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Friday, February 29, 2008

Obama's Best Man Was Bin Laden

The below photograph has surfaced from an anonymous and unnamed source showing Osama Bin Laden pictured with Barack Hussein Obama and wife Michelle at their wedding. Secretive, shadowy but reliable sources confirm that Bin Laden served as Best Man for Barack Hussein Obama. Shocking!

Bin Laden is pictured holding the Koran. Obama's middle name is Hussein, and he's a Muslim! Unreliable sources claim Obama is not a United States citizen and legally he isn't even permitted to run for the office of President of the United States! Shocking!

Other skeptical sources say Hussein Obama was schooled in a Madrassa which is an Islamic religious school! Shocking!

Other unreliable sources say Hussein Obama has ties to terrorist organizations like al-Qaida, the Taliban and the Board of Directors of Dairy Queen International!

Hussein Obama’s top economics adviser, Austan D. Goolsbee, is a member of the super-secret Skull & Bones society!




Eleanor Mondale's Brain Cancer Returns

Eleanor Mondale, daughter of Walter "Fritz" Mondale the Worst.Vice.President.Ever, is being treated again for a brain tumor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. WCCO:

    Eleanor Mondale had a cancerous brain tumor in 2005. She chose chemotherapy and radiation to treat the tumor, instead of surgery. The once-baseball-sized tumor virtually disappeared.

    Eleanor Mondale said she will have surgery on the new tumor at the Mayo Clinic.

    She has been going in for MRI scans every three months and went in for a scheduled scan last month when doctors found a spot worth watching. On Monday, doctors discovered that spot had doubled in size in the past month.

Why is she receiving treatment at the abysmal Mayo Clinic when she could be seeking medical treatment at the finer hospitals in Cuba? It sure is a mystery how all these Liberals trash the American Medical System, but when they need health care they receive it in the good old United States.


Let me add to this post to include that I would wish for nothing less than a full recovery for Ms. Mondale in conquering her recently diagnosed brain tumor. A reader - judging by a lengthy, mutli-multi paragraph and anonymous unpublished comment - accused me of being unsympathetic to Ms. Mondale. I would never, ever wish anything bad upon anyone because their political ideology differs from mine. I would never wish anything bad upon anyone.

I think it's a fair question to ask, as I wrote above, as to why Liberals seek medical treatment in the United States (witness Senator Robert Byrd hospitalized for back pain at Walter Reed Hospital) when all we hear from them is how poor our medical system is and how much better it is, say, in Cuba.

The above is entirely different than, and unrelated to, the posts where I've run the "Every time a Liberal dies an angel gets its wing," routine. I don't wish any illness or malady on Byrd , Mondale or anyone else. But, as in the recent death of Tom Lantos - that is a separate issue. I certainly didn't, and never would wish anything bad upon Lantos or anyone. There just wasn't any measurable degree of sympathy in me when he passed.

I'll happily explain the differences of what I do compared to how Liberals treat non-Liberals when they die. Like the comments at so many of the Liberal blogs and sites reporting on the deaths of Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford and Jerry Falwell - and some just recently regarding William Buckley, Jr.

In the cases of "Every time a liberal dies an angel gets its wing," I'm taking license and my cue from Liberals who long ago set the tone and established respect - or more accurately, a lack of respect - when certain people die.

    Stephanie Miller: making fun of Casper Weinberger who died one day earlier, "He's in Purgatory now...[making fun of him is fair game] because tragedy plus time [equals comedy]." The Stephanie Miller Show - March 20, 2006

    Stephanie Miller and Crew with "Weekend At Tammy's", a parody of "Weekend At Bernie's" that made 'fun' of deceased country singer Tammy Wynette, with her children digging her up out of her grave to perform at concerts. The Stephanie Miller Show - January 11, 2007

    Mike Malloy: "It's fun to speak ill of the dead", speaking about Enron's Ken Lay.
    The Mike Malloy Show - July 5, 2006

    Janeane Garofalo: "[Republicans need to have inflicted upon them] some kind of suffering to remind them that they've done something to our consciousness." The Majority Report - May 19, 2006

    Al Franken: "There [Strom Thurmond] goes, back to the grave."
    The Al Franken Show, Air America - November 28, 2006, 40 minutes into the second hour of his program.

    Al Franken: "Tom Cruise has been dumped by Paramount. Did Tom Cruise kill Jon Benet Ramsey? Because tragedy plus time equals comedy." The Al Franken Show, Air America - August 23, 2006, Opening Monologue

    Ed Schultz: "[Anna Nicole Smith] was an all American nobody." February 9, 2007, 12 minutes into hour one of his program.

    Ed Schultz: Speaking about Smith: "What constitutes a whore? How many men does a woman have to sleep with before she's a whore? I'm just asking." February 9, 2007, 33 minutes into hour three.

Nothing I've ever published reaches the depth of the above quotes.

Re-read the Franken quote. Using Jon Benet Ramsey's death in a joke? I believe Franken has two children, a son and a daughter, both, I believe are adults; young adults (i.e. college or post college).

So even if I did make fun of someone who dies - which I don't do here - I'm only doing what others from the Left have established as the ground rules. The Libs are simply getting a small dose of their own medicine.

I extend a speedy and healthy recovery to Ms. Mondale and that she never ever have to battle any other illness or disease.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Berkeley Retailers Seeing Backlash

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, isn't it sad...businesses in Berkeley are seeing their profits declining and shoppers are boycotting them. You might want to get a box of lotion-coated Puffs or Kleenex because this is a sad, sad, sad story.

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates Asshat

Shoppers are deciding to spend their money elsewhere; anywhere but in stores, shops and businesses in Berkeley. I know - it's shocking - who could possibly have predicted this sort of fallout from Berkeley's disgusting and abhorrent treatment of the U.S. Marines by telling them that their recruitment office was not welcome in Berkeley, and by the mayor and a majority of the city council calling the Marines "uninvited and unwelcome intruders. Not even Nostradamus could have seen shopper revolt coming.

