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Friday, February 29, 2008

Eleanor Mondale's Brain Cancer Returns

Eleanor Mondale, daughter of Walter "Fritz" Mondale the Worst.Vice.President.Ever, is being treated again for a brain tumor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. WCCO:

    Eleanor Mondale had a cancerous brain tumor in 2005. She chose chemotherapy and radiation to treat the tumor, instead of surgery. The once-baseball-sized tumor virtually disappeared.

    Eleanor Mondale said she will have surgery on the new tumor at the Mayo Clinic.

    She has been going in for MRI scans every three months and went in for a scheduled scan last month when doctors found a spot worth watching. On Monday, doctors discovered that spot had doubled in size in the past month.

Why is she receiving treatment at the abysmal Mayo Clinic when she could be seeking medical treatment at the finer hospitals in Cuba? It sure is a mystery how all these Liberals trash the American Medical System, but when they need health care they receive it in the good old United States.


Let me add to this post to include that I would wish for nothing less than a full recovery for Ms. Mondale in conquering her recently diagnosed brain tumor. A reader - judging by a lengthy, mutli-multi paragraph and anonymous unpublished comment - accused me of being unsympathetic to Ms. Mondale. I would never, ever wish anything bad upon anyone because their political ideology differs from mine. I would never wish anything bad upon anyone.

I think it's a fair question to ask, as I wrote above, as to why Liberals seek medical treatment in the United States (witness Senator Robert Byrd hospitalized for back pain at Walter Reed Hospital) when all we hear from them is how poor our medical system is and how much better it is, say, in Cuba.

The above is entirely different than, and unrelated to, the posts where I've run the "Every time a Liberal dies an angel gets its wing," routine. I don't wish any illness or malady on Byrd , Mondale or anyone else. But, as in the recent death of Tom Lantos - that is a separate issue. I certainly didn't, and never would wish anything bad upon Lantos or anyone. There just wasn't any measurable degree of sympathy in me when he passed.

I'll happily explain the differences of what I do compared to how Liberals treat non-Liberals when they die. Like the comments at so many of the Liberal blogs and sites reporting on the deaths of Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford and Jerry Falwell - and some just recently regarding William Buckley, Jr.

In the cases of "Every time a liberal dies an angel gets its wing," I'm taking license and my cue from Liberals who long ago set the tone and established respect - or more accurately, a lack of respect - when certain people die.

    Stephanie Miller: making fun of Casper Weinberger who died one day earlier, "He's in Purgatory now...[making fun of him is fair game] because tragedy plus time [equals comedy]." The Stephanie Miller Show - March 20, 2006

    Stephanie Miller and Crew with "Weekend At Tammy's", a parody of "Weekend At Bernie's" that made 'fun' of deceased country singer Tammy Wynette, with her children digging her up out of her grave to perform at concerts. The Stephanie Miller Show - January 11, 2007

    Mike Malloy: "It's fun to speak ill of the dead", speaking about Enron's Ken Lay.
    The Mike Malloy Show - July 5, 2006

    Janeane Garofalo: "[Republicans need to have inflicted upon them] some kind of suffering to remind them that they've done something to our consciousness." The Majority Report - May 19, 2006

    Al Franken: "There [Strom Thurmond] goes, back to the grave."
    The Al Franken Show, Air America - November 28, 2006, 40 minutes into the second hour of his program.

    Al Franken: "Tom Cruise has been dumped by Paramount. Did Tom Cruise kill Jon Benet Ramsey? Because tragedy plus time equals comedy." The Al Franken Show, Air America - August 23, 2006, Opening Monologue

    Ed Schultz: "[Anna Nicole Smith] was an all American nobody." February 9, 2007, 12 minutes into hour one of his program.

    Ed Schultz: Speaking about Smith: "What constitutes a whore? How many men does a woman have to sleep with before she's a whore? I'm just asking." February 9, 2007, 33 minutes into hour three.

Nothing I've ever published reaches the depth of the above quotes.

Re-read the Franken quote. Using Jon Benet Ramsey's death in a joke? I believe Franken has two children, a son and a daughter, both, I believe are adults; young adults (i.e. college or post college).

So even if I did make fun of someone who dies - which I don't do here - I'm only doing what others from the Left have established as the ground rules. The Libs are simply getting a small dose of their own medicine.

I extend a speedy and healthy recovery to Ms. Mondale and that she never ever have to battle any other illness or disease.

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