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Friday, September 29, 2006


GO HERE ! Check out the photo and read the text. READ IT AGAIN. Look at the picture. And I don't think Jack will mind if we take it upon ourselves to E-mail his post to Liberals that we know. Thank you for your service to our country, Jack.
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ACLU continues their tradition of Defending Hate Speech.
- - -
Have you experienced someone in the service industry Acting Like You're Invisible? Here's how to handle that situation.

And on that same note, Yes, I think people are becoming meaner and ruder.
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Oregon's Governor Wants To Increase Taxes on Cigarettes saying, "it's for the children." Remember people, the last vestige of a politician is "the children".

And on a related note, raising taxes on cigarettes is probably a good thing since Al "I invented the internets" Gore says, "Cigarettes Cause Global Warming." Please, will someone please have Tipper commit her husband to a warm and padded cell for the rest of his life?
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Only two episodes come to my mind that I would add to THIS LIST. I'd add (unsure of exact titles but will describe by episode description): "Sparky The Gay Dog" and "Ike's Bris".

- - -
And...........................I don't remember where I stumbled across it but, if you want to get close to the ladies at the clubs, guys, This Guy Has Some Advice For You.

The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


Streisand Born With Two Extra Noses

Not long ago many web sites were running the below picture of Barbra Streisand with a see-through blouse and remarked that she wasn't wearing a bra.

Now, after performing extensive and exhaustive forensic photography, I am able to prove that she actually has two extra noses where her breasts would normally be. Thus far, the noses appear to be congenitally specific to the Streisand gene pool.

This is no joke, no faux-Photo-Shopping or any of the usual hi-jinks that are sometimes found at this blog. I'm totally serious:

Before forensic study (left), and After (right)


Sugar Consumption Tied To Mental Illness

Norwegian Study Links SUGAR to MENTAL ILLNESS:

    "There was a strong association between soft drink consumption and mental health problems..."



Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jimmy Carter Cannot STFU

Jim-mah just can't help himself from playing the fear card, just like all good little Socialists.

While campaigning with his son.... (yeah, all we need is another Carter in politics....) .... the 39th President who couldn't get hostages freed from Iran, who presided over long lines at gas stations and gave the country sky-high interest rates, said:

    "...there's no doubt that our country is in much more danger now from terrorism than it would have been if we would have done what we should have done and stayed in Afghanistan."

Hey - Dems - why don't you run Jim-mah as the Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2008 if he's such a f*cking genius and such a wise, elder spokesman for your party? Here's another idea, his VP running mate could be Walter Mondale! Now there's a winning team for you, huh? Do you think?


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625,000 Reasons Why Al O'FrankenFailure Is A Smear Merchant

One reason for Every one of the $625,000 Dollars That A CHARITY Has to Repay:

    NEW YORK -- A community center investigated after it gave $875,000 to the liberal radio network Air America has reached a financial settlement with New York City over mishandled government funds.

    The city's Department of Investigation said the Gloria Wise Community Center in the Bronx has repaid $625,000 it had received from city agencies for its youth programs and nursery school.

    A majority of that money was a refund of overpayments the center received from the city's education department, but at least $250,000 was related to "improper expenditures."

Oh, and there's still that pesky, irritating item of Criminal Investigation hanging over AirHead America's Head.

Al, you've said so little about this matter? Why not? Please, Al - please - tell us what you think?

Press the > to hear Al!



The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


Saed Mohammad Nabi; Haji Habibullah - Life In Afghanistan

Both Saed Mohammad Nabi and Haji Habibullah are dealing with different enemies in Afghanistan, yet they are in some ways dealing with common enemies.

Saed Mohammad wants to kill you. More specifically, he wants "to strike the foreigners, the Americans, all those who are enemies of our religion, honour and country," he said.

    "...we were arrested with explosives," he said. "Our aim was to carry out jihad against our enemies."

    He was not brainwashed abroad and sent to kill. He made the decision himself to support the Taleban and made contacts - it was as easy as that.

    But why did he make that decision? "They have gone against the Koran, shown disrespect to Mohammad and Afghan elders, and abused our women and our dead. I would not be here if they had not done this," he explained quite calmly.

"They"? Who, Americans? The Allied Forces in Afghanistan? His own al-Qaida brothers?
- - -
From the same story:

    Haji Habibullah, 45, was taken aside to be searched by the Canadian soldiers when the bomber struck. His daughters were nearer to the bomb.

    He blames the Taleban, he blames Pakistan, where he says these bombers come from, and although he broadly supports the international help in Afghanistan, he also blames them.

    "Things were fine - during the last four years there has been no fighting," he said.

    [Then] "the foreigners came and everywhere you go there is war and there is no way out."

Sadly, he is mistaken. According to
The Washington Quarterly, 2000, there were MANY things going wrong in Afghanistan in the 1990's to the early 2000's. (Note: link is to a pdf document that is surprisingly quick in opening - honest!)

