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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Klansman Byrd Hospitalized

West Virginia Senator, Robert Byrd The Klansman has been hospitalized at Walter Reed Army Medical Center complaining about back pains after falling. al-Reuters:

    Robert Byrd, the oldest member of the U.S. Senate and a fierce opponent of the Iraq war, was being treated in a hospital on Tuesday after falling in his home late on Monday, a spokesman for the senator said.

    The 90-year-old Byrd complained of back pain while at work in the Senate on Tuesday, spokesman Jesse Jacobs said. After being examined by a Capitol physician, the West Virginia Democrat went to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington for tests and observation, Jacobs said. He was expected to remain in the hospital overnight.

Well...it must have been stressful and hard on his back spending his early years pulling and tugging on ropes during all the lynchings he participated in.

I wonder why The Klansman is being treated at Walter Reed and not one of the finer Cuban hospitals and medical facilities that the Left is always bragging about?



Maybe he hurt his back from carrying the conscience of the Democrats on his back. Wait, that would be really light seeings how he is the conscience of the Democrat Party.

He is a bad person.
Cross burning can't be easy on the back either. Someone's gotta put the things up before the torching. Although Byrd may have outsourced that job.
Two Dogs, that's right - I forgot all about his claim of carrying the conscience of the Senate. Byrd is so despicable for so many reasons. Only the Democrat party could resurrect such a person.
Molson, yeah - heh - I agree he outsourced. Dems never do do the heavy lifting!
No doubt he is sore from having to "tote that barge, lift that bale..." Couldn't happen to a nicer racist. Pre-GFR!
very pre gfr category indeed, miller.
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