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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Randi Rhodes: Pathological Liar

Liberal Radio's Corn Fed Chubbette, Randi Rhodes, just can't help herself from telling lies. It is not humanly possible to track all the idiotic trivialities said by Rhodes. Every time she opens her Oreo Hole another gem of galactic stupidity and outright lie escapes.

From her program last night:

LIE # 1: "The USS Cole was attacked by terrorists one month before Bill Clinton left office."

Absolutely and completely false.
The Cole was attacked on OCTOBER 12, 2000. Bill Clinton's term expired January 20, 2001. October 12, 2000 to January 20, 2001 is right around 100 DAYS (I don't do math but yeah, it's right around 100) !!!

Now if someone wants to unofficially declare 35 or 40 days "a month", I wouldn't argue that. But to CALL 100 DAYS "one month" is an absurd stretch. And she did this for only one reason, to attempt to mitigate the Clinton Administration's lack of response to the terrorist attack on the Cole. Randi, you are such a lying sack of crap.

Now let's not forget that Al Gore - who at that time was the VP - was obsessed for sixty or so of these days, having a hissy fit contending the election results rather than focusing on, and addressing, the terrorists who bombed the USS Cole.

And Bubba? He was only too happy to let Gore's temper tantrum take Center Stage Media Attention thereby putting the hunt for terrorists on the back burner where it had always been.

So...Randi...the Cole was attacked "just one month" before Clinton left the White House? Hardly.

LIE #2: "The Republican [Revolution] Congress was calling for cut and run in Somalia in 1994."

Patently and absurdly false. It would have been impossible for the Republicans elected in the '94 Republican Revolution to call for cutting and running from Somalia in 1994.

WHY? Because they hadn't yet been sworn into office.
Republicans elected in the Republican Revolution in November of 1994 did not take their oath, nor were they sworn into office, until January 1995.

So tell me,
how could a Republican Congress in 1994 call for cutting and running from Somalia when they weren't yet even in office? It didn't happen. Randi is lying and deliberately shilling false information for the Insane Liberal Clown Posse. Randi, you're such a lying bag of steaming, liquid crap!

LIE #3: "Bill Clinton didn't mistreat a dog. He wasn't convicted of anything," said Randi, to a Conservative caller, whom she prematurely disconnected from the call when she was unable to respond to his facts.

I'm tired of Lefty Smear Merchants like Rhodes on this issue. READ the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers fact by fact summary of Bubba's perjury and yes - his impeachment.

Yes Randi, he was impeached. Hard for you to admit this, I know - you're still in deep denial - but he was impeached.
I agree he was NOT removed from office, but he was impeached - yes he was - yes he was - yes he was - and no matter how much you try to spin that he wasn't, he was - he was - he was. End of Story.

"It's 'fo-tee-fo' af-tah the ah-our...."



Not only is she a liar, she has insulted fans of the real Randy Rhodes.
Spot On, Don! Great Call!
Hey anonymous. Are you the same shit head whose comments I didn't publish on the Once A Democrat Always A Pederast post above?

You see, shit-for-brains, I decided no longer to publish anony and unsubstantiated commets such as yours. Yes, I DO HAVE editorial control so other readers don't have to waste their precious time reading nonsense like those that you submit.

Did you know Randi lies about her military service? Yep, she's a liar. She lies about everything. But that's what people like you and her are all about, right...lying democrats.

Grow some balls if you can, add a name and blog link and maybe I'll publish your next comments.

-------------Uh, I changed my mind, I won't.

BTW - everything I've posted from day one can be verified and checked for accuracy, unlike the garbage of your submitted and non-published comment, as well as all the blatant lies Randi spews.

Now, go ask mommy to wipe your butt and fight your battles for you, little turd.

Bye Bye!
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