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Monday, February 25, 2008

Larry Sinclair Update

Whitehouse.com had the final reports in on the polygraph results from Larry Sinclair, who claims that Osama Hussein Obama obtained cocaine for him, and crack cocaine for himself (Obama), and that Sinclair performed oral sex on Obama.

Results from sexual allegations. (pdf)

Results from drug allegations. (pdf)

Simply because the polygraph results do not indicate certainty on Sinclair's part is no reason to dismiss the charges or consider them false or untrue.

Since this story broke, and prior to the above results being released, Obama supporters made it clear that polygraphs have a high degree of inaccuracy and unreliability and that the results cannot be trusted. Obama supporters made this statement because they were expecting the results would support Sinclair's allegations.

Therefore, we can only presume that since the Obama camp has never denied Sinclair's allegations, who is to say the allegations are untrue?



Aw bloody hell, it says that he was lying. Damn him, damn him to hell!
heh - I'm sticking with the Liberal mantra that "even if the facts turn out to be wrong the allegations still MUST be TAKEN SERIOUSLY."

Right ?!? - bwa ha ha ha!
something seems fishy with this. almost like they dont want to really say what happened of results. I've administered polygraph tests and something isn't right with this story. I'm inclined to beleive Larry Sinclairs verson of the story.
Thanks for the info,B. Michaels. I agree that something does seem fishy with it. Something is not sitting right. Perhaps more will play out in the future. Please let us know if you hear of something before the rest of us. I'd love to scoop the story!
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