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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Malia Or Sasha Pbama: Which Will Be The First To Get Knocked Up And Have An Abortion While Living In The White House?

It's refreshing to read so many Liberal bloggers vilifying Bristol Palin - daughter of Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin and her husband Todd - for having a child out of wedlock.

If we've learned anything from Liberals, it's that they've NEVER had a child out of wedlock. Nope. None of them. Not a one. Not a Liberal politician, not a Liberal celebrity, not a Liberal average American family. Nope. No Liberal ever had their daughter get knocked up without first being married. It just doesn't happen...evah.

So, which Pbama daughter - while living in the White House - will be the first to get knocked up and have an abortion? Will it be Sasha or Malia? Hey - I'm just askin'.

Now, I know what you uber-Libs and Pbama Cultists out there are saying. You're saying, "leave the children out of it." You mean like you left the Bush daughter's out of it for the past eight years? You mean like you left the Palin children out of it? You mean like that, or something different?

Fair is fair Libs, get your adult diapers ready and have a towel nearby to mop up the blood that will be shooting out from your eyes over the next four years. I'm going to be treating the entire Pbama family, their relatives and friends in exactly the same manner as you have treated Bush, Palin and any other person or group with whom you didn't politically agree.

We know Sasha and Malia will be sexually active at a young age because Liberals promote and foster early-age sexual activity. We know this because Liberals worship at the Altar of Kindergarten Sex-Ed and because they worship at the Altar of Abortion.

We also know Liberals promote youth sexual activity because they're a bunch of sick, twisted child molesters, pedophiles and perverts. I cite the below, far-from-complete list as my evidence:

* Democrat pedophiles Gerry Studds, Gus Savage, Fred Richmond, Mel Reynolds - all of whom sought sex with, or molested, underage boys or girls.

* South Dakota State Senator Democrat Dan "Uncle Pervy" Sutton.

* Child porn aficionado Jeff Rosato, a former aide to Dem Senators Barbara Boxer and John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry.

* Nanny Pelsoi who, in 2001, marched in a Gay Pride parade hand-in-hand with Harry Hay, a known and fierce man/boy-love advocate. Nanny Pelosi, she loves the pervs and pedophiles, doesn't she? She's such a good Catholic.

* Democrat child porn aficionado Bernie Ward.

* Democrat child porn aficionado Big Gay Al Oertwig.

* Democrat pedophile Carl Stanley McGee.

* ACLU Bigshot and Democrat child porn aficionado Charles Rust-Tierney who enjoyed kiddie porn consisting of sado-masochism.

* Liberal child-molester/rapist/sodomizer Roman Polanski.

* Virginia's Democrat U.S. Senator Jim "JimBob BobJim BobbyJim JimmyBob BobbyBob JimJim" Webb who wrote stories about child sexual molestation and abuse.

* And let's not forget Nanny Pelosi's House Page Sex Scandal that the MSM downplayed, let alone barely covered.

And, of course, let's not forget the most offensive Democrat pervert, pedophile and murderer John Wayne Gacy. You didn't know Gacy was a Democrat? He sure was.

So...which Chocolate Chip will be the first to get knocked up and have an abortion while living in the White House, Malia or Sasha?

Malia (left) and Sasha (actually, Natasha; right) Pbama.
Which will be the first to get knocked up and have an abortion while living in the White House?

We know that whether it's Sasha or Malia who gets pregnant, parents Barack Hussein and wife Pickles The Dangerous Washerwoman will insist that the girl abort the baby because, as Barack says, he wouldn't want to "punish his daughters with a baby or an STD." Memo to Pbama: Abortion does not cure an STD.

Consider this post as my first entry into treating Sasha and Malia in the same manner that The Left, The Pbama Cultists, the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) and The Bush Haters treated the Bush daughters for the past eight years and how they treated the Palin children.

Oh yes, this is just the beginning of giving The Left a big bucket-full taste of their own medicine.

If you're an uber-Liber, an ICLP'er or a Jackbooted Red-Armband-Wearing-Sieg Heiling Pbama Cultist you might want to consider avoiding my blog for the next four years. Your delicate double-standards, hypocrisy and sensitivities may be offended. You've been given fair warning.

Do you think I'm being tasteless and insensitive? Fabulous! It sends a tingle up my leg! That's exactly the intent and the goal; treating the uber-Libs and Pbama Cultists in the exact same manner as they've treated anyone who even slightly disagreed with them over the past eight years.

