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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sarah Palin Cleared In ClothingGate

Charges disssssssssssssss-missed!

I'm late in mentioning this, but wanted to simply because The Liberal Pig side of the Blogosphere, filled with the America-haters and Palin-bashers failed to mention it. The Left made a big deal and screamed like stuck pigs about Palin's clothing allowance story during its course. They sure haven't bothered to update the story that the FEC has dismissed all charges.

FEC dismisses complaint on Sarah Palin clothing allowance. All Headline News:

    The Federal Election Commission on Tuesday announced that it had dismissed a complaint against Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and the Republican National Committee over the purchase of $150,000 of designer clothes for the governor during the campaign last year.


    Newsweek later reported that Palin hadspent more than the reported $150,000 on clothes for herself and her family.

    The FEC said in a letter released by CREW that the party had not violated rules against using campaign contributions for personal use. Republicans had used their own party funds to purchase the clothes, the commission added, and the purchases constituted coordinated party expenditures.

Just as The Liberal side of the blogosphere rabidly hyperbolized TrooperGate, they barely mentioned Palin being cleared and exonerated in the investigation.

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Mirage said...

Republicans had used their own party funds to purchase the clothes, the commission added, and the purchases constituted coordinated party expenditures.By these kind of funds they can help to other people.

4:55 AM, June 11, 2009
**Note to readers and Mirage: the abot comment was submitted on June 11, 4:55am with "Mirage" blatanly linking to a commercial site. I have deleted the original comment and its hyperlink. The context of the comment remains unchanged. **

Hi Mirage,

Not sure I understand your comment, especially, "By these kind of funds they can help to other people." By that standard, Barack, Michelle and the children should never have gone sight-seeing in Europe. They should have spent that money to help other people. Right?
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