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Saturday, October 21, 2006

One Hit News

Monty Python star Battles Bowel Cancer. Sky News
- - -
Geologist says The Earth HAS Lots of oil! Oodles of It! So much that we'll NEVER RUN DRY! Washington Times

(Al Gore responds to this news by jumping up and down, throwing a temper tantrum).
- - -
Meth.... Methamphetamine...Methamphetamine people...MAY LESSEN damage from a Stroke! AP :

    "we have seen roughly 80 to 90 percent protection of neurons when administered after a stroke."

    When low doses of meth were administered, the scientists saw less damage in the stroke slices than the non-stroke slices.

- - -
Veil Wearing Woman wins her employment tribunal case for victimisation, but loses her claims for discrimination and harassment. Sky News
- - -
Iran's El-Presidente,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says, "Israel Cannot Survive." News Max

So tell me Liberals,
how do you propose to sit down and have a nice little talk with someone like that? Refresh me on the details of your "we need to talk to them", outlook?
- - -
Woman claims She Finds Finger In Her Subway Sandwich.

    ....a woman claimed she found the remnants of a half-inch human digit in her hoagie.

Jared heard screaming in kitchen, "Has anyone seen my winkie?"
- - -
MrsSatan Mrs. Bubba Clinton claims
She's "Thought About" Running For President in 2008. AHN

No! NO!! Really? Really?! Really?!!! No Fucking Way! No Way! Really...for President, MrsSatan?? I don't believe it! Are you sure?!? Really?! Really?!?!??!??
- - -
Continuing to prove that he is indeed Russia's version of Shecky Greene, President Vladimir Putin Makes Rape Joke when speaking about Israeli President Moshe Katsav. BBC

Bill Clinton retorts, "Rape jokes? Who does he think he is? ME?!"

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