Oh, and my answer to the question of which Pbama daughter will be the first to get knocked up and have an abortion while in the White House. The answer is easy: Sasha. Why? Because she's seems like the less intelligent of the two. She'll believe the guy who tells her that she can't get pregnant if they "do it" standing up. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Stay tuned, because for at least the next four years - or, until Pbama is impeached and removed from office because his Kenya-born birth certificate surfaces meaning means he's ineligible to occupy the White House - it's all downhill from here.

Does this piss all of you blind, Kool-Aid drinking, steeped-in-denial Pbama Cultists off? Good!

See? Tactics used by Liberals turned right back onto and applied to them. That's all I'm doing and gosh darn it, I think I do it well.


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Are you just fishing for links from me? 'Cause boy, if you write like this for even the six months, you are going to be linked like crazy. It won't help your Technorati ranking to get linked by over and over and over again.

Awesome post. The only thing missing is you throwing up some of those ridiculous placards that the morons carry down every street.

Pure wicked awesomeness. Ten stars out of five.
Me thinks the Cultists will shit themselves silly over this one DD. There are going to be more chapped assholes than can be found at a Barnacle Frank bathhouse birthday party. Excellent.
Two Dogs,

Thanks for the kindly worded comment.

Hah! The "placards" that the idiots carry. Really. "No blood for oil." Yeah, Pbama is going to change that on 1-1-09 by withdrawing the Troops immediately. What will the Cultists say about that? They will be mum.

"Pure, Wicked, Awesomeness." Now THERE'S a great blog name!

Ten stars out of five? Wow! Thank you. The check is in the mail.

"Barnacle" Frank. You are the best with the "name-game" thingy.

Yeah, there's not one thing I wrote that isn't true or accurate or reflective of how Liberals think and act. They feign being agog at the "teen pregnancy crisis" but - like Pbama - want to start sex-ed in kindergarten. Bunch of fucking pervs and pedophiles in my opinion.

Thanks for the kind words.

The check is in the mail to you, too.

But hey, don't neither of you guys cash that check until the year 2075.
Two Dogs,

my bad. That date in my comment should have been:


not 1-"1"-09. Typo. Me is guessin' you is smarty enuf to figyar that out.

Hmmm... someone has been thinking during the last vacation month. :o)

Here's a little something I would like to guess may happen. Yes indeed... pregnancy will probably happen. Or... it could happen because even though Mr. BO claims to be a moral kind of guy and teaching his children to wait until they are married (I'm sure I read that somewhere, but I could be on drugs... and that would be okay by liberal standards).

Oh... they will be active and their wonderful parents will supply them with a large handful of condoms (or rubbers depending on which daughter starts first). Thing is... I doubt they will wait because the pressure of being "perfect" little Obama-bots will be too great and some dude will sneak into their wee hearts and convince them that the big bad Mr. BO Pre-si-dunce (ooo.. I like that... think I'll go with it) is just trying to "hold them down"... DAMN DA MAN!!

But I do wonder if MR. BO and his smelly wife will indeed take the same stance that Palin and her family does just to show the world they can change their mind (love the word CHANGE) and that they indeed DO cherish life (which is a lie... hell, he will probably send my 17 year old son to war sooner and to more dangerous placed than Mr. Bush would have ever dreamed) and they will encourage their lovely daughter to KEEP THE BABY!!!

I'm just say'n.
Hi Bug,

Happy New Year to you, Arc, Ellie and all.

"his smelly wife." Ha ha ha ha! Great line.

I have too many things out of, and beyond, my control that is taking up much of the time I used to use for blogging. I had a brief few moments here and there and that's why I updated recently. Beyond this, I dunno. February will be four freakin years at this blog. Sometimes I think life is too short to use the time blogging. I dunno...

There's no doubt one of the daughters will get knocked while in the White House. How the Pbama's deal with it will be most interesting and I can imagine all we'll hear from the Cultists and MSM is "leave them alone, IT'S THEIR PRIVATE LIFE." Yeah, like the Bush daughters or Palin children were entitled to a private life from the Cultists and the MSM.

I absolutely agree with you 110% that Pbama will at some point have to order U.S. Troops into a conflict or war and all his little jackboot licking thug supporters will remain silent. They will not cry "no blood for oil" or call him a "warmonger" as they did Bush and Cheney. When this happens, rest assured, whatever I am doing I will make time to blog about the hypocrisy and the lunacy of the little, spoiled-rotten, blind pieces of Liberal shit who told us these same things for the past 8 years.

