and I'm talking about your vote now for the war resolution and now your recanting of this - isn't this another case of I was for the $87 billion before I was against it?

    KERRY: No. I was for the $87 billion if we paid for it and if we had a plan...

Wow - John Kerry and his "plans". Of course, like he said in '04, he can't tell us what his "plan" is until he's elected as the president. What a crock!
No one other than the Hardcore Liberal Douchebags believe a word of what this joke of senator says. What's it like to be a laughing stock, John?

John "I have a plan" Kerry


Monday, October 16, 2006


First off, Chris of Lucky Dawg News Blog...dude, where is your blog? It disappeared! What happened? Please let me know. Thanks!
- - -

Guy just found out that he's a Member Of A Minority. Uh-oh...he's gonna want all sorts of special favors now...
- - -
Travis Rakes The UK's Independent To Shreds for Not Being Objective. Good job, Travis!
- - -
The ACLU is Indeed Becoming The Voice of An Unelected Government. Whatever happened to "We Reserve The Right To Serve Anyone"?
- - -
Just go HERE and read the post. It wouldn't hurt to have a Kleenex nearby either because your eyes will tear-up. Beautiful post AGJ !
- - -
Why do Black Americans Continue To Vote For Democrats?
- - -
How much is "A Billion"? The Answer Is Here.
- - -
Boycott Papa Johns. (I've never had a PJ Pizza because the one time I called them they told me their delivery time was running over 2 hours. I could grow my own pizza in two hours! )
- - -
SRL likes Raw Power. I like the third free MP3 sample the best. (Rammstein is still my favorite European band, though).
- - -
Who pays how much in taxes. You may be surprised!
- - -
THIS is so fun to watch! Pee Wee Herman fans will recognize the music from "Pee Wee's Big Adventure". H/T: Shep!

Rejected Radio Political Advertisement #1: Amy Klobuchar

My "sources" have provided me with some rejected radio political advertisements that - for whatever reason - were nixed before they ran on the air.

I will be running these rejected radio spots this week.

Below is the first rejected ad about Minnesota Democ
rat Amy Klobuchar.

Click on the > to hear the ad.

Amy Klobuchar


Minnesota Wild Five Wins, ZERO Losses

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