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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Saed Mohammad Nabi; Haji Habibullah - Life In Afghanistan

Both Saed Mohammad Nabi and Haji Habibullah are dealing with different enemies in Afghanistan, yet they are in some ways dealing with common enemies.

Saed Mohammad wants to kill you. More specifically, he wants "to strike the foreigners, the Americans, all those who are enemies of our religion, honour and country," he said.

    "...we were arrested with explosives," he said. "Our aim was to carry out jihad against our enemies."

    He was not brainwashed abroad and sent to kill. He made the decision himself to support the Taleban and made contacts - it was as easy as that.

    But why did he make that decision? "They have gone against the Koran, shown disrespect to Mohammad and Afghan elders, and abused our women and our dead. I would not be here if they had not done this," he explained quite calmly.

"They"? Who, Americans? The Allied Forces in Afghanistan? His own al-Qaida brothers?
- - -
From the same story:

    Haji Habibullah, 45, was taken aside to be searched by the Canadian soldiers when the bomber struck. His daughters were nearer to the bomb.

    He blames the Taleban, he blames Pakistan, where he says these bombers come from, and although he broadly supports the international help in Afghanistan, he also blames them.

    "Things were fine - during the last four years there has been no fighting," he said.

    [Then] "the foreigners came and everywhere you go there is war and there is no way out."

Sadly, he is mistaken. According to
The Washington Quarterly, 2000, there were MANY things going wrong in Afghanistan in the 1990's to the early 2000's. (Note: link is to a pdf document that is surprisingly quick in opening - honest!)

Among them:

    * The Taliban has consolidated its influence in Afghanistan over the last five years. Soon the movement will be too strong to urn away from rogue behavior.

    * Unfortunately, the Clinton administration has ignored the challenge of the Taliban. Some administration officials tacitly favored the group when it emerged between 1994 and 1995, underestimating the threat it posed to regional stability and to U.S. interests.

    * In August 1998, the Taliban gained control over the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, effectively relegating its remaining opponents to the country's hinterlands.

    * Many of the militants who invaded Indian-controlled Kashmir in May 1999 were trained in Afghanistan.

The majority of people worldwide who are non-Afghani
have NOT "gone against the Koran, shown disrespect to Mohammad and Afghan elders, and abused our women and our dead." We would like nothing more than to live in a peaceful coexistence with you and your brothers and sisters.

Somewhere along the line al-Qaida has taken it upon themselves to kill themselves and others using 'suicide / homicide' bombs, killing innocent civilians and children. Something - short of the entire non-Muslim world converting to Islam - has to be done to counter the behavior of what al-Qaida and other terrorist groups are doing.

I feel for Haji Habibullah, his family and the two (of his three) injured daughters.

I may even slightly understand the rage of Saed Mohammad. But his actions, and the actions of terrorists like him, are detestable to the rest of the world and will not be tolerated. So Saed, why don't you try diplomacy? Talk to us. Why can't that work for you?


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