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Saturday, October 28, 2006

David Letterman: Bitter Liberal

Letterman... what a crabby and bitter man. He's still manifesting transparent bitterness from not being named the successor to 'The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson' some 14 years ago. Who knew back then that the NBC hierarchy was right in choosing Jay Leno over Letterman! And let it be known that I don't watch Leno or think that he's all that funny.

Carson was and always will be the King of Talk Shows. He may have been an Uber Liberal, but one would never have guessed that from watching him. He skewered all politicians and political parties equally without appearing to ever take sides or promote the agenda of one over the other. This is a talent and ability that completely escapes Letterman and one that he is unable to learn.

So it was by accident that flipping through the channels last night I caught most of Letterman's interview with Bill O'Reilly who is out promoting his latest book. And I'm no huge fan of O'Reilly, his program or his books. But Letterman simply could not maintain political neutrality, letting his Liberal partisanship shine!

The discussion turned to the Iraq War with O'Reilly noting that if we simply pulled out of Iraq, and if Iran considered Iraq weak, then Iran could co-opt the Iraqi government thereby controlling a large portion of Mideast oil.

Failing to acknowledge that the entire administration prior to the Bush White House - that would be Clinton for you Truth Deniers - all believed Iraq possessed and was manufacturing Weapons of Mass Destruction, Letterman disapprovingly remarked that the "war is all about oil." Well, the war isn't about oil.

A younger, Less Bitter Letterman

But hey, Dave, what about your cars? You know, the ones that you drive at excessive and reckless highway speeds enabling you to joke about all the speeding tickets you've received in your lifetime? What do your cars use for fuel? Are you filling up your Porsche with discarded vegetable oil from fast food restaurants? Or maybe it's powered by pig feces?

Hey Dave, what type of fuel is used to power your Worldwide Pants production company? How much natural resources does it consume? How many limos and airplanes - owned or leased - in your production company run off renewable energy? How many film and television production tools and equipment used daily by Worldwide Pants are made from oil by-products? Is Worldwide Pants completely powered by renewable energy?

What other natural resources are consumed nightly to power the broadcasting of your program? You fly in guests from around the country and around the world. Are those airplanes powered by canola oil? Is there perhaps be a more economical and fuel efficient manner in which to provide transportation for your guests? Do you fly the guests in on commercial flights or do you send out private jets? What fuel do they consume, Dave?

Hey Dave, how many natural resources have you used in your entire television career? What about all the food you've wasted by dropping it from the roof of a building onto the ground? What about all the perfectly good manufactured items you've destroyed and flattened with a steamroller? How much waste are you personally responsible for, Mr. Letterman?

A decade or two ago Letterman used to be funny and used to be cutting edge. Cutting edge and innovation has since been redefined by the likes of Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel who leave Letterman in their dust.

Letterman joins the ranks of so many other celebrities who are well beyond their prime and refuse to step aside. This wouldn't be so bad in and of itself, but he's also joined the crowd of the 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do' politically correct-massive-energy-consuming celebrities. And his ongoing poor ratings, unable to draw an audience or beat Leno and often having fewer viewers than even Nightline bears this out.

Dave, you've attained so much, you're a household name, you're a success story of the ultimate American Dream. But what you've become is a crabby and bitter man with a political and hypocritical axe to grind. It's too bad because there once was a time when you were funny.




I saw this lame excuse for an interview the other night. I never watch Letterman but was surfing and heard him mention O'Reilly's name.

I couldn't believe Letterman was taking pot-shots at Bill even before Mr. O'Reilly came out on stage.

I'll probably NEVER watch his show again. And you're right. He's not funny.
Letterman, as well as the rest of celebrity pukes should simply shut the hell up.
The know dick about the science of war.
I disagree with about Letterman not being funny. Most extremely wealthy liberals amuse me.
Butch - I too hit the interview by accident. I did not see the introduction where you say Letterman was ripping on O'Reilly before he even hit the stage, but I am not surprised.

I never missed Letterman's show when I was in college, and for many years afterwards. I think he became very bitter after NBC picked Leno over him, and I think that that contributes to a lot of his anger.

Thanks for commenting and visiting Butch.
Hi Dick. You know...if they only could get it factually correct I too would be able to at least tolerate their inane and stupid ramblings. But they never, ever, get it right. Facts? What are those to a Liberal?

Thanks for visiting and commenting BD!
Ape - I sense sarcasm in your statement and I know you are not usually sarcastic.....


Thanks for the visit and the comments, as always!
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