From Mercury News.com - story title: Berkeley businesses feel pinch of weekly anti-war protests - (do a search on the story title if the link brings you to a "register for free before allowing you to read the story" page):

    People who are angry at city leaders for their anti-military stance are taking it out on businesses - canceling hotel rooms, restaurant reservations and theater tickets.

    They are writing letters to the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce outlining their plans to boycott the city.

    And they are steering clear of downtown shops because of the weekly anti-war protests that in recent weeks have become increasingly volatile.

    Two weeks after the Berkeley City Council refused to apologize to the U.S. Marine Corps for calling them "uninvited and unwelcome intruders," Berkeley businesses are feeling the backlash from people who don't want to spend their money in the city.


    Mo Hallaji, owner of Pollo's at Shattuck Avenue and Addison Street, said his business has declined 10 to 15 percent this month because of the traffic jams and fighting associated with the protests.

    "They are killing our business," Hallaji said. "Everybody is against the war but that is not the right way to go about it if you want to accomplish something."

    Quentin Moore, owner of Berkeley Hardware on University Avenue, is not far from the U.S. Marine recruiting center at 64 Shattuck Square, and the protests might be causing a downturn in his business.

    "I see maybe two or three customers in here and maybe (the protests) are the reason," he said.

    Code Pink, which held another rally Tuesday, has been holding protests since last fall while the group The World Can't Wait got involved recently. They are becoming increasingly violent and volatile. Police have arrested five people recently, including two last week.

"Oh.Dat's.So.Sad!" Are you reaching for that lotion-coated tissue yet?

From KCBS:

    Some Berkeley business owners with stores near the Marines recruiting office on Shattuck Square, are getting impatient with all the recent protests, which they say are taking a bite out of their bottom lines.

    Many say they’re angry with the Berkeley City Council, those protesting the Marines, and those protesting the people protesting the Marines.


    Business owners say large crowds, often followed by police in riot gear, scare away potential customers.

"Oh.Dat's.So.Sad!" Hang on just a second, I have to get myself a brand new, fresh box of tissues. Oh, the tears I am shedding, the agony, the sadness, the tragedy.

Craig Lazzeretti, editor of the Berkeley Voice, "gets it", in his column titled: Time for Code Pink, tree sitters to unite - (again, do a search on the story title if the link brings you to a "register for free before allowing you to read the story" page):

    Am I the only one who finds amusing the way the City Council and Code Pink have convinced themselves that they're advancing the anti-war movement with their shameful actions? Have they bothered to ask themselves why no one else in the movement has voiced any support for their actions?


    Just as the New York Times has managed to rally conservatives around John McCain, the council and Code Pink have rallied the rest of the nation around the Marines. The Marines couldn't have asked for a better advertising campaign.


    Pro-military groups aren't the only ones with an ax to grind against Code Pink. The tree sitters must also be steaming mad that they've been knocked off their perch in the media limelight.


    My favorite argument from the protesters about why they have a right to impede the work of the Marine recruiting station: That the Marines lie to and deceive young men and women. Isn't that the same argument that protesters at abortion clinics use to impede work there? Did I mention how much the far right and far left have in common?

From Women's Wear Daily:

    Fashion retailers in Berkeley, Calif., might be caught in the middle of a campaign to boycott the city and its businesses because of an attempt to shut a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office to protest the Iraq war.


    Now a conservative organization, Move America Forward, is set to launch the boycott this week along with a cable TV advertising campaign.


    All of this is testing the patience of fashion merchants, who otherwise embrace Berkeley's activist ethos.

    "It's not the right platform to affect change like that," said John Kiskaddon, co-owner of Harper Greer, a plus-size store and wholesale line on Berkeley's 4th Street, a fashion row of independent boutiques and cafes.

    "I'm certainly not for the war, but the recruiting office should still be allowed to be there," said Susan Trefethen, owner of Molly b., with two stores on 4th and Vine streets, carrying a mix of labels such as Osaka from Germany, French designer Sara Pacini and designer Krista Larsen from Vermont.


    Leslie Sobelson, manager and buyer for Berkeley-based sportswear retailer and wholesaler Bryn Walker, which has two of its 11 stores in the city, said the Marines should stay. "I am totally opposed to the military, but if they take out the Marines' right to be there, my right to do something might be taken away."

Gee - really Leslie? 'Ya think maybe, just maybe, that someday you might do something to bring the wrath of Code Pink upon you and your customer base? 'Ya think that maybe, just maybe, if the rights of the Marines are taken away from them, that your rights could be taken away from you? Really? Wow! You're a Mensa member, aren't 'ya Leslie.

Gee, it sure is funny how some people never wake from their political slumber until it affects their income. Surprising? Not so much.

Should I pause for a moment so you, too, can open up a new box of Kleenex?

Above image from Move America Forward.

Berkeley, California...the mayor, most of the city council and the Code Stink buffoons...all a parade of asshats, clowns and witless and clueless wonders...who don't think beyond the length of their eyelashes.

Keep supporting and electing idiots, pacifists and America-haters into office, Berkeley. Keep catering to the Insane Liberal Clown Posse members like Code Stink. All you business owners in Berkeley, keep capitulating and acquiescing to the childish behavior of violent temper-tantrum-throwing Code Stink members. Allow yourselves to be intimidated by the likes of wrinkled 90 year old Code Stink activist Fran Rachel who, speaking at the January 29 Berkeley City Council meeting, said:

    "This isn't a game; it's mass murder. There's a sickness of silence of people not speaking out against the war. We have to do this."

You get the government you elect, Berkeley. You allow yourselves to be bullied by the likes of Code Pink - a bunch of smelly, stinky, unwashed ex-hippies who haven't gotten laid since the late 1960s and whose brains are rotted from all the years they spent dropping 'cid.

In some ways I don't blame the businesses in tacitly complying with Code Puke, because if they don't agree with them, Code Puke is the type of group who will damage their businesses, property and homes. These people don't play fair, they play dirty; very very dirty. So much for peaceful protesting, huh?

Will someone please - please dear god - let me know when the 90-year old relic and likely diaper wearer known as Fran "Dusty Old Bones Full Of Green Dust" Rachel's name appears in the obituary? And if anyone has a photo of this incontinent prune, send it to me or leave a comment with a link to it. Please.

