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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ralph Nader Enters Presidential Race

Ralph Nader announced on NBC's Sunday "Meet The Press" that he will run for president. MSNBC:

    On Meet the Press this morning, Ralph Nader -- who won 2.7% of the popular vote in 2000 and just 0.4% four years later -- announced that he will once again be running for president this year.

Wooooooooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooo! Run, Ralph Run!

This is fantastic news because he will again pull votes away from the Democrat candidate, whether it is Hillary Clinton or Ted Kennedy's Poodle.

BBC News looks at how Nader has changed U.S. presidential races in the past:

    Mr Nader has played some sort of role in every race for the White House since 1992 although his record in public life stretches back further still.


    Mr Nader will be best-remembered for the central role he played in the dramas of the 2000 contest between George W Bush and Al Gore which still rankles with many Democrats to this day.


    Democrats point out though that where only a few hundred votes separated Mr Bush from Al Gore, nearly 100,000 people voted for Mr Nader.

    Those voters, say Democrats, would clearly have been likely to vote for Mr Gore had Mr Nader not been on the ballot - and so they blame Mr Nader for handing the presidency to George W Bush.

    Mr Nader and his supporters do not buy that argument - and of course America is a democracy where the voters are entitled to vote for the candidate of their choice - but there is no doubt that his candidacy in 2008 will once again raise the whole issue of how tight presidential races between Democrats and Republicans can be affected by third party candidates.

Florida 2000 is simply one example in a list as long as the miles from Cape Canaveral to the moon of Liberals and Progressives whining and crying about not getting their way, for you see they feel "entitled" to political office rather than earning it and getting elected.

For years the Insane Liberal Clown Posse advocated more candidates and more variety from which to choose from, until Ralph started taking votes away from the Liberal Anointed Candidate. Then, the ILCP did a 180-turn and whined about it. Could their hypocrisy be anymore transparent?

Way to go Ralph! Fantastic! Thank you!

Now the fun shifts into high gear. Visit the usual big name Liberal blogs and web sites and see how they are smearing Ralph in the same manner they smear Conservatives, Republicans and everyone else who doesn't adopt a Socialist-Marxist political viewpoint. Make certain to note how often Nader is referred to as a "Republican Operative" - or other such dysphemism - by the usual Socialist-Marxist crowd.

It's time to check in and find out what Baby Democrat has to say about Nader entering the race:

.....Ah, Baby Dem reacting entirely as expected.


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