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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chris Wallace Is a "MorAn"?

I make my fair share - and then some - of typos on this blog and admit it. I've made no secret that I am my own worst prooofreedur. I can flawlessly proofread the writing of another, but proofreading my own stuff, again, I admit I am far less than perfect.

But check out This Post At Think Regress. Unless "moran" is their slang for some joke that I'm not familiar with - the "o" and the "a" letters aren't even remotely close to each other on a keyboard. Take a look right now, look at your keyboard and see where the "a" is compared to the placement of the "o".

So either the person writing thought 'moron' is actually spelled 'morAn', OR, the writer of the post guessed at the spelling. Without bothering to look it up. Which would have taken what - maybe ten seconds using an internet dictionary like, oh - I don't know - Merriam-Webster-dot-com? Or at least run a ...(GASP)... spell-checker?

If ThinkRegress doesn't spend ten seconds to verify spelling, what makes you think they spend any time fact-checking any of the items that they report on as being true and accurate?

Hey - Hey Chris Wallace, you're a morAn, that is, if ThinkRegress meant a Masai Warrior! Congratulations!

(But I don't think ThinkRegress means Moran as in the warrior sense because they would have - or should have - capitalized it if they were referring to the Masai Warrior. And, I just don't think the ThinkRegress crowd is all that smart enuff to know what a Moran is.)

Maybe the crowd over there is smart enough to have meant Moran. Maybe I'm not giving them enough credit.

But I don't think so.


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