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Monday, April 30, 2007

Dems Announce Program To
Stop Habitual Nose-Pickers

Woman, Put Some Clothes On!

Oh, that wacky and crazy Iranian Gubberment that the Liberals so love to love and fantasize over is taking drastic action over the "loose" dress code interpretation in their country of some Iranian women. BBC: (bolding mine)

    Thousands of Iranian women have been cautioned over their poor Islamic dress this week and several hundred arrested in the capital Tehran in the most fierce crackdown on what's known as "bad hijab" for more than a decade.

    It is the talk of the town. The latest police crackdown on Islamic dress has angered many Iranians - male, female, young and old.


    Police cars are stationed outside major shopping centres in Tehran.

    They are stopping pedestrians and even cars - warning female drivers not to show any hair - and impounding the vehicles and arresting the women if they argue back.

    Middle-aged women, foreign tourists and journalists have all been harassed, not just the young and fashionably dressed.


    Overnight the standard of what is acceptable dress has slipped back.

    Hard-won freedoms - like the right to wear a colourful headscarf - have been snatched away.

    It may sound trivial but Iranian women have found ways of expressing their individuality and returning to drab colours like black, grey and dark blue is not something they will accept easily.


    At the start of every summer the police say they will enforce the Islamic dress code, but this year has been unusually harsh.

    Thousands of women have been cautioned by police over their dress, some have been obliged to sign statements that they will do better in the future, and some face court cases against them.


    [A BBC] cameraman was detained when he tried to film the police at work and the government denied us permission to go on patrol with the police.


    Boutique owners are furious. Some shops have been sealed - others warned not to sell tight revealing clothing.

    One shopkeeper selling evening dresses told us the moral police had ordered him to saw off the breasts of his mannequins because they were too revealing.

    He said he wasn't the only shop to receive this strange instruction.

It's both odd and mysterious (not really) at how Liberal Militant Feminists - politicians and pundits alike - don't seem to be bothered enough by this oppression of Iranian women and how they are being told to dress. Why, if women are being oppressed in any way or shape anywhere around the world, we usually hear their loud protestations of it. I wonder why they are so quiet on this issue, or if perhaps they've been told to be quiet on this issue. You know, just like they kept their mouths shut over the sexual escapades and allegations of rape made about Bubba Clinton.

I'm almost certain that if Nanny Pelosi would "talk with" the Iranian Government she could convince them that compromising the dress code of their religion is a good thing to do and a step forward (for Democrats) in appeasing countries that sponsor terrorism.

Nanny Pelosi wouldn't need all those botox injections if she would simply wear a hijab!


Naughty Bloggers:
20% Of You Aren't Trying !

80% of blogs contain "offensive content", according to...

    ...ScanSafe, a vast majority of blogs host content that is considered "offensive" and potentially "unwanted." ScanSafe's Monthly "Global Threat Report" for March 2007 says that up to 80 percent of blogs host offensive content, ranging from "adult language" to pornographic images.


    "There were as many blogs with the 'F-word' as the word 'China'," [said ScanSafe's VP of Product Strategy Dan Nadir.]

Does it count if I write "Fuck China" or does using those two words together cancel it out?


H/T: Leather Penguin

Bill Frist Innocent Of Stock Sales

This story broke last last week and I haven't had a chance to write about it until now - not that I'm going to spend too much time on it.

The U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York and Securities and Exchange Commission sent Bill Frist, former Senate Majority Leader, letters last week notifying him that they have ended their investigation of charges against him that he participated in insider trading for his sales of stock in a family-owned chain of hospitals. The letters from the U.S. Attorney clear Frist of any wrongdoing.

Frist, a Republican, you may recall, was judged guilty - before the investigation barely got off the ground - by many Democrat politicians, Liberal pundits and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse 18 months ago when the charges first surfaced.

What we need to remember is this; this is how Democrats operate in their narrow and biased political theater. Frist sold some stock so he must have had insider trading, goes the retarded and despicable mentality displayed by the Left.

