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Friday, September 22, 2006

Who Ya Gonna Vote For, Dave?

The third poll this week shows the Minnesota Governor's Race is TooCloseToCall.

I haven't weighed in on our fine state election coming up, so now is as good as time as any, at least for the larger scale races.

In our race for governor I will be voting for a third party -
NOT Independent Candidate Peter Hutchinson - basically throwing my vote away and I'm okay with doing this. If my voting this way somehow helps Democrat Mike Hatch defeat incumbent Republican Timmy Pawlenty, so be it. Good Riddance To Pawlenty, I say. I hope voters usher you to the Exit This Way Door.

Timmy - you gave a higher and more important ranking to saving the MN Twins, building them stadium, and their BILLIONAIRE OWNER over property tax reform. That's all I need to know. See Ya Later.

In the race replacing One-Term-Do-Nothing-U.S.-Senator Mark "Richie Rich" Dayton, I support and will vote for Republican Mark Kennedy over Democrat Amy Klobuchar. Klobuchar is nothing more just another in a long line of Minnesota Extreme Liberals.

In the congressional race between Republican Michelle Bachman and Democrat Patty Wetterling, I support and will vote for Bachman. Bachman gets it right on every issue. Ms. Wetterling brings nothing to the political table.

Those are the big three races in Minnesota. So who are YOU gonna vote for?


You could write in Jesse Ventura for governor. Just an idea.
One term of Jesse is enough, thank you.

I will likely write-in my own name on the ballot for many of the races.
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