Berkeley. Such a nice geographic area, beautiful in so many ways; populated by some of the ugliest and hateful people imaginable.



NYT Set To Smear McCain Again

This is going to print on Wednesday night, around 8:45PM even though it will be time-stamped for Thursday, February 28.

I noticed what - at the time (actual time, not posting time) that on The Drudge Report there was a developing headline - sans links - about the New York Times readying a story questioning if John McCain is allowed under law to run for president since he was born on a military base in Panama.

Did anyone - especially the NYT - bring this "issue" up in 2000 when McCain was running for president back then? I sure don't recall anything of the sort, so why would they bring it up now? Well, it's the NYT, their job is to smear merchant.

So I did some searching, and I found this fine and well-written piece at Associated Content:

    This issue about McCain has already been hashed out before. He did run for president in 2000, unsuccessfully, so the potential controversy was settled years ago, otherwise why would've John McCain run back in 2000 had be been ineligible? An article written on July 9, 1998, by Ken Rudin, and appearing at WashingtonPost.com, states simply why the Republican contender can run for President. You see, the First Congress, on March 26, 1790, approved an act which states, "The children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond sea, or outside the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural-born citizens of the United States". The above article also states that his parents were both natural-born citizens of America.

    It's then easy to conclude that it doesn't matter where McCain was born outside of the United States (or under what relationship the birthplace was to America at the time, as the Panama Canal Zone was being leased to America in 1936). The Republican candidate could've been born in Panama, on the moon, Mars, or the Andromeda Galaxy - it's irrelevant since his parents being born in America makes him "natural-born".

    John McCain, according to his Wikipedia biography, was born at the United States-controlled Coco Solo Air Base in Panama. His parents are Admiral John "Jack" S. McCain, Jr. (who died in 1981), and Roberta McCain, who's still alive. To be more specific, John McCain's father was born in Iowa according to a February 2, 2008 article at OpEdNews.com called "John McCain - Is He An American Citizen Eligible For Office Of President?" McCain's mother was born in Oklahoma, according to her Wikipedia biography. Because of that 1790 Congressional Act, the case is closed. McCain can be President of the United States; and thus, he can legally run for the Presidency.

    To reiterate, despite the fact that the America's Constitution states in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5: "No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President...", the Arizona Senator can thank his lucky stars the Congress had the foresight to get an act passed that realizes that kids of American citizens shouldn't be penalized as being non-natural-born because, as in the case of John McCain, he happened to be delivered on foreign soil as his father was serving our nation via military service.

The NYT is really getting desperate.

Mystery Billboard Asks Voters To
Remember 9/11 On Election Day

From the Seattle PI:

    The billboard, which faces south from the corner of Western Avenue and Denny Way, states that it was funded by something called "Concerned Citizens for a Better America."

    You won't find the group's name on Google, except in a wayward comment thread or two. The group is not registered as a Political Action Committee or with the Washington Secretary of State's corporation division. Nor does it have to be -- based on this billboard, anyway -- because its message neither mentions a candidate by name nor appears too close to election time.

Liberals and Progressives will have a field day with this story. "How dare any group exercise their rights under the First Amendment with a message like that of the billboard," they'll say. Don't bet my take on this will be too far from the truth, either.

Linking Here:


Barack Needs Another Pillow

From the uber-Liberal Washington Post (that would be not FOX News for you deranged Lefties):

    Hillary Clinton opted to come with a much tougher tone tonight than she did last week in Texas, protectionist sentiment rules the day in Ohio, and Barack Obama takes great umbrage at the notion that his opposition to the Iraq war was "just a speech."

    Getting the biggest reaction in the press filing room, though, was the postmodern touch offered by Clinton, who objected to receiving the first question twice in a row at the outset, and invoked a Saturday Night Live skit from last weekend as evidence of a pro-Obama media bias.

    "Maybe we should ask Barack if he's comfortable or needs another pillow," she said.

Only when prodded by Hillary Clinton would Ted Kennedy's Poodle bring himself to reject the racism and anti-Semitism of Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan. AP:

    Clinton said rejecting support was different from denouncing it, noting she had "rejected" in her 2000 Senate race the support of a group with anti-Semitic views.

    Obama drew laughter by saying, "I happily concede the point and I would reject and denounce."

Hillary Clinton's "Pillow Comment" video.

Even Earl Ofari Hutchinson writing at the HufPuffPoo calls Obama's refusal to say he doesn't want Farrakhan's support a "Dilemma":

    Even after Hillary Clinton publicly demanded that he forcefully reject Farrakhan's endorsement, Obama waffled. He weakly said after more Clinton cajoling that he rejected the endorsement. He still did not mention Farrakhan by name. A candidate shouldn't need to be prodded by his opponent to emphatically reject the endorsement of a controversial, and in the case of Farrakhan, much vilified figure.


    Yet his failure to flatly say he does not want his endorsement is no surprise.


    But, if Obama doesn't blast Farrakhan as an anti-white hate monger that could raise questioning eyebrows with many white voters.

Is the Farrakhan issue Obama's Achilles' heel? Could be. It's at least one hole in The Poodle's armor.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama Regrets Giving "Hope" To Schiavo

Osama Hussein Obama...Ted Kennedy's Poodle regrets his vote of "hope" for Terri Schiavo. WND:

    Asked in last night's debate to name a regret, Sen. Barack Obama said he would like to take back his vote authorizing Congress to intervene to save the life of the brain-injured Florida woman Terri Schiavo.


    "I remember how we adjourned with a unanimous agreement that eventually allowed Congress to interject itself into that decision-making process of the families. It wasn't something I was comfortable with, but it was not something that I stood on the floor and stopped," he said.

    "And I think that was a mistake[.]"

Clearly The Poodle wants to see Americans die. There is no other reasonable conclusion to reach. So much for "hope" and "change" - Obama wants to see comatose white women die from starvation.