Among them:

    * The Taliban has consolidated its influence in Afghanistan over the last five years. Soon the movement will be too strong to urn away from rogue behavior.

    * Unfortunately, the Clinton administration has ignored the challenge of the Taliban. Some administration officials tacitly favored the group when it emerged between 1994 and 1995, underestimating the threat it posed to regional stability and to U.S. interests.

    * In August 1998, the Taliban gained control over the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, effectively relegating its remaining opponents to the country's hinterlands.

    * Many of the militants who invaded Indian-controlled Kashmir in May 1999 were trained in Afghanistan.

The majority of people worldwide who are non-Afghani
have NOT "gone against the Koran, shown disrespect to Mohammad and Afghan elders, and abused our women and our dead." We would like nothing more than to live in a peaceful coexistence with you and your brothers and sisters.

Somewhere along the line al-Qaida has taken it upon themselves to kill themselves and others using 'suicide / homicide' bombs, killing innocent civilians and children. Something - short of the entire non-Muslim world converting to Islam - has to be done to counter the behavior of what al-Qaida and other terrorist groups are doing.

I feel for Haji Habibullah, his family and the two (of his three) injured daughters.

I may even slightly understand the rage of Saed Mohammad. But his actions, and the actions of terrorists like him, are detestable to the rest of the world and will not be tolerated. So Saed, why don't you try diplomacy? Talk to us. Why can't that work for you?


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Deutsche Opera Berlin: Off! On Again?

German Opera Canceled For Fear of Offending Muslims:

    Germany's interior minister condemned a leading opera house's decision to cancel a production of Mozart's "Idomeneo" out of concern a scene featuring the severed head of the Prophet Muhammad could provoke a dangerous reaction from Muslims.

    After its premiere in 2003, the production by Hans Neuenfels drew widespread criticism over a scene in which King Idomeneo presents the severed heads not only of the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, but also of Muhammad, Jesus and Buddha.

Chancellor Angela Merkel makes effort to preserve the performance:

    Germany's conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday led political and arts world uproar at the scrapping of a Mozart opera that features the head of the prophet Mohammed rolling across the stage.

    The performances were cancelled amid fears the scene could trigger violence among the nation's Muslim community.

    But Mrs Merkel denounced "self-censorship out of fear" as unacceptable, reflecting a mood of national indignation that was not limited to the arts set but cut right across all social lines.

    And last night there were hopes that increased government pressure might get the show put back on.
Beware, Beware the ever-so Slippery Slope To Censorship:

    ...above and beyond the acknowledgement that it is regrettable to insult anyone's religion, many questions come to mind in this instance: Will Muslims' feelings really be hurt? What about Christians? Buddhists? And what about people who believe in Greek mythology?

    [...director Hans Neuenfels shows] his relations to the role of religion and gods in a scene where the decapitated heads of Jesus, Buddah [sic] , Mohammed and Poseidon are set on chairs.

    The scene is generally critical of religion, yet not in any way exclusively critical of, or hostile to, Islam. In other words, there is not the slightest reason to resort to self-censure of this nature, removing the opera from the season's program in a rush of overly hasty obedience. Anyone who chooses to make such a decision clearly has a disturbed relationship to art and the freedom of speech" ‚– the elixirs of an enlightened society. In fact, whoever shakes these foundations is encouraging radicals of all stripes to challenge democracy.

Will the curtain rise or fall on this particular performance? Stay tuned.


Chris Lavoie CD Volume 2: YEA!

Regular listeners to Liberal Talk Radio's The Stephanie Miller Show have been waiting for the follow-up CD from their favorite Miller Crew member, Boy Toy Chris Lavoie and his wild, wacky and crazy expressions.

Well, the wait is over!

Chris Lavoie's Fabulous New CD "YEA!" is HERE!

Click on the
> to hear a preview of The BRAND NEW Chris Lavoie CD, VOLUME 2 "YEA!":

Chris Lavoie Volume 2: "YEA!" is the long awaited follow-up to his Smash Hit, First CD: "Wow!

Get The Chris Lavoie CD Volume 2 "YEA!" Today!

Supplies Are Limited!

All voices are impersonated. Or...are...they?


Chris Wallace Is a "MorAn"?

I make my fair share - and then some - of typos on this blog and admit it. I've made no secret that I am my own worst prooofreedur. I can flawlessly proofread the writing of another, but proofreading my own stuff, again, I admit I am far less than perfect.

But check out This Post At Think Regress. Unless "moran" is their slang for some joke that I'm not familiar with - the "o" and the "a" letters aren't even remotely close to each other on a keyboard. Take a look right now, look at your keyboard and see where the "a" is compared to the placement of the "o".

So either the person writing thought 'moron' is actually spelled 'morAn', OR, the writer of the post guessed at the spelling. Without bothering to look it up. Which would have taken what - maybe ten seconds using an internet dictionary like, oh - I don't know - Merriam-Webster-dot-com? Or at least run a ...(GASP)... spell-checker?