The Left - who is never hasty in judging their own, let alone condemning their own - was all Judge, Jury and Executioner when it came to Frist before the investigation even got started.

This is how the Dems operate, no different than their false accusations that Mark Foley is a pedophile. Foley's behavior was disgusting, no doubt about it, but to date no one has proven Foley is or was guilty of anything remotely approaching pedophilia.

The most egregious "offense" that anyone can commit is to have a different political philosophy than do the Dems and the Wing of Wacko Liberals. The Dems put you in the cross-hairs and wait for any moment or thing whereby they can exploit something, ignoring all due process and turning a deaf ear to the results of an investigation.

My good friend Rev. Gisher would say to me, "Dave, you can't paint all Democrats with that same brush." Yes I can, oh yes I can. Name me one Democrat who said, "let's reserve judgement on Frist or Foley until an investigation is completed."

Judge, Jury and Executioner all in one; the Democrats are. This is especially true if you've done nothing wrong. It becomes a template for which the Dems create for themselves the opportunity to draw blood like the vampires they are. As long as it's from other people and not their own.

"Let's reserve judgement...?" Oh, not when it comes to those who aren't members of the Liberal Politburo.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Curious George Tenet

Among many duties and occupations, George Tenet was the Director of Central Intelligence for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Tenet is now in the headlines due to his soon-to-be-released book where he is critical of President Bush, Vice President Cheney and the handling of the Iraq War.

This is the same George Tenet who told Liberal journalist Bob Woodward that ousting Saddam Hussein and the Iraq War would be a "slam dunk". These days, Tenet claims his "slam dunk" words are being distorted. Distorted by the Liberal-Leaning Bob Woodward? No......that can't be.

This post is not to rip Mr. Tenet or his service to our country, but there are many inconsistencies in what he is saying today compared to what he has said in the past.

These days, Tenet is saying some rather unusual things: NPR:

    - the Bush administration used him as a scapegoat over intelligence issues with the war in Iraq.

    - his comment on Saddam Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction being a "slam dunk" was taken out of context by the administration.

    - Tenet told CBS, "The hardest part of all this has just been listening to this for almost three years, listening to the vice president go on 'Meet the Press' on the fifth year of 9/11, you know, and say, 'Well, George Tenet said slam dunk.'"

He also told the New York Sun that Aggressive Interrogations saved lives:

    "I know that this program has saved lives. I know we've disrupted plots," Mr. Tenet said in a "60 Minutes" interview set to air Sunday before the release of his new book. "I know this program alone is worth more than the FBI, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Agency put together have been able to tell us," he said.

    Mr. Tenet, who led the CIA between 1997 and 2004, defended the aggressive interrogations as appropriate to deal with figures such as the reputed mastermind of the 2001 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Tenet also says “I do know one thing in my gut,” Tenet writes in his upcoming book, “Al Qaeda is here and waiting.” By "here" he means the United States. I believe him. If his words do not cause The Left to be concerned about terrorism, well, then nothing will - until the U.S. experiences another attack on the scale or greater than September 11, 2001.

It almost seems as if Mr. Tenet is attempting to give his legacy a makeover with his book, trying to "soften" his past statements about Iraq.

Let's not forget a few things that Tenet said in the past. Let's review, shall we?

The Clinton Administration was still in power at the White House, the election not to come for another nine months.

In February 2, 2000, Tenet gave the following testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on the topic of The Worldwide Threat in 2000: Global Realities of Our National Security: (bolding mine)


    Mr. Chairman, nowhere has the regional threat been more dramatically played out than in South Asia. Both Pakistan and India have intensified their missile and nuclear rivalry. Further nuclear testing is possible and both states have begun to develop nuclear-use doctrines and contingency planning. This is a clear sign of maturing WMD programs. I will discuss South Asia's broader problems later in my briefing.

    Mr. Chairman, another sign that WMD programs are maturing is the emergence of secondary suppliers of weapons technology.

    While Russia, China, and North Korea continue to be the main suppliers of ballistic missiles and related technology, long-standing recipients—such as Iran—might become suppliers in their own right as they develop domestic production capabilities. Other countries that today import missile-related technology, such as Syria and Iraq, also may emerge in the next few years as suppliers.

