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Monday, September 18, 2006

One Hit News

Italian Nun in Somalia killed possibly in retaliation by Islamic forces OVERREACTING to statements made by The Pope; CWN.

Nun forgave killers as she lay dying;
Irish Examiner.

Motive of killing "Uncertain...";
- - -
Synagogue fired upon in Oslo;
- - -
Attempt to assassinate Somalia's interim leader;
- - -
Iran Considered least friendly nation by Americans;
Iran Va Jahan.
- - -
New Delhi men dip hands into boiling hot oil to prove innocence;
- - -
Willie Nelson And Crew Busted for one and a half pounds of spleef;
- - -
Czech beer may see tax increase and label warnings; under the aegis of "improving the citizen's health."
Prague Post.
- - -
Does Salsa dancing cure depression?;
Sky News

What??! No football news?
Pay Close Attention Mr. Ape.

Are you ready? OK...

"It's All About the NHL and Golf."

It's not ball bearings like Fletch said.

That's it, that's all, that's the meaning of life. End of Story.
is that why Salsa dancers never kill themselves?
NHL is okay, especially considering fighting is an integral part of the sport, but I'd rather watch the paint fade on my car than sit through golf on TV. The gubment should be forcing Guantanamo Bay detainees to watch golf, rather than withholding promised peanut butter.

Auto racing is life.

Tennis is a nice diversion.
Nico you are absolutely correct. Rockers commit suicide, C&W, classical musicians, etc, but not Salsa Dancing. What other outcome could there be ?
Thanks for visiting.
Mr. Ape, could you phrase your comments in the form of a question?

- heh -
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