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Monday, October 30, 2006

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid: Where Are They?

Boy, have these two Jokers gone into hiding, or what? Huh?!

After her Botox enhanced performance on "60 Minutes" a couple weeks ago Nancy Peloshit must've burrowed herself deep down into the ground and is currently hiding from the public until the swelling from her most recent Botox injections is gone.

And where's Harry Reid? Well, after his Real Estate Scandal news broke, he just up and disappeared! You don't suppose a UFO plucked him from the face of the earth, do you? Oh, we could only be so lucky.

Oh....wait...wait...wait...wait...Harry's holed up at the Ritz...that's right!

Have you seen either of the above people? If not, maybe their images should be placed on milk cartons soon?


Maybe Mrs. Satan has them locked up in her Georgetown Mansion basement; kind of a liberal version of Gitmo? We can call it "Clintmo!" Where all potential threats to the advancement of the DemocRATS are sent!
CLINTOMO -- I like that! Where are you when I'm trying to think of clever sayings like that?!?!? Heh.....
CLINTMO - sorry, I typo'ed an extra "O" in there.
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