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Monday, September 25, 2006

Bill Clinton: "Can't Stop The Lying"

If only Nancy Walker were still with us, maybe she could direct a movie with the title of this post.

BubbaCheese gets overly defensive about his record.

Bubba "plugs" Richard Clarke's book and accuses Chris Wallace of having a "smirk" on his face in the clip immediately below:

"At least I tried....", whines the Rapist. Well, to quote many a socialist democrat, "you didn't try hard enough."

BubbaCheese says that no one got closer to catching Osama Bin Laden than did he.

Chris Wallace says he was surprised at Bubba's animated reactions.

What drugs do you think Clinton had taken prior to the Chris Wallace interview? Look at his eyes, his face - this guy was tweaked. How much coke do you supposed he hoovered before the interview?

Would you buy a used car from this man? Would you allow him to
babysit for your pre-teen daughter? Would you trust him to 'hold
using' an ounce of your best Columbian 'headache' powder?

Face it, this guy thinks he is above any and all type of criticism, that he cannot be questioned on anything he did in the past or does today, that all of his decisions he has ever made were the right ones to make - beyond any doubt or examination - and how dare anyone even think to challenge him on it, and that everyone should take what he says and believe it without verifying it. It's about time more journalists start exposing the failures of Clinton and his administration and putting them into the national spotlight. Kudos to Chris Wallace for asking the questions that the toady and sycophantic liberal media will not ask.


Bubba's egomaniacal opinion of himself is eerily similar to the Roman Emporer Nero, who said upon his committing suicide "...alas, what a great artist the world has lost..." or something to that affect. We all know how that turned out. If only he would off himself too!

On another note: I wish Chris Wallace would have bit his wagging finger off and spit it on the floor!
Insert Music and dancers: "' Hey CAn't stop the Lying, he just cant stop - he just cant stop - he just can't stop - the LYING...."

Nancy Walker has the camera trolly in a semi circle, with Bubba in the center, surrounded by carboard statues of all the people who have mysteriously died, each of them somehow connected to him and his shrew-wife.' "

Aw shit, where's Nancy Walker when you need her to direct a film!
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