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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Larry Sinclair Update

Larry Sinclair is the man claiming that in 1999, Barack Obama obtained cocaine for him and crack cocaine for himself (Obama). Sinclair also claims to have performed oral sex on Obama.

Whitehouse.com has an update on the story stating that while there seems to be some degree of deception on the part of Sinclair's polygraph tests, they are awaiting the review and conclusion of a second polygraph expert.

    Dr. Ed Gelb, Former President of the American Polygraph Association was the Polygraph expert selected by Whitehouse.com. He has done over 30,000 polygraph examinations over his long career. There were two polygraph tests administered by Dr. Gelb on Friday. the first polygraph asked Mr. Sinclair on his sex claims. The second polygraph test asked Mr. Sinclair on the drug use claims. There was deception indicated in both tests.

    As mentioned yesterday Mr. Sinclair did pass his drug screen so there were no drugs in his system which could have interfered with the test.


    Due to the seriousness of this issue we made the results public today rather than waiting until Monday when we would have received the second expert's conclusions. When we receive the second expert's conclusions we will post those results as well.

    We will have all of the written results posted on the site in the next week including video taken of the Polygraph testing so there will be full disclosure and transparency on our part and eliminate any suspicion of any wrongdoing or manipulations of the testing or the results by Whitehouse.com or the polygraph experts.

Now - here's the interesting part of this, and this is my "take". Prior to Whitehouse.com announcing their plans to administer polygraph tests to Mr. Sinclair - certain segments of the Radical Left were screaming that polygraph tests are often inconclusive and not permitted as evidence in court.

So what we will find out is to what degree the Lefties will claim that the "inconclusive" polygraph results of Mr. Sinclair prove that what he says is not true or accurate.

Lefties, you can't have it both ways. Either the results from Sinclair's polygraph tests were never going to convince you of any wrongdoing on Obama's part, or no matter what the outcome, there is a degree of legitimacy to them and the allegations about Obama have a degree of truth to them.

This is a story of how 60% of Connecticut State Police FAILED polygraph tests.

Do a search on the terms "passing" or "failing" a "polygraph test;" or "polygraph test failure rate" and you will find numerous results and hits explaining why polygraph tests fail and are not considered as being representative of accuracy or truthfulness.

In other words, just because the results of two polygraph tests are inconclusive or may - keyword being "may" - indicate deception, does not negate the validity of the charges. If you Lefties are thinking I'm setting myself up to be right in either case, good for you, because you're right. I'm using and applying your own (il)logic right back onto to you.

The reason I get to play both sides of the fence here is that I'm playing by - and I'm using the term loosely - rules that have been established by the Liberals and Progressives.
Do you like it? I do!



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