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Klansman Byrd Hospitalized

West Virginia Senator, Robert Byrd The Klansman has been hospitalized at Walter Reed Army Medical Center complaining about back pains after falling. al-Reuters:

    Robert Byrd, the oldest member of the U.S. Senate and a fierce opponent of the Iraq war, was being treated in a hospital on Tuesday after falling in his home late on Monday, a spokesman for the senator said.

    The 90-year-old Byrd complained of back pain while at work in the Senate on Tuesday, spokesman Jesse Jacobs said. After being examined by a Capitol physician, the West Virginia Democrat went to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington for tests and observation, Jacobs said. He was expected to remain in the hospital overnight.

Well...it must have been stressful and hard on his back spending his early years pulling and tugging on ropes during all the lynchings he participated in.

I wonder why The Klansman is being treated at Walter Reed and not one of the finer Cuban hospitals and medical facilities that the Left is always bragging about?



William F. Buckley, Jr. Dies

William F. Buckley, Jr., the Godfather of the modern Conservative movement, has died at the age of 82. Bloomberg:

    William F. Buckley Jr., the syndicated columnist and intellectual whose studied mannerisms, verbal flourishes and polemics energized the American conservative movement for a half-century, has died. He was 82.

    Buckley died overnight in his study in Stamford, Connecticut, according to the National Review Online. His son, Christopher, told the New York Times that Buckley had suffered from diabetes and emphysema, although the exact cause of death was not known. Buckley was found at his desk and might have been working on a column, his son said.

    ``If he had been given a choice on how to depart this world, I suspect that would have been exactly it: at home, still devoted to the war of ideas,'' said Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor of the Web site.


    Buckley harnessed a belief in individual liberty, limited government and the defeat of communism into an organized voice of the right in the National Review, the biweekly opinion magazine he founded in 1955. He was also host of the Emmy Award-winning television program ``Firing Line'' for 33 years.


    His column, ``On the Right,'' was syndicated nationally in 1962 and appeared in some 300 newspapers. In 1966, he began ``Firing Line,'' pitting liberals against conservatives, in which he played both host and interlocutor.


    While his detractors came largely from the left, and included author Gore Vidal, Buckley was also criticized by supporters of ``Objectivist'' conservative Ayn Rand and the ultra-right John Birch Society.


    During one of his most notable debates on ABC at the 1968 Democratic National Convention with Vidal, Buckley responded to being called a ``crypto-Nazi'' by saying, ``Now, listen you queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I'll sock you in your goddamn face. And you'll stay plastered.''

From AP:

    In December 1999, he closed down "Firing Line" after a 23-year run of guests ranging from Richard Nixon to Allen Ginsberg. "You've got to end sometime and I'd just as soon not die onstage," he told the audience.

    "For people of my generation, Bill Buckley was pretty much the first intelligent, witty, well-educated conservative one saw on television," fellow conservative William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, said at the time the show ended. "He legitimized conservatism as an intellectual movement and therefore as a political movement."


    Buckley so loved a good argument — especially when he won —

"Conservatism as an intellectual movement..." - the Left has no one like this; they have no William Buckley and they never will.

Rest In Peace.

Obama Oath Of Office, January 2009

Osama Hussein Obama...Ted Kennedy's Poodle is connected to the domestic terrorist group the Weatherman, or as they are also referred to as the Weather Underground. Wiki:

    Their attacks were mostly bombings of government buildings, executed after calling in bomb-threats and making sure their target buildings were evacuated.


    The origins of the Weatherman can be traced to the collapse and fragmentation of the Students for a Democratic Society.

Boy...those Dems always manage to hook up and form terrorist groups, don't they?

From The Guardian:

    Back in 1995 it would have seemed like meeting just another group of left-wing academics in liberal Chicago. Barack Obama, then about to be an Illinois state senator, was taken to an activists' gathering at the house of William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

    So far, so innocuous. Except now Obama is running for president and Ayers and Dohrn - both Illinois professors - were once members of the Weather Underground, a radical Sixties group that planted bombs across America.

    Thus the long-forgotten meeting resurfaced late last week in a detailed news story on the respected politics website Politico under the blaring headline: 'Obama once visited 60s terrorists.'

And why should Senator John McCain be apologizing for Talk Radio's Bill Cunningham for, prior to introducing McCain, repeatedly referring to Obama as "Barack Hussein Obama"? That IS his name, Barack Hussein Obama.

As for Cunningham's statement:

    ...when the liberal-leaning media will "peel the bark off Barack Hussein Obama" and tell the truth about his relationship with indicted fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko and how Obama got "sweetheart deals" in Chicago.

So what? Liberals and Progressives see color, race, religion and gender wherever they look. Then they talk out of the other side of their mouths and lecture everyone else that they shouldn't go looking for instances of color, race, religion and gender.

We thought Bubba and Hillary received a Free Pass from the press and MSM? Theirs was nothing compared to the Free Pass given to Ted Kennedy's Poodle.

UPDATE: Obama did fundraising for terrorists. PR Newswire:

    Sen. Barack Obama has spoken at fundraisers for Palestinians living in what the United Nations terms refugee camps[.]

    Palestinians have long demanded the "right of return" for millions of "refugees," a formula Israeli officials across the political spectrum warn is code for Israel's destruction by flooding the Jewish state with millions of Muslim Arabs[.]

    ...in the 1990s Obama was a speaker at events in Chicago's large Palestinian immigrant community to raise funds for U.N. camps for the so-called Palestinian refugees.

    Ali Abunimah, a Chicago-based Palestinian-American activist and co-founder of Electronic Intifada, a pro-Palestinian online publication, recalls introducing Obama at one such event, a 1999 fundraiser for the Deheisha Palestinian camp in the West Bank.

    Abunimah is also a harsh critic of Israel and has protested outside pro-Israel events in the Chicago area.

    "I knew Barack Obama for many years as my state senator -- when he used to attend events in the Palestinian community in Chicago all the time," stated Abuminah during an interview last month with Democracy Now!, a nationally syndicated radio and television political program.