If ThinkRegress doesn't spend ten seconds to verify spelling, what makes you think they spend any time fact-checking any of the items that they report on as being true and accurate?

Hey - Hey Chris Wallace, you're a morAn, that is, if ThinkRegress meant a Masai Warrior! Congratulations!

(But I don't think ThinkRegress means Moran as in the warrior sense because they would have - or should have - capitalized it if they were referring to the Masai Warrior. And, I just don't think the ThinkRegress crowd is all that smart enuff to know what a Moran is.)

Maybe the crowd over there is smart enough to have meant Moran. Maybe I'm not giving them enough credit.

But I don't think so.


The Adventures Of Dick Week, Democrat!


H/T: S.T. Miller

Tony Manero Is Gay?

Check out the photo and make up your own mind. I wonder if his wife has seen the picture. Surely the Travolta marriage isn't one of Hollywood convenience, cooked up as a cover up that a leading Hollywood he-man is gay, is it? Why, the next thing you know someone will try to tell us that Tom Cruise isn't really the father of Suri!

Oh, here's the Tony Manero link.


John Murtha Has Some Veterans To Answer To!

From The Tribune Democrat:

    Next weekend in downtown Johnstown, the bitter battle over U.S. Rep. John Murtha’s controversial war stance will come to a head.

    Two ideologically divergent but equally vocal veterans groups have scheduled rallies in connection with the congressman’s criticism of the Bush administration and the Iraq war.

    A pro-Murtha event is scheduled for Saturday in Central Park. The next day, Murtha critics will occupy Cambria County War Memorial Arena just a few blocks away.

    “We have people coming in from as far away as the state of Washington and California,” said Harry Beam, a retired Army veteran and Upper Yoder Township resident who is helping organize the Oct. 1 “Boot Murtha” gathering.


    The fact that Murtha faces opposition from Republican candidate Diana Irey, a Washington County commissioner, only serves to up the ante.

    Leaders of the “Boot Murtha” effort claim they have no connection with Irey’s campaign.

    “This is personal, not political,” said Craig Minnick, an Iraq veteran and Upper Yoder resident who is helping Beam coordinate the rally at the War Memorial.

    Organizers are touting a full lineup of speakers. They include two fathers who lost sons in Iraq, the father of a Marine and a survivor of the World Trade Center attack on Sept. 11, 2001.

It's about time people start applying the same standard to democratic politicians that democrats apply to republicans, especially with regard to military service.

In the 1996 presidential race former Senator Bob Dole was indeed a war hero while Bill Clinton was the complete opposite, a draft dodger. Back then the Left told the public that it really wasn't fair to make an issue out of Clinton not serving. The Left said is wasn't f a i r to be extolling the virtues of Dole's military service and comparing it to Clinton's lack of service (heh, lack of service --- avoidance is more like it.)

My-oh-my, though, how they changed their rhetoric when they had the opportunity to prop up John "I served in Vietnam, let me say that again...." Kerry's candidacy.
Oh - then...THEN it was the Left touting and promoting Kerry's war service like he singlehandedly defeated "Jengis" Khan and his armies. What a crock!

Now, veterans are holding Murtha's lack of military support and his unjustified criticism of the military up to microscopic exam. Good for them! They have my full support! More info is available at:



Tuesday, September 26, 2006

HNN: Hillary News Network™© (or: What's MrsSatan Up To Now?)

Just like a vulture appearing in the sky, so too is MrsSatan Hillary Clinton always appearing in Center Stage ready to, just like the Tammy Wynette song lyrics, 'Stand By Her Unregistered Sexual Offender Man':

    "I just think that my husband did a great job in demonstrating that Democrats are not going to take this..." [said Hillary].

Oh - I see, she supports her husband's tirade and complete loss of composure when being interviewed by Fox News' Chris Wallace. Why - that's another reason to vote for her for president, then, in two years - isn't it ?

Amazing, isn't it, that for someone who told "60 Minutes" "I'm not sitting here as some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette," that all she ever does is support what the BubbaCheese does and says.

Oh well, you know - - - corrupt partners in crime have to support each other because if they don't, who will?!

No amount of colors can really do her justice.


Randi Rhodes: Pathological Liar

Liberal Radio's Corn Fed Chubbette, Randi Rhodes, just can't help herself from telling lies. It is not humanly possible to track all the idiotic trivialities said by Rhodes. Every time she opens her Oreo Hole another gem of galactic stupidity and outright lie escapes.

From her program last night:

LIE # 1: "The USS Cole was attacked by terrorists one month before Bill Clinton left office."

Absolutely and completely false.
The Cole was attacked on OCTOBER 12, 2000. Bill Clinton's term expired January 20, 2001. October 12, 2000 to January 20, 2001 is right around 100 DAYS (I don't do math but yeah, it's right around 100) !!!

