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Friday, September 29, 2006


GO HERE ! Check out the photo and read the text. READ IT AGAIN. Look at the picture. And I don't think Jack will mind if we take it upon ourselves to E-mail his post to Liberals that we know. Thank you for your service to our country, Jack.
- - -
ACLU continues their tradition of Defending Hate Speech.
- - -
Have you experienced someone in the service industry Acting Like You're Invisible? Here's how to handle that situation.

And on that same note, Yes, I think people are becoming meaner and ruder.
- - -
Oregon's Governor Wants To Increase Taxes on Cigarettes saying, "it's for the children." Remember people, the last vestige of a politician is "the children".

And on a related note, raising taxes on cigarettes is probably a good thing since Al "I invented the internets" Gore says, "Cigarettes Cause Global Warming." Please, will someone please have Tipper commit her husband to a warm and padded cell for the rest of his life?
- - -
Only two episodes come to my mind that I would add to THIS LIST. I'd add (unsure of exact titles but will describe by episode description): "Sparky The Gay Dog" and "Ike's Bris".

- - -
And...........................I don't remember where I stumbled across it but, if you want to get close to the ladies at the clubs, guys, This Guy Has Some Advice For You.


Thanks for the link...
You are most welcome. We have to keep the full court press on, on Phelps & Co. and the insane ACLU !!

Thanks for visiting and commenting !
Mr. Drake,
I enjoy your site but please, the phrase you are looking for is "patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel." "Vestige" means a trace or remnant. I want you to look good.
I did indeed mean exactly what I wrote: "Remember people, the last vestige of a politician is 'the children'", meaning that the very last evidence of a politician, before he or she disappears, vanishes or is rendered obsolete, is using "the children" as justification for their actions. This behavior is best manifested in the recent reaction from Liberals to the Mark Foley issue and best showcased by the way Liberals demonize cigarettes and cigarette smoking.

From time to time I do take some poetic license and liberties with certain phrases and sayings, intentionally twisting, tweaking or rewriting a well known expression or slogan.

I do sincerely thank you for your comment as well as your including the original phrase, of which I am familiar. We have a great and rich language. What you wrote reminds me that the more clear and precise that one is with the words we use, the better understood by all.
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