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Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Why doesn't anyone want to talk with us!?"

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, all the widdle Bankrupt AirHead America Network talking heads are doing what they always do...whining and crying. This time it's because they weren't invited to the White House for Radio Day. Unibrowed Stephanie McSlut Miller, Al O'FrankenFailure, Raymond Maddox, Fat Eddy Schultz, Sham Cedar, Ratty Rhodes and the rest of the hate-speech and falsehood spewing Lefties didn't get invited to Radio Day.

"Oh, Dat's So Sad!" Don't you feel sorry for them? Seriously, don't you?!

Let's see, in six years these people have said Bush is Hitler, that he stole both elections, that he's an idiot, that he's an evil genius, that he raises the cost of a gallon of gasoline on a whim, that he led us into a "false war", that Bush is having an affair with Condoleezza Rice (what happened to a president's right to have affairs in his personal life?), that Bush has single-handedly wrecked the Medicare prescription drug program, that Bush is responsible for global warming because he refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty (um, Clinton refused to sign it as well but the Left conveniently forgets this), that the aftermath from Katrina was entirely Bush's fault and any other number of allegations that if it went wrong or didn't work the way it was supposed to - it's Bush's fault.

And these people wonder why they weren't invited to Radio Day? They spend six years-plus pi**ing on the White House, Conservatives, Republicans, Moderates, and anyone who dares question what they say - both politically and personally - and they wonder why they weren't invited to Radio Day? Heh - they really are dense, aren't they?



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