Now if someone wants to unofficially declare 35 or 40 days "a month", I wouldn't argue that. But to CALL 100 DAYS "one month" is an absurd stretch. And she did this for only one reason, to attempt to mitigate the Clinton Administration's lack of response to the terrorist attack on the Cole. Randi, you are such a lying sack of crap.

Now let's not forget that Al Gore - who at that time was the VP - was obsessed for sixty or so of these days, having a hissy fit contending the election results rather than focusing on, and addressing, the terrorists who bombed the USS Cole.

And Bubba? He was only too happy to let Gore's temper tantrum take Center Stage Media Attention thereby putting the hunt for terrorists on the back burner where it had always been.

So...Randi...the Cole was attacked "just one month" before Clinton left the White House? Hardly.

LIE #2: "The Republican [Revolution] Congress was calling for cut and run in Somalia in 1994."

Patently and absurdly false. It would have been impossible for the Republicans elected in the '94 Republican Revolution to call for cutting and running from Somalia in 1994.

WHY? Because they hadn't yet been sworn into office.
Republicans elected in the Republican Revolution in November of 1994 did not take their oath, nor were they sworn into office, until January 1995.

So tell me,
how could a Republican Congress in 1994 call for cutting and running from Somalia when they weren't yet even in office? It didn't happen. Randi is lying and deliberately shilling false information for the Insane Liberal Clown Posse. Randi, you're such a lying bag of steaming, liquid crap!

LIE #3: "Bill Clinton didn't mistreat a dog. He wasn't convicted of anything," said Randi, to a Conservative caller, whom she prematurely disconnected from the call when she was unable to respond to his facts.

I'm tired of Lefty Smear Merchants like Rhodes on this issue. READ the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers fact by fact summary of Bubba's perjury and yes - his impeachment.

Yes Randi, he was impeached. Hard for you to admit this, I know - you're still in deep denial - but he was impeached.
I agree he was NOT removed from office, but he was impeached - yes he was - yes he was - yes he was - and no matter how much you try to spin that he wasn't, he was - he was - he was. End of Story.

"It's 'fo-tee-fo' af-tah the ah-our...."



The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


Monday, September 25, 2006

And Let's Not Forget Bill Clinton, Somalia and Osama Bin Laden

Continuing in vain to rewrite history appears to be the motivation of some sites like this :

    Fox News' Chris Wallace claimed on Sunday that Osama bin Laden was emboldened by Bill Clinton's pulling out from Somalia after the 'Black Hawk Down' incident. But Wallace is dead wrong: Clinton kept U.S. troops there for six months...

and like this:

    My post this morning on Salon concerns the accusation voiced this weekend by Chris Wallace in his Fox News interview with President Clinton (a favorite accusation of neoconservatives) that Clinton "emboldened" Al Qaeda when he withdrew American troops from Somalia as soon as we suffered casualties, which (so the neoconservative mythology contends) led Osama bin Laden to believe that we were weak and could be defeated.

Well, let's FACT-CHECK OBL's own words from a CNN transcript of an interview with OBL in October of 2001:

    BIN LADEN: We believe that the defeat of America is possible, with the help of God, and is even easier for us, God permitting, than the defeat of the Soviet Union was before.

    Q: How can you explain that?

    BIN LADEN: We experienced the Americans through our brothers who went into combat against them in Somalia, for example. We found they had no power worthy of mention. There was a huge aura over America -- the United States -- that terrified people even before they entered combat. Our brothers who were here in Afghanistan tested them, and together with some of the mujahedeen in Somalia, God granted them victory. America exited dragging its tails in failure, defeat, and ruin, caring for nothing.

    America left faster than anyone expected. It forgot all that tremendous media fanfare about the new world order, that it is the master of that order, and that it does whatever it wants. It forgot all of these propositions, gathered up its army, and withdrew in defeat, thanks be to God.

Bin Laden sounds pretty emboldened to me, he being motivated by Clinton's U.S. military withdraw from Somalia. I'd say his words are perfectly clear that the cut and run in Somalia is when OBL established that the Clinton Administration clearly would not tolerate casualties because doing so would negatively impact Bill Clinton's "legacy" and poll popularity.

The question is not was there a U.S. military presence in Somalia for six months following Black Hawk Down, or did Republicans call for withdraw from Somalia. THE QUESTION is was OBL emboldened by the way Clinton reacted in Somalia. The answer is clearly 'yes', OBL himself says so! The Left has been very anxious to legitimize the words of OBL in the past, in all of his audio and video messages. Please, Lefties, don't tell me that now - in this one instance - you're going to downplay OBL own words.

But maybe that's just the way that that crazy Right Wing Conspiracy Arm of the Media - CNN - transcribed the interview. Yeah...that must be it.


