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Monday, October 30, 2006

Step Right This Way To Your One World Global Government

Here it comes...One World Government Courtesy of The Global Warming Alarmists.

"Step right up to the Registrar Of Individual Pollution Emissions and pay your annual Global Pollution TAX. Oh, and by the way, we at the Registrar's Office would really appreciate it if you would bow, kneel or curtsey while in our presence. Thank you."

From the BBC:

    The UN has released new data showing an upward trend in emission of greenhouse gases, and called for urgent action from rich countries.

Well, I'm sure if the UN says so, it must be true. "Urgent action" means taxes. "Rich Countries" mean the USA. Please don't go thinking that the UN would ask China or India to contribute, why - that would be discriminatory.

What is the projected monetary cost for this "WAR" on global warming?

$9000 Billion? $7 Trillion? $9 Trillion?

The Grand Wizard, Chief Poobah and Exalted Registrar of Global Warming. He also invented the internet. Oh, and he also claims he was the first actor to portray Floyd The Barber. I'm not sure about that last one, but I know all the others are true!


Fine. Let the Brits throw away their hard-earned pounds on idiocy. I guess $9 for a gallon of gas just isn't enough for them.

What's happening in Londonistan is precisely the reason American didn't sign on to Kyoto. It's an economy killer.
But THE UN says so!! They couldn't be wrong, could they ?!?
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