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Monday, October 16, 2006


First off, Chris of Lucky Dawg News Blog...dude, where is your blog? It disappeared! What happened? Please let me know. Thanks!
- - -

Guy just found out that he's a Member Of A Minority. Uh-oh...he's gonna want all sorts of special favors now...
- - -
Travis Rakes The UK's Independent To Shreds for Not Being Objective. Good job, Travis!
- - -
The ACLU is Indeed Becoming The Voice of An Unelected Government. Whatever happened to "We Reserve The Right To Serve Anyone"?
- - -
Just go HERE and read the post. It wouldn't hurt to have a Kleenex nearby either because your eyes will tear-up. Beautiful post AGJ !
- - -
Why do Black Americans Continue To Vote For Democrats?
- - -
How much is "A Billion"? The Answer Is Here.
- - -
Boycott Papa Johns. (I've never had a PJ Pizza because the one time I called them they told me their delivery time was running over 2 hours. I could grow my own pizza in two hours! )
- - -
SRL likes Raw Power. I like the third free MP3 sample the best. (Rammstein is still my favorite European band, though).
- - -
Who pays how much in taxes. You may be surprised!
- - -
THIS is so fun to watch! Pee Wee Herman fans will recognize the music from "Pee Wee's Big Adventure". H/T: Shep!

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