Bill Clinton Unhinged Fallout Continues

Sometimes we wonder from where will the next implosion of the Democratic Party come. Will it be an outburst from Al Gore? Will Howard al-Dean take too little of, or too much of, whatever medication he is on and let loose with a verbal gem? Will it be John Murtha uttering yet another in a long line of sympathetic statements for al-Qaida?

Well, we know today - and yesterday - the answer is none of the above, nor any other of the likely liberals from the Land Of Oz. This time, it was The Bubbster.

Who's saying what today:

William 'Bill' Kristol of The Weekly Standard subscribes to the theory that it was a purposeful act on Clinton's part to rally the Democratic base for the November election, helping his wife in 2008 and intimidating critics.

I dunno - I wouldn't discount that theory, but I don't find it likely. I think Clinton, much like the Ron Brown-funeral-laugh-to-cry moment, showed who he really is by his reaction to Chris Wallace's questions.

A clinical psychologist asks 'Will The Real Bill Clinton please stand up':

    A good Davenloonian therapist would cut to the chase with this man, and believe me, "the real Bill Clinton would stand up."

    Over the years, it has been reported that Clinton has quite a temper. However, you wouldn't know it with Clinton mugging for the cameras and his omnipresent smile; and his bowing gracefully to his audience, while the cameras run. There are some people who have a problem with the word "Anger." It has been my experience that people who have a problem with another person exhibiting anger is "Transferring His/Her Feelings On To This Person."

While others accuse Bubba of going Fox Hunting.

Bubba lauded by fellow Socialists democrats for blaming Fox News and the Vast, Right Wing Conspiracy.

Bubba went ballistic.

And, in response to all those cries from the Left, accusing Chris Wallace of NEVER asking the same hard questions of the Bush Admin., that he asked of Bubba, they somehow dismiss or ignore Donald Rumsfeld being INTERVIEWED by Chris Wallace in March, 2004:

    MR. WALLACE: But looking back, sir, and I understand this is 20/20 hindsight, it's more than an individual manhunt. I mean -- what you ended up doing in the end was going after al Qaeda where it lived.

    SEC. RUMSFELD: Which is the only way to do it, in my view. I think you simply have to go out --

    MR. WALLACE: -- pre-9/11 should you have been thinking more about that?

    SEC. RUMSFELD: Well, we were thinking about what to do about al Qaeda. Any suggestion that the administration was not would just be incorrect. Now, as I think it was Rich Armitage said, were we able to stop that attack? The answer is no. Were we ahead of those particular terrorists and what they were doing? Obviously not. George Tenet put it well, I thought, when he said, "Look" -- they said, "Why did it happen?" He said, "Because we didn't have a source inside that particular terrorist cell." That would have enabled it to being stopped.

    MR. WALLACE: Clarke makes one other specific charge that I'd like to give you the opportunity to respond to here today. He says that on September 12th, the day after the attack, that when all the evidence was pointing to al Qaeda that you wanted to hit Iraq. Let's look at this.

    MR. CLARKE: Rumsfeld said "There aren't any good targets in Afghanistan, and there are lots of good targets in Iraq." I said, "Well, there are lots of good targets in lots of places, but Iraq had nothing to do with it."

    MR. WALLACE: Mr. Secretary, true or false?

    SEC. RUMSFELD: Well, I don't know the context that he said that. I said publicly at one stage during our effort in Afghanistan, which was, of course, a highly successful effort to deal with the al Qaeda there and run them out and deny them that haven, that Afghanistan had run out of targets. That is a correct quote. It's out of context here, but it is a correct quote.

    If you think about it, the United States government made a decision to go into Afghanistan, not into Iraq, after 9/11. So the implication of what he is saying obviously misunderstands what actually took place.

    MR. WALLACE: But, specifically, if I may, sir, what he is saying is on the afternoon of September 12th, when all the evidence was pointing to Afghanistan, that you wanted to hit Iraq, and he compared it to attacking Mexico after the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor.

    SEC. RUMSFELD: Yes, he also quotes me as -- September 4th -- as saying some things in a meeting that I didn't attend. So it's hard for me to explain a person who would characterize a conversation in a meeting that I was not even in the room or the building when it supposedly took place.

Does that sound to you like Wallace is questioning Rumsfeld with kid gloves? It sure doesn't to me. So not only do we have Wallace hitting Rumsfeld with some hard questions we also have Wallace ASKING QUESTIONS OF SOMEONE IN THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION which Bubba either conveniently forgot or remarkably failed to mention on purpose.

Try again, Libs - try again. You're so pathetic...


Bill Clinton: "Can't Stop The Lying"

If only Nancy Walker were still with us, maybe she could direct a movie with the title of this post.

BubbaCheese gets overly defensive about his record.

Bubba "plugs" Richard Clarke's book and accuses Chris Wallace of having a "smirk" on his face in the clip immediately below:

"At least I tried....", whines the Rapist. Well, to quote many a socialist democrat, "you didn't try hard enough."

BubbaCheese says that no one got closer to catching Osama Bin Laden than did he.