    "I remember personally introducing [Obama] onstage in 1999, when we had a major community fundraiser for the community center in Deheisha refugee camp in the occupied West Bank. And that's just one example of how Barack Obama used to be very comfortable speaking up for and being associated with Palestinian rights and opposing the Israeli occupation," Abunimah said.


    Abuniham recalled a 2004 meeting in a Chicago neighborhood while Obama was running for his senate seat. Abunimah quoted Obama telling him "warmly" he was sorry that "I haven't said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race."

Should The Poodle win the White House, we will be well on our way to becoming the United States of Islam. Of course, those infatuated with "hope" and "change" will turn a blind eye and deaf ear to all of this. But if The Poodle were a Republican, they'd be all over this story and a host of others like a dog on bacon.



CFLs Bad, Very Very Bad!

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are not good. They are bad. Very bad. Very harmful. How could the enivro-lunatics embrace such a hazardous product? Well, because it's more important to "save the earth" and if you die, or poison yourself or someone else by using CFLs, you don't matter. Only "Ma Earth" matters.


    Merlin and Rachel Ames are eager to help the environment, so they swapped their incandescent bulbs with energy efficient compact florescent lightbulbs, which are supposed to last nine years.

    In the last twelve months, they've have to replace some CFLs two times.

    Merlin Ames explained that just last week, "It started flashing a little bit there and smoking. The odor was really bad. I thought we ought to get out of the house real quick".


    They were shocked to discover the bulbs contain a small amount of mercury according to a notice is printed on the bulb.


    However, because mercury is toxic--you need to take precautions if one breaks.

From dbTechno:

    A study has shown that the mercury can leak out if the bulbs break when dropped or thrown away. A Maine study has confirmed that the mercury does pose a health risk to people.

    According to environmental advocates, when the bulbs are broken the mercury vapor has the capability of being released into a home. This can cause quite a health hazard.


    ...people should not vacuum up a broken CFL bulb. This can cause mercury to spread through the air.

There have been instances where public schools have had to close while they cleaned up mercury spills. And yet...the "earthers" are adamant that we all MUST BE FORCED to use CFLs because we are - allegedly - "killing" the earth and the environment.

It's funny that "science" and the "earthers" can tell us in no uncertain terms that there is NO such thing as a safe level of second-hand cigarette smoke, yet we are asked to expose ourselves to high risk health problems related to mercury vapor. What a crock!

Watch this short film about what the pro-CFL crowd doesn't want you to know about the evils of CFLs.


Dennis Kucinich Returns
To Hissy Fits And Tantrums

Dennis Kookcinich is facing a re-election battle for his U.S. House seat. Cleveland.com:

    Although the Democratic primary in the 10th District congressional race is making the headlines, two Republicans also have their sights set on Dennis Kucinich's seat.

Widdle crybaby Kookcinich is upset - as all babies who don't get their way - with WTAM, a Cleveland radio station. Op/Ed News:

    Unable to be confident of motivating enough Democrats to vote against Kucinich in Tuesday's primary, Clear Channel right wing radio station WTAM [...] is openly encouraging Republicans to participate in the Democratic primary and vote against Kucinich.

The above words, and link, are from a story written by uber-Liberal/Pacifist David Swanson, co-founder of After Downing Street, the folks who still desperately cling to issues such as K-Street and Tom DeLay. Swanson served as Press Secretary for the 2004 presidential campaign of Kookcinich. Oh yeah, he's objective. Uh-huh. Sure. No bias or loyalty conflict there.

Poor Denny Kookcinich. He's crying and whining - again...still, it's all he knows - because Cleveland radio station WTAM is encouraging Republicans to vote as Democrats in next Tuesday's Ohio election thereby hoping to boot Den-Den's sorry ass out of the U.S. House of Representatives. Why, if Kookcinich isn't re-elected he might have to get a real job for the first time in his life.

The Kookster - appearing yet again (at the beginning of the third hour) on Tuesday's Liberal Radio Big Fat Ed Schultz
Show - whined and cried foul at WTAM for exercising free speech. The Kookster wondered aloud if perhaps there might be some sort of FCC violation in WTAM telling Republicans to crossover and vote as Dems, voting against Kookcinich. This is interesting on the part of Widdle Denny because when he was a presidential candidate he must have received at least a full 15 hours - a full week, 3hours/day X 5 days - of free air time to pimp his campaign all courtesy via Fat and Dumb Ed Schultz.

On one of his programs, Schultz had Kookcinich on for the full three hours. Since that day, Kookster must have appeared on the Schultz program for at least another 12 hours in various time increments to pimp what then was his presidential run. Now, The Kook is back on the airwaves via Schultz pimping his Congressional run. I wonder if Fat Ed would offer equal time to the candidates running against Kookcinich?

Did Schultz and the Jones Network violate FCC regulations by pimping Kookcinich? Did Schultz or Jones get any kickbacks from Kookcinich? Who know, could be.

That Kookcinich is whining, crying and throwing yet another childish temper tantrum is nothing new. He's a lifelong career politician who is afraid the government teat might be yanked from his mouth if he isn't re-elected.

Poor widdle Den-Den. A tiny, insignificant Garden Gnome who - without his temper tantrums - would go completely unnoticed by everyone. The only reason we know he exits is because he continues having hissy fits telling us that he does.

I have no horse in the Cleveland race, but by god people, it's time to kick Kookcinich's ass out of politics. Do the right thing and boot him out.

Oh - hey Dwarf Boy - how's that recount in New Hampshire going? Did you win that primary?



Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Minnesota Tax Hike's Six Little RINOs

Six little RINOs, that's all it took for the Democommie majority-controlled legislature to override the veto and put into law one of the biggest state tax hikes ever.

Six Little RINOs.

Watch us! Keep your eye on Minnesota! Our State Legislature is going to prove and set a new example in economic business models.

In overriding the veto of Governor Tim Pawlenty on this massive, onerous and burdensome tax hike, the State Legislature is somehow - magically - going to prove that the way to improve the economy during a recession and a downward trend is to spend more money. This is the same as saying that an alcoholic can drink their way to sobriety.

People are losing their jobs and their homes and the state is going to increase taxes. Brilliant!

