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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Concert-goers Demonstrate Love For Ugly Streisand

Heh...[A concert-goer] threw his beverage over singing legend Barbra Streisand after she criticized US President George W Bush during her Miami concert Monday night. [She] has been repeatedly heckled during her current tour. [A] second heckler began harassing her following the soaking and was escorted from the arena as he shouted abuse at her.

Which just goes to prove that those concert-goers have good taste and prove what I've always said about her; she's all wet!

Babs Streisand: As Pretty As A hemorrhoid.


I had to look. I prefer the hemorroids singing instead.
Heh...if a hemorroid has a nose it'd look just like her, wouldn't it? Oh, shame on me for writing that....My so bad!

Thanks for visiting Bryan!
I am deeply, deeply offended by your caricature of Barbara Streisand. Why can't you just appreciate her beautiful singing and forget about the politics? She is, after all, an entertainer, not a politcal candidate.

Don Long
President, Society for the Preservation of Big, Ugly Noses
I do secretly admire her beauty...I'm a closet Striesand fan.
uh, not in any f-'in way
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