Chris Wallace says he was surprised at Bubba's animated reactions.

What drugs do you think Clinton had taken prior to the Chris Wallace interview? Look at his eyes, his face - this guy was tweaked. How much coke do you supposed he hoovered before the interview?

Would you buy a used car from this man? Would you allow him to
babysit for your pre-teen daughter? Would you trust him to 'hold
using' an ounce of your best Columbian 'headache' powder?

Face it, this guy thinks he is above any and all type of criticism, that he cannot be questioned on anything he did in the past or does today, that all of his decisions he has ever made were the right ones to make - beyond any doubt or examination - and how dare anyone even think to challenge him on it, and that everyone should take what he says and believe it without verifying it. It's about time more journalists start exposing the failures of Clinton and his administration and putting them into the national spotlight. Kudos to Chris Wallace for asking the questions that the toady and sycophantic liberal media will not ask.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

One Hit News

This man, Ron Smallshire, is A teacher who repeatedly stabbed a fellow dog owner after their animals started fighting has been jailed for six-and-a-half years. Sky News
- - -
Two Year Old Boy dies after drinking spinach smoothie in what is believed to be due to the E Coli-Spinach outbreak.
- - -
Global Warming may cause More Illegal Immigration into the U.S.
(I don't remember Al Gore ever mentioning this part of the global warming crisis!)
- - -
Democrats WHINE and CRY over Voter Photo ID Bill.
(Gee, they must be afraid of not getting as many dead people to vote for them as they could count on in the past!)
- - -
Did you Drink Your Oil Today?
Sky News
- - -
Court rules that $32,000 is way too much to pay for The privilege of playing bouncy bounce with a woman's breasts.
Yahoo News

Friday, September 22, 2006

Pope's Comments Continue Drawing Neverending Cries And Whines From Muslims

Lahore, Pakistan - approximately 1,000 Muslim terrorists clerics and religious terrorists scholars insisted that Pope Benedict XVI be removed from his position immediately for encouraging war and fanning hostility between various faith.

Huh, how about that. I wonder if these terrorists clerics realize the irony of their own words, that what they say applies EXACTLY TO THEM!

Tell me again, WHO encourages war and fans hostility, the "Religion" of Terrorism Peace or the Pope?

You know, I think I'd poop my pants if I heard 1,000 Muslim terrorists clerics say that they condemn the violence perpetrated by their own brothers and sisters, in the name of their very own god. I might even give them some of the respect and legitimacy that they seem to so desperately seek.

But until these terrorists clerics condemn those committing terrorism in the name of their religion, with the same vociferousness that they condemn the Pope, they will receive nothing but disdain from me. Terrorists and their supporters do not deserve a forum from the rest of the Civilized World.


Stupid And Illegal(?) Things Democrats Do!

Tara McGuinness, former communications director for Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Amy Klobuchar - just how stupid are you? How dense can you possibly be to view something that is password protected on the web site of your candidate's political opponent, because you receive a tip from a democrat blogger?

Ms. McGuinness deserves to be the recipient of public humiliation and ridicule for her stupidity. The only reason you looked at it was in hopes of finding something that would give an edge to your candidate.

"Hmmmmm...some dumbocrat blogger sent me a password protected link of our opponent's web site and asked me to view it. I think I will!" Supreme and pure idiocy any way you look at it.

Blogger Noah Kunin admits he gained access to the Mark Kennedy file by guessing the password.

Whether what he says is true or whether he obtained the password through other means that he may not be telling us, certainly must violate some type of criminal or Federal Election law, doesn't it? The Feds ARE looking into matters.

Guessing a password? I'm waiting for a statement from Klobuchar and her fellow Democrats blaming this whole affair on the Mark Kennedy Campaign for not creating harder to guess passwords.

- - -

Many of the Minnesota Moonbat Brigade have comments on Noah's blog (find it yourself, it's not that hard) that this SCANDAL is overblown. I wonder if they would say the same thing if it was a Republican Blogger that had done the same thing with the Mark Kennedy Campaign? Somehow, I know they wouldn't be treating it the same.


Who Ya Gonna Vote For, Dave?

The third poll this week shows the Minnesota Governor's Race is TooCloseToCall.

I haven't weighed in on our fine state election coming up, so now is as good as time as any, at least for the larger scale races.

In our race for governor I will be voting for a third party -
NOT Independent Candidate Peter Hutchinson - basically throwing my vote away and I'm okay with doing this. If my voting this way somehow helps Democrat Mike Hatch defeat incumbent Republican Timmy Pawlenty, so be it. Good Riddance To Pawlenty, I say. I hope voters usher you to the Exit This Way Door.

Timmy - you gave a higher and more important ranking to saving the MN Twins, building them stadium, and their BILLIONAIRE OWNER over property tax reform. That's all I need to know. See Ya Later.

