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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dennis Kucinich Returns
To Hissy Fits And Tantrums

Dennis Kookcinich is facing a re-election battle for his U.S. House seat. Cleveland.com:

    Although the Democratic primary in the 10th District congressional race is making the headlines, two Republicans also have their sights set on Dennis Kucinich's seat.

Widdle crybaby Kookcinich is upset - as all babies who don't get their way - with WTAM, a Cleveland radio station. Op/Ed News:

    Unable to be confident of motivating enough Democrats to vote against Kucinich in Tuesday's primary, Clear Channel right wing radio station WTAM [...] is openly encouraging Republicans to participate in the Democratic primary and vote against Kucinich.

The above words, and link, are from a story written by uber-Liberal/Pacifist David Swanson, co-founder of After Downing Street, the folks who still desperately cling to issues such as K-Street and Tom DeLay. Swanson served as Press Secretary for the 2004 presidential campaign of Kookcinich. Oh yeah, he's objective. Uh-huh. Sure. No bias or loyalty conflict there.

Poor Denny Kookcinich. He's crying and whining - again...still, it's all he knows - because Cleveland radio station WTAM is encouraging Republicans to vote as Democrats in next Tuesday's Ohio election thereby hoping to boot Den-Den's sorry ass out of the U.S. House of Representatives. Why, if Kookcinich isn't re-elected he might have to get a real job for the first time in his life.

The Kookster - appearing yet again (at the beginning of the third hour) on Tuesday's Liberal Radio Big Fat Ed Schultz
Show - whined and cried foul at WTAM for exercising free speech. The Kookster wondered aloud if perhaps there might be some sort of FCC violation in WTAM telling Republicans to crossover and vote as Dems, voting against Kookcinich. This is interesting on the part of Widdle Denny because when he was a presidential candidate he must have received at least a full 15 hours - a full week, 3hours/day X 5 days - of free air time to pimp his campaign all courtesy via Fat and Dumb Ed Schultz.

On one of his programs, Schultz had Kookcinich on for the full three hours. Since that day, Kookster must have appeared on the Schultz program for at least another 12 hours in various time increments to pimp what then was his presidential run. Now, The Kook is back on the airwaves via Schultz pimping his Congressional run. I wonder if Fat Ed would offer equal time to the candidates running against Kookcinich?

Did Schultz and the Jones Network violate FCC regulations by pimping Kookcinich? Did Schultz or Jones get any kickbacks from Kookcinich? Who know, could be.

That Kookcinich is whining, crying and throwing yet another childish temper tantrum is nothing new. He's a lifelong career politician who is afraid the government teat might be yanked from his mouth if he isn't re-elected.

Poor widdle Den-Den. A tiny, insignificant Garden Gnome who - without his temper tantrums - would go completely unnoticed by everyone. The only reason we know he exits is because he continues having hissy fits telling us that he does.

I have no horse in the Cleveland race, but by god people, it's time to kick Kookcinich's ass out of politics. Do the right thing and boot him out.

Oh - hey Dwarf Boy - how's that recount in New Hampshire going? Did you win that primary?



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