    Over the near term, we expect that most of their exports will be of shorter range ballistic missile-related equipment, components, and materials. But, as their domestic infrastructures and expertise develop, they will be able to offer a broader range of technologies that could include longer-range missiles and related technology.

    * Iran in the next few years may be able to supply not only complete Scuds, but also Shahab-3s and related technology, and perhaps even more-advanced technologies if Tehran continues to receive assistance from Russia, China, and North Korea.

    Mr. Chairman, the problem may not be limited to missile sales; we also remain very concerned that new or nontraditional nuclear suppliers could emerge from this same pool.


    A major worry is that Iraqi reconstruction of WMD-capable facilities damaged during Operation Desert Fox and continued work on delivery systems shows the priority Saddam continues to attach to preserving a WMD infrastructure. And Iraq's conventional military remains one of the largest in the Middle East, even though it is now less than half the size during the Gulf War.

    * He can still hurt coalition forces, but his military options are sharply limited. His continuing challenge to the no-fly-zone enforcement remains his only sustainable means of engaging US and UK forces.


    With regard to Iraq, Saddam faced a difficult start in 1999—including the most serious Shia unrest since 1991 and significant economic difficulties.

    * The Shia unrest was not confined to the south but also affected some areas of Baghdad itself, presenting Saddam's regime with a major security problem. On the economic side, to rein in inflation, stabilize the dinar, and reduce the budget deficit, Saddam was forced to raise taxes, ease foreign exchange controls, and cut nonwage public spending.

    Saddam has, however, shown himself to be politically agile enough to weather these challenges. He brutally suppressed the Shia uprisings of last spring and early summer. The regime is still gaining some revenue from illegal oil sales. Increased access to food and medical supplies through the oil for food program has improved living conditions in Baghdad.

And, what I consider to be some of his most eye-opening revelations:

    Over the next 15 years, however, our cities will face ballistic missile threats from a wider variety of actors—North Korea, probably Iran, and possibly Iraq. In some cases, this is because of indigenous technological development, and in other cases, because of direct foreign assistance. And while the missile arsenals of these countries will be fewer in number, constrained to smaller payloads, and less reliable than those of the Russians and Chinese, they will still pose a lethal and less predictable threat.

    * North Korea already has tested a space launch vehicle, the Taepo Dong-1, which it could theoretically convert into an ICBM capable of delivering a small biological or chemical weapon to the United States although with significant inaccuracies. Moreover, North Korea has the ability to test its Taepo Dong-2 this year; this missile may be capable of delivering a nuclear payload to the United States.

    * Most analysts believe that Iran, following the North Korean pattern, could test an ICBM capable of delivering a light payload to the United States in the next few years.

    * Given that Iraqi missile development efforts are continuing, we think that it too could develop an ICBM—especially with foreign assistance—sometime in the next decade.

    These countries calculate that possession of ICBMs would enable them to complicate and increase the cost of US planning and intervention, enhance deterrence, build prestige, and improve their abilities to engage in coercive diplomacy.

Tenet appears to want to distance himself from his words, to not accept that he was part of the decision-making process in going to war with Iraq. We've witnessed the revisionism of statements and votes made by elected politicians ("I voted for it before I voted against it.") and now it seems we have Mr. Tenet wanting to slink away from his own words and actions.

Tenet wouldn't be just another in a long line of those who blame Bush, would he?


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Friday, April 27, 2007

Cluck Schumer Against Policing Civil Wars

From the mouth beak of New York Democrat Cluck Schumer, the following words via PR Inside:
I recall the days when folks like Cluck clamored for U.S. involvement in halting the civil wars in places like Rwanda and Darfur.

Politics has a funny way of making the Dems flip-flop, doesn't it?

Click HERE and visit Cluck.



John Edwards: Who Is Your Moral Leader?

In last night's Democrat Debate in South Carolina, John Edwards was asked the following question: "Senator Edwards who do you consider to be your moral leader?"