In the race replacing One-Term-Do-Nothing-U.S.-Senator Mark "Richie Rich" Dayton, I support and will vote for Republican Mark Kennedy over Democrat Amy Klobuchar. Klobuchar is nothing more just another in a long line of Minnesota Extreme Liberals.

In the congressional race between Republican Michelle Bachman and Democrat Patty Wetterling, I support and will vote for Bachman. Bachman gets it right on every issue. Ms. Wetterling brings nothing to the political table.

Those are the big three races in Minnesota. So who are YOU gonna vote for?


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Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Sunny Afternoon

Such Great Lyrics


So, which would work better approaching someone who reeks of perfume/cologne over-application:

"My you smell nice, how many gallons of perfume/cologne did you apply?"

OR -

"Holy f*cking Ch*ist, nothing says 'I haven't bathed in a while' more than wearing a couple gallons of piss-stink perfume, does it?"

I should take their picture with my cell phone camera and post it.....

HNN: Hillary News Network™© (or: What's MrsSatan Up To Now?)

It's been a while since I checked in on MrsSatan Hillary Clinton.

Looks like Terry McAuliffe will helm her presidential campaign. That's good, this guy has almost as much vile and bitterness in him as does Al "I Invented The Internet" Gore! Bitterness and vile is always good for a Democrat, it makes them look like the crazed Living Dead that they indeed are!

But the BubbaCheese says Talking about her presidential aspirations at home is verboten.

BILLIONAIRE Rob Burkle will shovel truckloads of money into her campaign war-chest. I wonder what he will get in return from her and Bubba?

She still has to Win her re-election, though. I'm sure all those Diebold voting machines are being rigged in her favor as I type this.

No matter how much lipstick, or in this case paint, you put on a pig, she's still MrsSatan.

(And yeah, I gave her the Warholian Touch regarding colorization!)


Where Were These Protestors?

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed and spoke to the United Nations Assembly on Tuesday in New York, NY. This is a man who harbors, represents and embraces dangerous and violent political and religious philosophies. Usually when someone like Ahmadinejad speaks somewhere in the Unites States, two groups of people can be counted on to appear in large numbers and protest. But these two groups were nowhere to be seen or heard during Ahmadinejad's speech.

Ahmadinejad's mores advocates the suppression of women. Equality between the genders does not exist. Women are placed in a role subservient to men and are expected to remain there. So, where were all the feminists outside of the UN building protesting Ahmadinejad's speech? The feminists were oddly silent on Tuesday much like their unremarkable silence during allegations of Bill Clinton's sexual abuse, rape and harassment of women. So where were the militant feminists protesting outside of the UN building on Tuesday? Where were you?

Ahmadinejad's mores advocates the suppression and execution of homosexuals. Homosexuality is considered an offense and a sin punishable by death. Ahmadinejad supports the executing of people based on nothing more than their sexual preference. So where were the militant gays protesting outside of the UN building on Tuesday? Where were you?

Various representatives of these two groups have been found in the past gathering and protesting speakers such as James Dobson, Dr. Laura, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Yet these two groups made it a point to not protest Ahmadinejad.

We've had instances where women have alleged that Arnold Schwarzenegger groped them or made a pass at them. Instantly the women's rights crowd materializes and registers their outrage via the media. Bob Packwood and Trent Lott are two men who've experienced the wrath of the militant feminists. But Ahmadinejad - he gets a free pass from this group.

The militant gay protestors have, in the past, protested the late Pope John Paul II for his views on homosexuality. And on Tuesday we had Ahmadinejad who subscribes to the belief that homosexuals should be killed, and where are the gay protesters? Ahmadinejad gets a free pass from them.

We didn't hear from these groups because had they spoken up it would have meant that they agree with conservatives on these issues. It would have meant that they agree with...(GASP)...America and Bush!

I don't mean
all women's rights advocates or all gay men and women. I'm speaking of the militant and most vocal members of these groups who have elevated protesting to a full-time and professional level. Where were you on Tuesday?!

The only reason they did not show up in their usual, large-crowd, protesting numbers is that doing so would have meant contradicting their own Leftist political agenda. Remember this the next time either group thinks that their protest voices should be heard. Because their protesting voices were absent on one of the most important days that basic human rights were being trashed by the Iranian President.


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The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Warhol

FYI and for those who appreciate his art:

Tonight PBS American Masters
airs Part One of a Two Part Documentary on an American Master and an American Original, Andy Warhol. Part two airs tomorrow night. Both nights start at 9PM Eastern Time / 8PM Central.

Another fine documentary is 1990's The Life And Times Of Andy Warhol.

UPDATE: 9-22-06

Part Two of the Andy Warhol documentary that aired on PBS stations last night sucked stale and putrid wind.

It's not that it wasn't well made or lacked production values. It simply spent far, far, far too much time focusing on Warhol's work in the 1960's while leaving little time to cover his work and life during the 1970's and 80's.

