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Monday, February 25, 2008

House Overrides Pawlenty Veto

I told you so. I predicted the Minnesota Commiecrats would find the six spineless and weak RINOs that they needed to override one of the most oppressive and onerous tax increases in the state.

KARE.com reporting that the veto was overridden:

    A $6.6 billion transportation bill is on the verge of becoming law after the Minnesota House voted for the first time to override a veto from Governor Tim Pawlenty.

    Six House Republicans broke with the governor to make the 90 votes needed to override. The final tally was 91-41.

    The state Senate, where Democrats hold enough votes for an override without GOP assistance, is expected to act later today.

    The State Senate has enough Democrats to not need Republicans RINOs to cross over for a majority.

WCCO is confirming the same; that the veto has been overridden.

Thank the Democrats and the spineless RINOs when you're paying more at the gas pump and an increased metro-wide sales tax and higher vehicle registration prices.

Watch out...Large Marge Kelliher is going to be eating a lot of chips, pies, ice cream, cookies, tacos, burgers, pizzas and snack cakes in her celebratory glee. If there's a rumbling under the State Capitol it's not an earthquake; it's Large Marge jumping up and down...well...at least once.

I can't wait for the telephone solicitation from the Republican party asking me to donate to them again. FAT F*cking Chance.



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