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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


how can you tolerate such a moron as a president, aren;t you ashamed of him? Is that the smartest or most powerful person your political party has to offer?

the huddled masses of the USA will one day rise up against the right wing consensus of your country
gated comms will not suffice
Actually it was Bill Clinton of whome I was ashamed. You should be too, considering his administration had to stick its fingers into Euro politics (see 1 & 2 below) in a much more invasive and Marxist manner that the current president ever has.

So...is it nice to sit in Slovakia and just hurl insults at another country? That's what I gleaned from your blogs. That's too bad, but indicative of what I'd guess to be your Liberal/Socialist political outlook.

You know, if anything is atrophying in Western poitics it is that of Liberalism. But I wouldn't expect yo to understand.

dave you are being too kind in your response to Macko. Where's the hardcore and sarcastic response that I've come and grown to love about your blog and when you comment to lefties like macko?
HEY EC! Thanks for the support. ME ...sarcastic? Are you sure you're not mistaking this blog for a different one ?!?!??? ;-)

I have to correct my spelling in my above rsvp to Macko...yes, I know whom is spelled w-h-o-m, I hit the "E" in error. And I know 'yo' has "u" following it, as in "you". I rarely spellcheck my comments, here or when I comment on other blogs. My bad.

EC - maybe Mack will read the two links I stuck in my response to him and maybe, just maybe, he'll learn something.

But probably not. THERE...how's that for sarcasm !

Thanks for visiting EC and commenting, I hadn't heard from you in a while. Stay in touch.
Don't be such a pussy, rip his Euro-ass!!!
Hey Modesto, how the hell are you?

We'll see if the little EuroLib Troll shows up again. Maybe he'll learn something from the two links I recommended. Uh, then again, maybe not.

What....? You think I enjoy ripping people? Why, what kind of person would I be if I took pleasure in that?


Thanks for visiting and commenting, my friend. Have a safe Halloweenie!
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