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Friday, October 27, 2006

Jim Ward Wishes Illness On Limbaugh

More rich sympathy and empathy from the always caring Liberal Crowd.

Speaking about the Michael J. Fox - Rush Limbaugh imbroglio, Liberal Talk Radio's Stephanie Miller sidekick- impressionist Jim Ward said on this morning's show (37 minutes into the third hour of the program), " the wrong people are afflicted with diseases."

Jim Ward

I take a lot of liberties on this blog criticizing the Left and holding them to the same standard that they apply to everyone else. I have also been nothing short of caustic in criticizing Republicans and Conservatives when they deserve it.

But my sympathy and compassion for someone suffering from a disease is not ever predicated on that person's political beliefs. Nor could I ever "wish" that someone should be "afflicted with disease" based on disagreeing with their political ideology.

And today, on the Stephanie Miller Show, Jim Ward did just that. Dude, that's sick, sad and indicative of a political conviction placed well ahead of basic compassion.

Compassion is one impression that Jim Ward can't do.


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