"Pre-si-dunce." Heh, I like that one too!

Wonderful hearing from you. I will stop by your place in a few minutes.
thanks for the warning. YOU ARE FREAKING SICK and IGNORANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your obviously a pedifile to even think of which daughter will get knocked up first. FUCKIG PERVERT. get a life get off obamas jock. HE WON Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! on that bitch. JANUARY 20, 2009!!!!!Americas next president BARACK OBAMA. but i cant blame u for being mad that palins and bushs daughter were less intelligent and didnt have intellegent parents to say slap on a condom or dont have sex. Not my fault that your conservative parties offspring are not to conservative. now go make me some kool aid bitch!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your hate-spewing ignorance which shows exactly what LeftTard like you are all about.

I'm sure your comments are all over the blogs of Liberals who did nothing but make the most depraved and insidious accusation of the Palin children. Oh, wait...probably not.

You forgot one important item in your comment, though, your prediction of which Pbama daughter will get knocked up and have an abortion while in the White House?

Will it be Sasha or Malia? I stand by my pick: Sasha, because she seems like the dumb one.


Which coward are you commenting as "Anonymous"? Are you KinSane, Uncle Pedophile, GimpyMcClif? Huh? Which one. Do tell.
And I'm sure that everybody in America will be SOOOO happy to learn how utterly efficient the abstinence-only politic is...

Especially Palin's daughter.

And especially the kids which have 25% chance more of getting knocked up when they haven't been exposed to any kind of sex-ed, and especially amongst the kids that haven't been exposed to any kind of sex-ed before they become sexually active (which nowadays is around what? 27 according to conservative hypocrites and much more around 14-15 for realistic people who know and work with teenagers).

And also especially UNAIDS, which revealed that the AIDS epidemic has been on the rise for the first time in the last two years especially in the US, where 1 out of two people who discovered they had AIDS are under 25 yo, and oh, Gosh Darn, look at that, the US is the only Western country that doesn't have a centralized AIDS awareness program and also the only Western country that keeps applying that abstinence-only sex-ed...How can such a weird coincidence happen...It must be some kind of liberal twit who manipulated the truth.

And nobody has ever gone so far as what you just did for Bush's daughter or Palin's daughter...As far as I can remember even the more extreme liberals during the campaign where more attacking Bristol's mother for the hypocritical "teach abstinence only".

It is hard to be credible when you have a 17 yo daughter who has just been knocked up. And who knows whatever else...

I think Palin should shut the fuck up once in a while and be grateful that her daughter didn't get AIDS from being stupid. Because, as far as I checked, there is a cure to being stupid, but still none to AIDS.

As for the Obama's daughters sexuality and them getting knocked up, I couldn't care less. As far as I am concerned the lies of parents are more important than their kids' life.

But obviously you don't really care about America, otherwise you would be less preoccupied at revenge and less writing that kind of stuff and more constructive at your criticism instead of just trying to be stupid(I found the Photoshoping especially tasteful, could you give me a picture of your eventual daughter so I can do the same put it up on the Internet and see what it does to you--and if you can find the same type of things on a Liberal website I would say the exact same stuff--ha ha ha, did you had a thrill at doing that? Wait you went to college so you could do that? That is living-proof of the failure of our educational system).

Did it occurred to you ever that by doing what you are doing, a) you are actually constituting proof that you are indeed lower than the Liberal scum you 'denounce' and b)that conservatives might loose all of their credibility (or whatever is left of it) because of entries like that. And in case you didn't pay attention during the campaign, Obama did a press conference saying Palin's children were off-limits...He can't be responsible for every moron out there (the same way Bush was not for every idiot).

And last but not least, isolated examples does not make a rule, and I certainly have never ever seen anywhere that Liberals preach to decriminalize pedophiles. That is so ridiculous it is laughable. Did it ever occurred to you that by teaching our kids what the words 'penis' 'vagina' and 'having sex' mean we could actually get them to learn how to say to denounce pedophiles? I agree that we shouldn't have adult talk with kids, but there is no reason to sexually educate our kids especially with so many morons and predators out there. It is amusing actually for me to see all those pseudo-proofs you have on your website.

I just have a question for you: if tomorrow I went ahead and accused you of being a pedophile, making my story believable by observing you, who could actually tell I am wrong? Would you have enough witnesses to say "I didn't do that"? And if I took your computer and planted a false History, who would be able to say it was me?

I am not saying some of stories are false, I am merely underlining how easy it is to make those accusations when there are no victims coming forward.