The Democrats claim this tax hike will create 33,000 jobs. First of all, 33,000 jobs is a small number of jobs. It's nothing. Second, this tax hike will not create 33,000 jobs. Third - and most importantly - government should never be in the business of creating jobs. The private sector and private businesses create jobs, not the government. The only thing government can do is redistribute wealth to give the illusion that it has created jobs.

Here are the Six Little RINOs who made it possible to override the veto - who salivate and wet their pants with glee when they get their way with tax hikes. Remember them when, or if, they seek re-election or ask you to contribute money or time to their campaigns.

Below are the respective web sites of each RINO. Each site provides information on how to contact each legislator.

I encourage you to contact them by phone and/or e-mail and thank them for siding with the Democrats on one of the most oppressive tax increases this state has ever witnessed.

Be respectful with your comments, but thank them - do thank them. They are supposed to be representing us. And we all know that all of us have far too much money, we don't know what to do with it, so it's best to pay higher taxes...thanks to the Six Little RINOs.

Jim Abeler
Ron Erhardt
Rod Hamilton
Bud Heidgerken
Neil W. Peterson
Kathy Tingelstad



Is Just A Bunch Of Lies

Have you seen the below image plastered all over Liberal and Progressive blogs from justforeignpolicy.com that alleges it accurately counts and tracks the number of Iraqi deaths due to U.S. Invasion?

The above figure is a lie.

It is an updating clock, meaning it continually changes as the number of deaths increase. Talk about blood-lust and vampiristic tendencies.

Notice the wording as well, "Iraqi Deaths Due To U.S Invasion." Invasion? Is "invasion" their new euphemism for "occupation"?

This is what they say about their body count tally in what is nothing more than an attempt to legitimize the number of dead by citing the Lancet Study:

    The number is shocking and sobering.

    It is at least 10 times greater than most estimates cited in the US media, yet it is based on a scientific study of violent Iraqi deaths caused by the U.S.-led invasion of March 2003.

    That study, published in prestigious medical journal The Lancet, estimated that over 600,000 Iraqis had been killed as a result of the invasion as of July 2006. Iraqis have continued to be killed since then. The graphic above provides a rough daily update of this number based on a rate of increase derived from the Iraq Body Count.

We learned this past January that the Lancet Study estimate of Iraqi deaths is bogus.

The Lancet study was, in part, funded by Liberal Sugar Daddy György Schwartz, better known as billionaire George Soros, a Liberal activist whose well-known sympathy for terrorists and whose love of Socialism and Marxism, and whose hatred of the United States and our Allies, knows no boundaries.

In another appearance of self-contradiction and conflict, justforeignpolicy.com cites, their number of Iraqi deaths "this number based on a rate of increase derived from the Iraq Body Count." Perhaps justforeignpolicy should release their mathematical calculations on how they arrive at their number of 1,173,743 because in January, the number of Iraqi deaths estimated by Iraq Body Count was between 80,381 - 87,792.

justforeigpolicy not only begs you to donate your hard-earned money, they ask you to...

    Fight attempts to minimize Iraqi suffering and remind visitors to your site of the awful human costs of continued war.

Here's an idea. Instead of vastly over-inflating the number of deaths, perhaps justforeignpolicy could consider being honest with their readers and attempt to accurately report on this subject. But then this wouldn't fit with their Liberal-Progressive rhetoric and their Terrorist-friendly propaganda now, would it?

If the number of Iraqi deaths is so horrific and egregious to the Lefties, then I once again have to ask - as I have done many times - why they were so silent when Iraqis were dying due to embargoes and sanctions imposed during the Clinton Administration.

Madeleine Albright - The Mad
Bloodthirsty Butcher of Kosovo, Serbia, Iraq

It was on
May 12, 1996, on the television program "60 Minutes" with reporter Leslie Stahl, asking then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright the following question, and Albright's response:

    Stahl: "We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?"

    Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price--we think the price is worth it."

If the number of deaths was "worth it" under the Clinton Administration's policies, then why is it different now? The answer is always the same, it never changes: the only thing that matters to Liberals and Progressives is furthering and advancing their political ideology of Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism and Marxism. The difference why the number of deaths is now so important to Liberals and Progressives is that George W. Bush is a Republican. If he were a Democrat, you wouldn't be hearing any of this talk from groups such as justforeignpolicy and others like them.

This issue is nothing more than the Left wanting to advance their political stranglehold by exploiting whatever they can for their own gain. Exploiting and over-inflating the number of dead is simply another play from their staid deck of cards.

Also in January, a far more reputable and accurate study of the number of Iraqis killed put the number of deaths at 151,000. BBC:

    One of the biggest surveys so far of Iraqis who have died violently since the US-led invasion of 2003 has put the figure at about 151,000.

    This is about a quarter of the figure given in a disputed Lancet article, but nearly three times higher than that of the Iraq Body Count campaigning group.

Whatever it takes to erroneously hype the number of dead to serve what is nothing more than the vested political interests of furthering Liberalism Socialism and Marxism, right Dems?

At the bottom of their home page, justforeignpolicy says the following about their organization:

    Just Foreign Policy is an independent and non-partisan membership organization. We are dedicated to reforming U.S. foreign policy to serve the interests and reflect the values of the broad majority of Americans, rather than those of special interests both inside and outside of government.

Uh huh. They forgot to add that they love us and that the check is in the mail.

Tom Andrews
is the National Director of justforeignpolicy. Who is Tom Andrews?

He is a Democrat from Maine and the LEADER of "Win Without War," who served in the Maine State House of Representatives from 1983-1985 and State Senate from 1985-1990.

He then ran and served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1991 - 1995. He also is a contributor to The HuffPuffPoo.

In other words, Mr. Andrews has never really held a real job, he's spent almost his lifetime sucking the teat of, and feeding from, the government trough.

Two other names leap off the page of justforeignpolicy's Board Members:

Julian Bond, a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge uber-Liberal, and anti-war activist Tom Hayden, another huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge uber-Liberal better known as the former Mr. Jane Fonda.

