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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Minnesota Legislature Approves $6.6 Billion Tax Hike; Governor Vetos It; It Is Now Showdown Time For An Override

Both the MN State House and Senate passed the transportation bill late Thursday evening. The impetus for this - on the part of primarily Tax and Spend Democrats - was the collapse of the I35-W bridge near Minneapolis on August 1, 2007. This was exactly the type of disaster Democrats were looking for to siphon and confiscate more money from the taxpayers.

The House passed the bill on a vote of 89-44; the vote in the Senate was 47-20.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty - of whom I consistently in the past referred to as a RINO - vetoed the the bill on Friday and I give him credit for this. I'm somewhat surprised he didn't appear on television, with his wry, little half-cocked smirk and state that he agreed with this almost unprecedented tax increase, signing the bill into law. Good job, Tim-mah!

A vote to override his veto could come as early as Monday.

In the Senate the Democommies have a veto-proof majority. The House needs 90 votes to override the veto.

Six House Republicans voted for the bill and two house Democommies voted against it, according to a Friday story in the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Some Republicans were won over, voting in favor of the bill, by a compromise offer to offset the per gallon of gas tax increase that provides a $25 tax credit for low-income taxpayers; single people earning less than $22,390 and $32,720 or less earnings for married couples. Here's the kicker on this compromise: one does not need to own a car to qualify for this credit. So all it takes is a $25 bribe to bring RINOs around to side with the Tax and Spend Crowd? Who knew RINOs could be bought so cheaply?

Some people wonder why I don't support RINOs. If this is still unclear, you need to reread the above column over and over again until it burrows into your brain.

Welcome, my fellow Minnesotans, to a brand new bill that sucks more money out of our pockets and puts it in the hands of Big Spending Tax Happy Democrats and a few RINOs who might as well drop the "R" from behind their name and instead add a "D".

Here is my prediction: I have no doubt that the Democrats will find the six spineless and weak RINOs needed to override the veto.


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Well, here's my prediction. It won't be over-ridden. There a reason the vote was one short of veto-proof. This is all political. Why wasn't Molcow's head on a platter on day 1? The Dems said they would. They will offer some compromise bill that Pawlenty will sign. I predict it.
I hope you are right with your prediction, Modesto.

I dunno about a compromise tho - Large Marge said "this IS the bill."

'Course it wont be the first time a Democommie lied, would it?
And override. BOHICA. Now they've been encouraged, I can't wait to see what other crap they come up with.
yes el puristo - they are going to take this override as a license to go wild and spend spend spend. It's time for me to look to move out of this state.
You people make me sick. . . a "DEMOCOMMIE"??? You are an idiot!

People like you fall into one of two categories (typically)

1) The type who does not expect government to do ANYTHING. . .and instead thinks that the "market" should be allowed to dictate EVERYTHING and should be given free reign over all aspects of our lives (what a SICK world that would be)


2) The kind of person who bitches & moans about paying taxes - but then also bitches & moans about how expensive college is, about how the bridges & roads are falling apart, how crime is so bad, how our schools suck - yada yada yada . . .

Get a clue. . .Taxes are simply the people paying for services that they expect. For me, the problem is not that I pay too much in taxes, the problem is that my government spends WAY TOO much of this money subsidizing corporations and giving away corporate wellfare - not to mention all of the waste & fraud that knowingly goes on in the defense industry, the energy sector, and the pharmecutical business.

You have nothing but mis-guided anger. People like you bitch about your government. . .You elected them. . .so quit yer bitchin!

Instead of bitching about all of the "taxing & spending" that is going on by the "democommies" - you ought to be "outraged" (you conservative types always seemed to be outraged by something) about how the "Repulican Party" has been hijacked by the financial elit(And since we are making up names today. . .how about this one "Republo-fascist")
This is NOT somthing that has simply happend under the reign of the elite's golden-boy(George W.) NO. . .The Republicans party has been the mouth-piece and the advocates of corporate interests & the ultra-rich for about 100 years now - (Going back to the robber-barons and the laissez-faire days of the 19th & early 20th century)
They have maintained power by tricking average idiots (like yourself) into carrying water for them - TAX CUTS? HA! Thats a laugh. . .You were bought cheaply. . . that measly little $600.00 check you got. . .YOU VOTED FOR THAT?!?!?! Meanwhile, Bill Gates, and the other couple ten-thousand CEOS out there are laughing all the way to their Cayman-island's bank with the 1,000,000,000,000 in tax cuts they stole from the middle class. . .

Your just angry. . .but you don't really have a reason - If you want to be angry at someone - it should be yourself - for cutting your own throat!!! You see. . .I'm angry but I say -


Hey, FUCKTARD-N-AWEFUL - find a mildly retarded neighborhood dog and from it buy a clue.

I'm betting you are employed or spent your lifetime employed by some type of govt service. You worship at the Altar of Big Govt. Instead of self-reliance, you kneel and pray to bigger spending social programs that help you and yours but screw everybody else. Am I warm?

Oh, we're all supposed to agree with the programs YOU want the govt to spend money on, but you don't want to afford the same courtesy to others, nor do you want the private sector to do what govt shouldn't be doing.

As long as all your petty pet projects are funded, fuck everyone else, right? That's exactly where your mind is at.

I know you're not paying attention because I've been bitching locally about Tim Pawlenty for two years. I've stated in no uncertain terms that I will NOT support the re-election of RINO Norm Coleman. You're just an irrational, unthinking boob, aren't you Shockless?

You sure seem to be the angry one, angry because someone with some little blog doesn't agree with you. Oh, poor baby, got another sad story to tell? Sing it on some street corner on the interstate.

You are being led to Socialism under the guise of the new Democrat Liberalism but you;re just too biased and too stupid to care.

"Hop on the train, Hymie, the government said it will take us somewhere where they take real good care of us."

And when you exit the train you're at Auschwitz.

Good Christ you;re a fucking idiot. I hope you haven't procreated.

Are you Clif from InsaneMaine?
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