Once again, the day you can show me hard-proof evidence that sex-ed at an early age leads to being preys of pedophiles or being pedophiles, the day you can show me that abstinence-only is efficient, that day hasn't come and will never.

Because, dude, being in education, I am telling you: there is NO WAY in Hell hormonal, horny teenagers are going to stop being that. And you won't prevent them having sex just because you think it is bad.

But hey, keep living that dream, and if you have children, I am going to pray God they never get AIDS because you never told them to "slap a condom on". I am also gonna pray you never have to face that, as well as the consequences of the dangerous things you are teaching and the essential you are leaving out in your kids education.

Oh, and if you slap the Bible back at me, know one thing: I have read it--and I mean it. There is nowhere written "You shall be stupid". However, the Old testament gives us an interesting list of things to do: have slaves, beat them, beat you wife if she answers back to you, prevent her from doing any jobs, don't eat seashells, don't mix up dairy products with everything else...

I bet you conservatives and religious type are not even aware that you violate probably half of the commands in the Bible (oh Gosh darn, you mean there are more than ten commands? Really? I never knew that!).

Ciao, and no hard feeling, because whatever you say, it is not gonna change one thing: 53% of Americans voted for Obama, and 70% of them approve his politics.

And 68% of first-voters voted for him...I guess maybe they got fed up by the lies your 'side' has been telling for years.

I just sort of glanced at your comment. It's really lengthy. You're prone to histrionics, aren't you?

I don't know where you got the idea I am pro-abstinence only. I have never said that or written it because I am not pro-abstinence only.

I think Palin should shut the fuck up once in a while

Well, after all the sick, perverted attacks on her and her family she finally had enough and returned fire.

Acey, are you on record at liberal blogs denouncing them for their treatment of the Palin children? Please let me know. Give me the links to where you registered your outrage with The Left and how they treated the Palin children.

Did it occurred to you ever that by doing what you are doing...

No, it never occurred to me because IT'S SATIRE you moron. Are you at all familiar with it?

And last but not least, isolated examples does not make a rule, and I certainly have never ever seen anywhere that Liberals preach to decriminalize pedophiles. That is so ridiculous it is laughable. Did it ever occurred to you that by teaching our kids what the words 'penis' 'vagina' and 'having sex' mean we could actually get them to learn how to say to denounce pedophiles?

I don't know what you mean. Are you saying children are unable to denounce pedophiles because they're not taught the words penis and vagina early enough? Where's the conclusive studies that prove that? Were you hitting the Chronic from the bong when you wrote your comment? That would explain a lot.

if tomorrow I went ahead and accused you of being a pedophile, making my story believable by observing you, who could actually tell I am wrong? Would you have enough witnesses to say "I didn't do that"? And if I took your computer and planted a false History, who would be able to say it was me?

Well, anyone can make any assertion they want about anyone, or at least public citizens (compared to the privacy rights enjoyed by non-public citizens), but proving it is something else and if one can't prove the allegation then one opens themselves up to a lawsuit for libel, slander and defamation. If you're as intelligent as you pretend to be, you'd know this.

What exactly is your point, if you have one?

Final question: You didn't answer the main question of the post: do you think it will be Malia or Sasha that gets knocked up and has an abortion while in the White House?

Syracuse University
Safari, Mac OS
IP: 128.230.190.XX
Resolution: 1280x1024

See, you'd be surprised what I already know about you!

I give you a half-heartedly Thanks for commenting. Sober up and try it again.
Is that meant to scare me?

You are actually indeed very funny.

See, I would have appreciated the satire, if not for the photoshop images. There is a limit to doing satire and just being plainly moronic.

You didn't read my post? And still answered? Woah! That is just living-proof of your intelligence! Don't read things and then just do personal attacks.

See, once in a while, I do read things. And while I do know about libel and defamation, under which by the way, you would fall with this post in any country but the US because some newspaper article is no proof, but see, in the US there is that little thing called 'Freedom of speech' and it is actually harder than what you seem to think to attack someone for libel.

Nice try, quoting me out of context...If you had actually oh, I dunno, READ my post entirely, then maybe you wouldn't have just made a fool of your self.

I used to have a deep respect for M. McCain, and I for once, think Palin was underestimated by the medias, even if I disagree with most of what she thinks. But attacks like this just disgust me.

I acknowledge that liberals sometimes go too far, but do you actually have any proof that any of what you accused President Obama of doing during his campaign has happened. He was always courteous to the Palins...It is too bad that the same courtesy was not extended to him.