Justforeignpolicy thinks they can be objective about the number of Iraqi dead with people like Andrews, Bond and Hayden on their Board? Don't make us laugh. .

Iraq Body Count lists a far more accurate and legitimate total number of deaths estimated between 81,525 - 88,991.

You can throw away the word "trust" in the saying "trust but verify" when it comes to anything reported by Liberal group like justforeignpolicy.org. One can NEVER trust Liberals or Progressives. Trust only in what you can verify with your own eyes. Don't take my word on this either, which is something I have always advocated. Verify for yourself.

Open your eyes and minds to the lies that you are being told by Liberals and Progressives. When you begin questioning them, and they respond with incredulity - along the lines of "how dare you question us" - you will know you have struck a nerve with them and that their defensive posturing is indicative that they cannot substantiate their rhetoric and falsehoods with facts.


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Happy Happy, Joy Joy; Three Years Here!

It's three years today that I began this blog and almost 3,000 posts published.

I'll be here. Wherever you can look - wherever there's a fight, so that the truth will prevail, I'll be there. Wherever there's a Liberal or a Progressive beatin' up a Conservative, Republican, Independent or a Libertarian - I'll be there. I'll be in the ways guys yell when they're mad at the lies, tactics, hypocrisy and smear campaigns told and used by the Liberals and Progressives. I'll be in the way kids laugh when they know a Liberal or Progressive is using them by claiming that something is "for the children." And I'll be there when the Liberals and Progressives are tryin' to steal the elections - I'll be there too.

With apologies to The Grapes of Wrath, but go ahead and call it plagiarism if you want, I mean, if Ted Kennedy's Poodle can plagiarize with abandon, so can I, right?



Monday, February 25, 2008

Larry Sinclair Update

Whitehouse.com had the final reports in on the polygraph results from Larry Sinclair, who claims that Osama Hussein Obama obtained cocaine for him, and crack cocaine for himself (Obama), and that Sinclair performed oral sex on Obama.

Results from sexual allegations. (pdf)

Results from drug allegations. (pdf)

Simply because the polygraph results do not indicate certainty on Sinclair's part is no reason to dismiss the charges or consider them false or untrue.

Since this story broke, and prior to the above results being released, Obama supporters made it clear that polygraphs have a high degree of inaccuracy and unreliability and that the results cannot be trusted. Obama supporters made this statement because they were expecting the results would support Sinclair's allegations.

Therefore, we can only presume that since the Obama camp has never denied Sinclair's allegations, who is to say the allegations are untrue?



Obama The Muslim

According to Politico, aides to Hillary Clinton are circulating a photo of Osama Hussein Obama.......I mean Ted Kennedy's Poodle dressed in Muslim garb and it wasn't even Halloween!


    Obama campaign manager David Plouffe accused the Clinton campaign Monday of "shameful offensive fear-mongering" by circulating a photo as an attempted smear.

    Plouffe was reacting to a banner headline on the Drudge Report saying that aides to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) had e-mailed a photo calling attention to the African roots of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

A picture is worth a thousand words.


House Overrides Pawlenty Veto

I told you so. I predicted the Minnesota Commiecrats would find the six spineless and weak RINOs that they needed to override one of the most oppressive and onerous tax increases in the state.

KARE.com reporting that the veto was overridden:

    A $6.6 billion transportation bill is on the verge of becoming law after the Minnesota House voted for the first time to override a veto from Governor Tim Pawlenty.

    Six House Republicans broke with the governor to make the 90 votes needed to override. The final tally was 91-41.

    The state Senate, where Democrats hold enough votes for an override without GOP assistance, is expected to act later today.

    The State Senate has enough Democrats to not need Republicans RINOs to cross over for a majority.

WCCO is confirming the same; that the veto has been overridden.

Thank the Democrats and the spineless RINOs when you're paying more at the gas pump and an increased metro-wide sales tax and higher vehicle registration prices.

Watch out...Large Marge Kelliher is going to be eating a lot of chips, pies, ice cream, cookies, tacos, burgers, pizzas and snack cakes in her celebratory glee. If there's a rumbling under the State Capitol it's not an earthquake; it's Large Marge jumping up and down...well...at least once.

I can't wait for the telephone solicitation from the Republican party asking me to donate to them again. FAT F*cking Chance.



Alianiss Morales Is Olga Marina Franco

The illegal immigrant who drove her van into a school bus last week, who falsely claimed her name as Alianiss Morales is really Olga Marinia Franco and is an illegal immigrant from Guatemala. MPR:

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said Franco is 24 and from Guatemala. The woman originally told investigators her name was Alianiss Nunez Morales, and that she was from Mexico. Authorities said Franco is here in the country illegally and had been using Morales' identity.


    Authorities have charged Franco with four counts of criminal vehicular homicide and driving without a valid license. The crash killed four children and injured at least 14 others.

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One Hit News

Luxembourg passes euthanasia law. Luxembourg News 352:

    ..parliament last night voted in favour of the so-called Err-Huss amendment to the government’s bill on palliative care which decriminalises euthanasia or assisted suicide.


    Parties had allowed their representatives to vote with the conscience rather than along party political lines.

- - - - -
Father drives over son, killing him. South Africa News 24:

    An 11-month-old boy has died after he apparently crawled under the car and his dad drove over him.

- - - - -
Possible banning of late-night instant credit. News Room Finland:

    "It appears that one of the key ways young men run into such shocking debt very quickly is that they are applying for these instant credit schemes in the wee hours and when intoxicated."

Heh - I've done some stupid things when I've been drunk, but applying for credit - I'm proud to say - is not one of them.
- - - - -
Pothole problems? Rapid Rhino to the rescue! Evening Telegraph:

    Potholes cause particular problems at this time of year as water gets into cracks in road surfaces, freezes and then expands to cause further damage.


    The Rhino technique immediately bonds the repair to the existing surface. Within a short period of time, the repair becomes invisible to the naked eye.

- - - - -
The movie "Deep Throat" draws almost one million kijkers. Kijkers means "viewers." NRC Handelsblad Dutch (translation via Babelfish):

    The controversial pornofilm Deep Throat which the broadcastings transmitted BNN and VPROvannacht, has drawn 907,000 kijkers. That becomes clear today from figures of the foundation look research.