Part One, which aired Wednesday night, began its focus on Warhol in the 1960's in the program's second hour. This continued for most of what was Part Two, cramming in the 1970's and 1980's - including Warhol's death - in its final 20 or 25 minutes. A true shame because Andy produced a lot of work and influenced other artists in the 70's and 80's, none of which was covered in Part Two.

Also taking up far too many precious minutes was the time dedicated to Warhol's filmmaking, which while interesting, was unnecessary especially at the cost of failing to allot equitable time for the 1970's and 80's.

Two other notes: The voice of the (female) main narrator of the documentary is atrocious. She sounded more like she was reading the ingredients for a recipe or like a school nurse enunciating the stages used in post-bathroom hand-washing etiquette rather than someone narrating a film.

The male voice of the person reading from Warhol's writing - who tries to sound and imitate Warhol - is equally atrocious. Just because you're reading from the writings of the main character or subject of the film doesn't mean you have to try to sound like that person. And if this was a conscious choice on the part of filmmaker Ric Burns - damn, man - a poor choice.

Chuck Workman's "The Life And Times Of Andy Warhol" is a better and tighter documentary that covers all periods of Warhol's life in a much more balanced (read: equal time allotted to eras) fashion.


The first thing I noticed about This Fiasco was the crescent shape due to similar Crescent Controversy HERE.
- - -
13 Converts To Islam.
pbuh .
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Now how and why would anyone Hate Blogs?
- - -
Young, HOT Chicks With Guns, whooooooooooooooooohoooooooooo! (
Safe For Work!)
- - -
Looks like Osama Just got done shopping at Zales.
- - -
News and Blog Populi All at A Handy One-Stop Shop.
- - -
And a Belated Y'Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...for the second year in a row I forgot that yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Some of those much better at remembering this occasion are:

Groovy, Cove Headquarters ...and...oh, you know, whathisname...That Guy..... That One Guy.....

The Adventures Of Dick Weed, Democrat!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So What's This UFO Thingy By The Shuttle?

UFO delays shuttle return.

Mystery Object delays shuttle return.

Mystery Object.

Puzzling Objects.


Adios Annan!

...adieu, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen, au revoir, bye-bye, buh-bye, cheerio, goodbye, good day, sayonara, so long, Ta!, don't let the door hit you in the ass...

After ten years in office (it only seemed like twenty), Kofi Says Bye Bye, with his term officially over on December 31, 2006. Yeah, I know...your eyes are getting a little misty too.

Warned of a War of Religion.

The Always Defiant Kofi Annan

Latvia's President Vaira Vike-Freiberga says the next Secretary General "Must be a woman." Why?

Ms. Vike-Freiberga herself is a candidate for the job, but Russia and China are opposed.


Monday, September 18, 2006

One Hit News

Italian Nun in Somalia killed possibly in retaliation by Islamic forces OVERREACTING to statements made by The Pope; CWN.

Nun forgave killers as she lay dying;
Irish Examiner.

Motive of killing "Uncertain...";
- - -
Synagogue fired upon in Oslo;
- - -
Attempt to assassinate Somalia's interim leader;
- - -
Iran Considered least friendly nation by Americans;
Iran Va Jahan.
- - -
New Delhi men dip hands into boiling hot oil to prove innocence;
- - -
Willie Nelson And Crew Busted for one and a half pounds of spleef;
- - -
Czech beer may see tax increase and label warnings; under the aegis of "improving the citizen's health."
Prague Post.
- - -
Does Salsa dancing cure depression?;
Sky News

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bobby Lee's Crazy Kimmy

MAD TV premiered its new season last night. I like the show and have for a number of years. IMO it's a show that, while not perfect (what show is...well, "Seinfeld" & "24" come close), misfires far, far less times than the last ten or twelve years of SNL. And sometimes what MAD TV produces is second to no one in the arena of comedy and satire.

Anyway --- last night MAD TV (and I was hoping someone would have it on YouTube and darn if it ain't there), had one of the best music video parodies I've ever seen. It has cast member Bobby Lee
doing his Kim Jong Il impersonation to the Gnarls Barkley song Crazy.

Here's Bobby Lee as Kim Jong Il in the "Crazy" music video parody:

And here's the original, Barkley "Crazy" video:

...and, Wow - what a voice on Gnarls, hey?

Here's A Link to a Live Performance Video of "Crazy" with a nice back-up orchestra and a little different version of the song.

Required Reading

There will be a test afterwards:

I love the smell of DDT In The Morning;
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John Gotti Gives Manly Advice;
Washington Times
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A Decision Must Be Reached on What to do About Iran;
Charles Krauthammer
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The New, Liberal Nomenklatura;
Thomas Sowell
- - -
Giant Oil Fund, poised to move into real estate could easily buy all of Manhattan;
- - -
ATMEYE Expands in Iran, Morocco, the UAE and Belarus;
News Lithuania
- - -
South Wales Evening Post

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