If I had to trace all the blogs where I leave comments to protest the stupidness of their authors, I would dedicate my life doing that. I would NOTE HOWEVER, that I am pretty sure I could not be seeing you tastefully and constructively (you know with words that are more that 3 syllables and don't go along the lines of 'moron' 'pedophile' 'I think Mrs Obama stinks") comment on those blogs...

But I do have a social life, and if you know my IP Adress, then you know I work at SU, a respectable institution.

Too bad you don't know what respectability means.

I am not sure there is a clear satire here...I see a sore looser unlashing his stupidness at the children...At that's it. Your blog states satire "when appropriate". I fail to see how this is APPROPRIATE.

OR, do you just go by the old excuse: "THEY DID IT FIRST". How mature!

Oh, I forgot, you are the sober one.

Well, in that case I am pretty darn impressed with myself, because I a good at what I do if I do it drunk--just imagine the endless possibilities of me being sober.

On that note, I tip my hat to the morons of the world and unsubscribe to your blog comments--foolish me for actually believing that you would counteract my comments with an intelligent answer.

PS: the reason you know crap about me is because contrary to some people I am not afraid to put a name on my comments.

Courtesy of the house so you can have a field day:
Ms. AC Sieffert
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244

Have fun kiddo.
Ms. Sieffert, please return to your 16th Century poetry class, the village misses its idiot.
No scare at all. Funny you would misinterpret that as a threat. I was simply implying I took the time to know more about you than you have of me.

You think I am funny! Yay! Hooray!

You didn't read my post? And still answered? Woah! That is just living-proof of your intelligence!

Actually, I did. I just wrote that I didn't to see what kind of reaction you would have. If it would be instructive and patient and tolerant, or if you'd react the way I predicted: as the usual know-it-all Liberal without any tolerance for opinion other than their own. It was a test. You failed.

There's no libel or defamation in this post or image. It's SATIRE. Malia and Sasha are PUBLIC FIGURES.

Now, there's a limit to what anyone can write about public figures, too. I could not assert a public figure as being a pedophile just because the person is a public figure. Asserting the person is a pedophile is a serious charge, and anyone writing something like that better have proof to back up their words. If not, they open themselves up to defamation. This post does nothing of the kind.

I respect McCain. I didn't vote for him, but I respect him.

I acknowledge that liberals sometimes go too far, - GOOD! I'm glad to hear that. You should have left that sentence sit as I edited it without you adding the "but".

I never said Obama was not respectful to McCain or the Palins. Only that Pbama Cultists - the far left fringe - treated both McCain and Palin terribly.

If I had to trace all the blogs where I leave comments

Hey, I was only asking if you registered your outrage at Liberal blogs or sites that vilified the Palin children. I take it you did not.

Your blog states satire "when appropriate". I fail to see how this is APPROPRIATE.

How you fail to see it is irrelevent. It's my blog. I'm the only one I have to please here.

OR, do you just go by the old excuse: "THEY DID IT FIRST". How mature!

Yes, I do go by that old excuse. It's also called giving Liberals a taste of their own medicine and your comments are proof that Liberals don't like it.

I tip my hat to the morons of the world and unsubscribe to your blog comments--

Thank you. I can only take this to mean no future long, rambling, histrionics from you. Yay!

Have fun kiddo.

Well, I will. You too.

All sarcasm aside, I'm glad you visited my blog and were provoked enough to add your comments, whether you agree or disagree with me on this or any other issue.

I hold all politicians to the same standards, regardless of their political affiliation. And I try to have fun doing it, giving the Libs a dose of their own medicine, treating the Libs like they treat others and pushing "the buttons" of Liberals to react...well, to react pretty much as you did.

Life is short. Laugh more often.
Two Dogs,

Poetry Barn is having a liquidation sale!
A masterful conception and execution of a creative idea expressing the real hatred held and embraced within the Liberal wing of the democratic party.

That you have ticked off so many of them proves you hit their sore spot.

Keep up the great work, Dave. Keep giving the leftwingers a taste of their own medicine.
I don't get it, DD. Don't the Obama supporters get the joke? Guess not. You did a fine job illustrating how the democratic party has operated for many years in demonizing their opponents. One look no further than how terribly they treated the Palin kids.
Thanks Smitty and Football coach. Glad there are people out there who grasp the less-than-obvious nuances and the over-the-top intent of the post. You guys "get it."
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