    The retransmission caused in advance for considerable ophef. (Ophef meaning "noise, commotion, ruckus." - Drake).

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Larry Sinclair Update

Larry Sinclair is the man claiming that in 1999, Barack Obama obtained cocaine for him and crack cocaine for himself (Obama). Sinclair also claims to have performed oral sex on Obama.

Whitehouse.com has an update on the story stating that while there seems to be some degree of deception on the part of Sinclair's polygraph tests, they are awaiting the review and conclusion of a second polygraph expert.

    Dr. Ed Gelb, Former President of the American Polygraph Association was the Polygraph expert selected by Whitehouse.com. He has done over 30,000 polygraph examinations over his long career. There were two polygraph tests administered by Dr. Gelb on Friday. the first polygraph asked Mr. Sinclair on his sex claims. The second polygraph test asked Mr. Sinclair on the drug use claims. There was deception indicated in both tests.

    As mentioned yesterday Mr. Sinclair did pass his drug screen so there were no drugs in his system which could have interfered with the test.


    Due to the seriousness of this issue we made the results public today rather than waiting until Monday when we would have received the second expert's conclusions. When we receive the second expert's conclusions we will post those results as well.

    We will have all of the written results posted on the site in the next week including video taken of the Polygraph testing so there will be full disclosure and transparency on our part and eliminate any suspicion of any wrongdoing or manipulations of the testing or the results by Whitehouse.com or the polygraph experts.

Now - here's the interesting part of this, and this is my "take". Prior to Whitehouse.com announcing their plans to administer polygraph tests to Mr. Sinclair - certain segments of the Radical Left were screaming that polygraph tests are often inconclusive and not permitted as evidence in court.

So what we will find out is to what degree the Lefties will claim that the "inconclusive" polygraph results of Mr. Sinclair prove that what he says is not true or accurate.

Lefties, you can't have it both ways. Either the results from Sinclair's polygraph tests were never going to convince you of any wrongdoing on Obama's part, or no matter what the outcome, there is a degree of legitimacy to them and the allegations about Obama have a degree of truth to them.

This is a story of how 60% of Connecticut State Police FAILED polygraph tests.

Do a search on the terms "passing" or "failing" a "polygraph test;" or "polygraph test failure rate" and you will find numerous results and hits explaining why polygraph tests fail and are not considered as being representative of accuracy or truthfulness.

In other words, just because the results of two polygraph tests are inconclusive or may - keyword being "may" - indicate deception, does not negate the validity of the charges. If you Lefties are thinking I'm setting myself up to be right in either case, good for you, because you're right. I'm using and applying your own (il)logic right back onto to you.

The reason I get to play both sides of the fence here is that I'm playing by - and I'm using the term loosely - rules that have been established by the Liberals and Progressives.
Do you like it? I do!



Ralph Nader Enters Presidential Race

Ralph Nader announced on NBC's Sunday "Meet The Press" that he will run for president. MSNBC:

    On Meet the Press this morning, Ralph Nader -- who won 2.7% of the popular vote in 2000 and just 0.4% four years later -- announced that he will once again be running for president this year.

Wooooooooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooo! Run, Ralph Run!

This is fantastic news because he will again pull votes away from the Democrat candidate, whether it is Hillary Clinton or Ted Kennedy's Poodle.

BBC News looks at how Nader has changed U.S. presidential races in the past:

    Mr Nader has played some sort of role in every race for the White House since 1992 although his record in public life stretches back further still.


    Mr Nader will be best-remembered for the central role he played in the dramas of the 2000 contest between George W Bush and Al Gore which still rankles with many Democrats to this day.


    Democrats point out though that where only a few hundred votes separated Mr Bush from Al Gore, nearly 100,000 people voted for Mr Nader.

    Those voters, say Democrats, would clearly have been likely to vote for Mr Gore had Mr Nader not been on the ballot - and so they blame Mr Nader for handing the presidency to George W Bush.

    Mr Nader and his supporters do not buy that argument - and of course America is a democracy where the voters are entitled to vote for the candidate of their choice - but there is no doubt that his candidacy in 2008 will once again raise the whole issue of how tight presidential races between Democrats and Republicans can be affected by third party candidates.

Florida 2000 is simply one example in a list as long as the miles from Cape Canaveral to the moon of Liberals and Progressives whining and crying about not getting their way, for you see they feel "entitled" to political office rather than earning it and getting elected.

For years the Insane Liberal Clown Posse advocated more candidates and more variety from which to choose from, until Ralph started taking votes away from the Liberal Anointed Candidate. Then, the ILCP did a 180-turn and whined about it. Could their hypocrisy be anymore transparent?

Way to go Ralph! Fantastic! Thank you!

Now the fun shifts into high gear. Visit the usual big name Liberal blogs and web sites and see how they are smearing Ralph in the same manner they smear Conservatives, Republicans and everyone else who doesn't adopt a Socialist-Marxist political viewpoint. Make certain to note how often Nader is referred to as a "Republican Operative" - or other such dysphemism - by the usual Socialist-Marxist crowd.

It's time to check in and find out what Baby Democrat has to say about Nader entering the race:

.....Ah, Baby Dem reacting entirely as expected.


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Larry Sinclair Update:
Passed Drug Test, Polygraphs Completed

To bring you up-to-date:

Larry Sinclair is the man who says that in 1999 Barack Obama procured powder cocaine for him, crack cocaine for himself (Obama) and the he (Sinclair) performed oral sex on Obama.

Mr. Sinclair has PASSED a drug test. Whitehouse.com:

    He was tested for any and all chemical substances including illegal drugs that could cause an inaccurate polygraph test result. There were no traces of any such substances found.

And the polygraph tests on Mr. Sinclair have been completed. Whitehouse.com:

    Due to security concerns, we had to move the Larry Sinclair Polygraph up a few days. We conducted it in secret today and the picture to the left is from one of the two arduous polygraphs Sinclair underwent [on February 22, 2008].


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