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Friday, September 22, 2006

Stupid And Illegal(?) Things Democrats Do!

Tara McGuinness, former communications director for Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Amy Klobuchar - just how stupid are you? How dense can you possibly be to view something that is password protected on the web site of your candidate's political opponent, because you receive a tip from a democrat blogger?

Ms. McGuinness deserves to be the recipient of public humiliation and ridicule for her stupidity. The only reason you looked at it was in hopes of finding something that would give an edge to your candidate.

"Hmmmmm...some dumbocrat blogger sent me a password protected link of our opponent's web site and asked me to view it. I think I will!" Supreme and pure idiocy any way you look at it.

Blogger Noah Kunin admits he gained access to the Mark Kennedy file by guessing the password.

Whether what he says is true or whether he obtained the password through other means that he may not be telling us, certainly must violate some type of criminal or Federal Election law, doesn't it? The Feds ARE looking into matters.

Guessing a password? I'm waiting for a statement from Klobuchar and her fellow Democrats blaming this whole affair on the Mark Kennedy Campaign for not creating harder to guess passwords.

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Many of the Minnesota Moonbat Brigade have comments on Noah's blog (find it yourself, it's not that hard) that this SCANDAL is overblown. I wonder if they would say the same thing if it was a Republican Blogger that had done the same thing with the Mark Kennedy Campaign? Somehow, I know they wouldn't be treating it the same.


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