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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Larry Sinclair Claims Barack Obama Acquired Cocaine For Him & That Sinclair Performed Oral Sex On Obama In 1999

Shocking allegations about Obama!

Larry Sinclair claims that in November 1999, he met Barack Obama at an upscale Chicago nightclub. Sinclair claims Obama "acquired" powder cocaine for him (Sinclair) and rock cocaine for himself (Obama).

Sinclair claims he performed oral sex on Obama.

The below Sinclair video is located here as are others.

The Smoking Gun is reporting as of February 14, 2008 - ironically Valentines Day - Sinclair has filed a federal lawsuit against the presidential candidate and the Democratic party, charging that he is being subjected to a vicious slander campaign.


Will this be the downfall of Barack Obama as a presidential candidate?
When I first saw this, I laughed because it makes sense, then I thought that this guy is a Clinton plant. People are saying that he is the Barry Obama Swift Boat Veterans campaign, and I reply, nope, he couldn't get away with "Not Telling."

"I blew Senator Obama." Great way to get your fifteen minutes. It's the Monica Lewinsky PR move.
Don, sorry, but you didn't think when you wrote your comment. Barry is in the Democrat Party, doing drugs and having homosexual relations while married, HELPS his chances with his constituency.

Please remember with whom we are dealing.
Don, I doubt the Sinclair allegations will be his downfall. No one is really asking him about the Sinclair allegations and this is probably unlikely to happen.

I think the Sinclair video is fair game, and I think Obama should be asked about the allegations.
Two Dogs - I saw that you too posted the Sinclar video #1.

I watched the others - I think there is a total of 4 Sinclair videos.

To me, it appears Sinclair has no ulterior motive in what he is saying. I don't think any other candidate or organization has put him up to this.

I think Sinclair is legit. I may be wrong, but nothing indicateds he's saying what he is saying for any other reason than it did happen.

Of course, if Sinclair said what he said and it was about a Republican, we'd be hearing nothing but that from the MSM and traditional media.
Can crazy people make false allegations against famous ones?

Gee, let’s ask Tucker Carlson and John Fund - hardly standard-bearers for the liberal media - since they were both falsely acccused of sexual improriety by two DIFFERENT crazy people. Look it up.

Type in either one of their names and the word “rape” into Google and you’ll see it for yourself.

Any loon can make a charge against someone.

As Carlson said, it used to be that when a sex scandal broke, if the actual charge wasn’t true, at least something was - the candidate or person accused did something sexual.

Then he was accused of rape in Louisville by some woman. He spent thousands of dollars not only proving he wasn’t there at the time of the alleged rape - but also that he had never been to Louisville in this entire life!!!!

Perhaps the standard of accuracy in a major media-story should be a little higher than a self-recorded You Tube video, a self-respresented case filed in Federal Court (which would accept my lawsuit against the moon for shining too bright - if I had the filing fee) and interviews by people who’s blogs make Oliver Stone movies look like recorded bits of actual history.

Come on!
Are you the Russell Tupper of the "Russell Rants" blog?

Why would you call Larry Sinclair "crazy"?

What evidence do you have to make such a statement?

Oh, I'll never hear from you again with you providing anything to substantiate your speculation, will I Russell? You're too busy drinking the Kool - Aid.

Nobody believed what Monica Lewinsky said either, did they Russell? Until that blue dress confirmed Bill Clinton's DNA. Do you remember that Russell? She would have been labeled "crazy" too, if it hadn't been for that dress.
I would call him crazy, David, he is a dude that blew another dude while high on cocaine. But this is still damn funny to me.

Well, other than the dude and the dude doing coke and having sex.

Barry will come out and admit it and then get the gay and drug addict vote. He is gooooooood.
Heh - Two Dogs! Good comment.

Providing that no rescheduling takes place, we should find out sometime next week about the polygraph results from Larry Sinclair (see several posts above "Larry Sinclair Will Take Polygraph Test". And you are right. If it proves true it only means Obama will get the coke and gay voter base because he is for "change."
Oh, I read, you know I do. Damn, if I could just find a feed on this blog, I could read right when you posted.
I will check my settings. I thought when I set this up my RSS feed choice was "on".

I'm waiting for Russy Tupper to answer my questions. But I think Russy was just a typical Lib "Drive by" commenter. They make the "hit" then they go back to mixing new batches of the Kool-Aid.
Oh, I meant to come back and let you know, the feed is on. I just had to add it manually, no biggie.

You said "Russy." Ha.
Thanks for letting me know the feed was on, I appreciate that.

Yeah, I said "Russy." Wonder if we'll hear from him? I doubt it.
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