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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Minnesota Tax Hike's Six Little RINOs

Six little RINOs, that's all it took for the Democommie majority-controlled legislature to override the veto and put into law one of the biggest state tax hikes ever.

Six Little RINOs.

Watch us! Keep your eye on Minnesota! Our State Legislature is going to prove and set a new example in economic business models.

In overriding the veto of Governor Tim Pawlenty on this massive, onerous and burdensome tax hike, the State Legislature is somehow - magically - going to prove that the way to improve the economy during a recession and a downward trend is to spend more money. This is the same as saying that an alcoholic can drink their way to sobriety.

People are losing their jobs and their homes and the state is going to increase taxes. Brilliant!

The Democrats claim this tax hike will create 33,000 jobs. First of all, 33,000 jobs is a small number of jobs. It's nothing. Second, this tax hike will not create 33,000 jobs. Third - and most importantly - government should never be in the business of creating jobs. The private sector and private businesses create jobs, not the government. The only thing government can do is redistribute wealth to give the illusion that it has created jobs.

Here are the Six Little RINOs who made it possible to override the veto - who salivate and wet their pants with glee when they get their way with tax hikes. Remember them when, or if, they seek re-election or ask you to contribute money or time to their campaigns.

Below are the respective web sites of each RINO. Each site provides information on how to contact each legislator.

I encourage you to contact them by phone and/or e-mail and thank them for siding with the Democrats on one of the most oppressive tax increases this state has ever witnessed.

Be respectful with your comments, but thank them - do thank them. They are supposed to be representing us. And we all know that all of us have far too much money, we don't know what to do with it, so it's best to pay higher taxes...thanks to the Six Little RINOs.

Jim Abeler
Ron Erhardt
Rod Hamilton
Bud Heidgerken
Neil W. Peterson
Kathy Tingelstad



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