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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Larry Sinclair Update:
Passed Drug Test, Polygraphs Completed

To bring you up-to-date:

Larry Sinclair is the man who says that in 1999 Barack Obama procured powder cocaine for him, crack cocaine for himself (Obama) and the he (Sinclair) performed oral sex on Obama.

Mr. Sinclair has PASSED a drug test. Whitehouse.com:

    He was tested for any and all chemical substances including illegal drugs that could cause an inaccurate polygraph test result. There were no traces of any such substances found.

And the polygraph tests on Mr. Sinclair have been completed. Whitehouse.com:

    Due to security concerns, we had to move the Larry Sinclair Polygraph up a few days. We conducted it in secret today and the picture to the left is from one of the two arduous polygraphs Sinclair underwent [on February 22, 2008].


Funny. I don't recall seeing any sex and drug scandal allegations about the Poodle in the NY Times. Funny thing is, the Poodle sex and drug scandal source has revealed himself. Now where are the McCain scandal sources? No where to be seen? Hmmm. But that ranks as front page news for the NY Times. No source what so ever, but go with the story. There is a revealed source for the Poodle, but no story. Couldn't be any vast left wing conspiracy now could there? Might be kinda hard to blame Bush for this one, but why not give it a go and throw it against the wall to see if it sticks. Leftards? Anyone? Hello?
yeah, I don't think the NYT needs sources. They print their libelous fiction and the sheeple buy it as fact.

Good thing it's not Larry Craig accused of the same thing Obama is accused of - the Left would be talking about nothing else.
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