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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Barack Needs Another Pillow

From the uber-Liberal Washington Post (that would be not FOX News for you deranged Lefties):

    Hillary Clinton opted to come with a much tougher tone tonight than she did last week in Texas, protectionist sentiment rules the day in Ohio, and Barack Obama takes great umbrage at the notion that his opposition to the Iraq war was "just a speech."

    Getting the biggest reaction in the press filing room, though, was the postmodern touch offered by Clinton, who objected to receiving the first question twice in a row at the outset, and invoked a Saturday Night Live skit from last weekend as evidence of a pro-Obama media bias.

    "Maybe we should ask Barack if he's comfortable or needs another pillow," she said.

Only when prodded by Hillary Clinton would Ted Kennedy's Poodle bring himself to reject the racism and anti-Semitism of Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan. AP:

    Clinton said rejecting support was different from denouncing it, noting she had "rejected" in her 2000 Senate race the support of a group with anti-Semitic views.

    Obama drew laughter by saying, "I happily concede the point and I would reject and denounce."

Hillary Clinton's "Pillow Comment" video.

Even Earl Ofari Hutchinson writing at the HufPuffPoo calls Obama's refusal to say he doesn't want Farrakhan's support a "Dilemma":

    Even after Hillary Clinton publicly demanded that he forcefully reject Farrakhan's endorsement, Obama waffled. He weakly said after more Clinton cajoling that he rejected the endorsement. He still did not mention Farrakhan by name. A candidate shouldn't need to be prodded by his opponent to emphatically reject the endorsement of a controversial, and in the case of Farrakhan, much vilified figure.


    Yet his failure to flatly say he does not want his endorsement is no surprise.


    But, if Obama doesn't blast Farrakhan as an anti-white hate monger that could raise questioning eyebrows with many white voters.

Is the Farrakhan issue Obama's Achilles' heel? Could be. It's at least one hole in The Poodle's armor.


Hey, I agree with your post on Denny's page. About how McCain is not the right candidate for this party.
I was hoping Mitt Romney would win the nomination.
Thanks for the comment. I will be checking the comments section at Denny's and his blog for his response. Srini, I have nothing but respect for Denny in his ability to reply to what we both ask. Denny is a fine man and no doubt in my mind he will rsvp with a well thought out and reasoned response.
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