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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

John Murtha Has Some Veterans To Answer To!

From The Tribune Democrat:

    Next weekend in downtown Johnstown, the bitter battle over U.S. Rep. John Murtha’s controversial war stance will come to a head.

    Two ideologically divergent but equally vocal veterans groups have scheduled rallies in connection with the congressman’s criticism of the Bush administration and the Iraq war.

    A pro-Murtha event is scheduled for Saturday in Central Park. The next day, Murtha critics will occupy Cambria County War Memorial Arena just a few blocks away.

    “We have people coming in from as far away as the state of Washington and California,” said Harry Beam, a retired Army veteran and Upper Yoder Township resident who is helping organize the Oct. 1 “Boot Murtha” gathering.


    The fact that Murtha faces opposition from Republican candidate Diana Irey, a Washington County commissioner, only serves to up the ante.

    Leaders of the “Boot Murtha” effort claim they have no connection with Irey’s campaign.

    “This is personal, not political,” said Craig Minnick, an Iraq veteran and Upper Yoder resident who is helping Beam coordinate the rally at the War Memorial.

    Organizers are touting a full lineup of speakers. They include two fathers who lost sons in Iraq, the father of a Marine and a survivor of the World Trade Center attack on Sept. 11, 2001.

It's about time people start applying the same standard to democratic politicians that democrats apply to republicans, especially with regard to military service.

In the 1996 presidential race former Senator Bob Dole was indeed a war hero while Bill Clinton was the complete opposite, a draft dodger. Back then the Left told the public that it really wasn't fair to make an issue out of Clinton not serving. The Left said is wasn't f a i r to be extolling the virtues of Dole's military service and comparing it to Clinton's lack of service (heh, lack of service --- avoidance is more like it.)

My-oh-my, though, how they changed their rhetoric when they had the opportunity to prop up John "I served in Vietnam, let me say that again...." Kerry's candidacy.
Oh - then...THEN it was the Left touting and promoting Kerry's war service like he singlehandedly defeated "Jengis" Khan and his armies. What a crock!

Now, veterans are holding Murtha's lack of military support and his unjustified criticism of the military up to microscopic exam. Good for them! They have my full support! More info is available at:



The man is a disgrace and should be dragged down to the Iwo Jima Memorial and be bayonetted in the nut sack. Semper Fi!
Well....I dunno about a bayonette in the nutsack...but I sure hope he doesn't win his re-election.

He'd make a good Monty Python dumb,
"Professor Gumby" I think.
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