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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

John Kerry Has Nothing New To Offer

It's great that John Kerry (who, just in case you did not know, served in Vietnam), keeps repeating the same, old, tired platitudes that lost him the presidential election two years ago. It's amazing how Libs like him keep repeating the same rhetoric. He magnificently exemplifies that his party has nothing new to offer anyone:

    WALLACE: ... not to President Bush, because this, quite frankly, is a rap against you. Isn't this - and I'm talking about your vote now for the war resolution and now your recanting of this - isn't this another case of I was for the $87 billion before I was against it?

    KERRY: No. I was for the $87 billion if we paid for it and if we had a plan...

Wow - John Kerry and his "plans". Of course, like he said in '04, he can't tell us what his "plan" is until he's elected as the president. What a crock!
No one other than the Hardcore Liberal Douchebags believe a word of what this joke of senator says. What's it like to be a laughing stock, John?

John "I have a plan" Kerry


Of course Kerry has a plan. It is to steal as much money from working families (whatever that is) as is sub-humanly possible. It is the plan of all Neo-commies to establish a worker's paradise where we all get to work until the day we drop dead and they get to line their pockets with our money. Once this worker's paradise has been established, we can have May Day parades so that the Neo-commies can be worshipped as the saviors of humanity. Uber-comrade Harry Reid has decided to get an early start with million dollar smoke and mirror land deals. No political favors were offered of course...Or were they?
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