Whoa - one of the easiest lobbed softball questions for anyone to answer, especially a politician. Easier than having to answer, "what's your favorite color."

And how did Edwards respond?

He first went into panic mode as his eyes darted about in a desperate attempt for his brain to invent an answer.

Panic mode led to TWELVE SECONDS ( some say NINE seconds ) OF DEAD SILENCE before he could stammer out his answer, "My Lord. I go to him in prayer every day." (uh, no you don't, John).

If Edwards does indeed "go to his Lord and pray every day," then why did it take him so long to fabricate his answer?


Remember John, the Lefties whose vote you're trying to court don't care much for "the Lord" or Jesus. Instead you might want to offer them free abortions.



Murtha Madness

Madman Murtha goes hyper over McCain joke to John Stewart. We all knew it was a joke, Senator McCain, unlike John Kerry's "botched joke".

John McCain tells Murtha and others to "lighten up." Good for McCain.

Let's look at a few, select quotes from Murtha and how he is such proud American and "pro" Military:

"I KNOW there is a [Haditha] cover-up." - May 2006 - Think Regress.

"I say it's time to redeploy." June 2006 - PBS: The NewsHour.

"Screw them," Rep. John Murtha said of Republicans in an email sent to the liberal political group MoveOn.org on Wednesday. October 2006 - Murtha E-mail to MoveOn.org.

"Even though I think [an ethics bill proposed by Democrats] is total crap, I’ll vote for it and pass it because that’s what Nancy wants," Murtha said, three sources at the meeting told the Capitol Hill newspaper. November 2006 - Raw Story.

"They (the U.S. Troops) won't be able to continue. They won't be able to do the deployment. They won't have the equipment, they don't have the training and they won't be able to do the work. There's no question in my mind," [said Murtha].


"We're trying to force a redeployment not by taking money away, by redirecting money," Murtha said, adding he wants U.S. funds to be slanted more toward diplomacy and Iraq reconstruction. February 2007 - NPR.

"Every tax cut I voted against. My wife says, 'You shouldn't say that.'" November 2005 - Washington Post.

And, an assessment of Murtha as "one of the most unethical members in Congress..." - November 2006 - CREW: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Wow- with folks like Murtha, who needs al-Qaida or terrorists?

bootmurtha.com is doing a good job of keeping an eye on the Tax and Spender and Cut and Runner from Pennsylvania.



Don't Criticize Saint Harry Reid

Why the audacity of someone like columnist David Broder. Who does Broder think he is, anyway, criticizing the Real Estate Mogul, Milk Man, Lubricant Specialist...Senator from Nevader?! Broder isn't LEFT ENOUGH for the crowd that worships at the Altar of Abortion and Cut and Run, so they attack him.

Writes Broder:

    ...consider the mental gyrations performed by Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., as he rationalized the recent comment from his majority leader, Harry Reid, the leading light of Searchlight, Nev., that the war in Iraq "is lost."

    On "Fox News Sunday," Schumer offered this clarification of Reid's off-the-cuff comment. "What Harry Reid is saying is this war is lost — in other words, a war where we mainly spend our time policing a civil war between Shiites and Sunnis. We are not going to solve that problem. ...The war is not lost. And Harry Reid believes this — we Democrats believe it. ... So the bottom line is if the war continues on this path, if we continue to try to police and settle a civil war that's been going on for hundreds of years in Iraq, we can't win. But on the other hand, if we change the mission and have that mission focus on the more narrow goal of counterterrorism, we sure can win."

    Everyone got that clear? This war is lost. But the war can be won. Not since Bill Clinton famously pondered the meaning of the word "is" has a Democratic leader so confused things as Harry Reid managed to do with his inept discussion of the alternatives in Iraq.

Why, no sooner did the ink of Broder's column dry that Clinton Crony Paul Begala was summoned to write a hit piece about Broder, calling him a "gasbag" who has been "foaming at the mouth these days." Whoa Nelly - pot, meet kettle.

Harry Reid is an embarrassment to this county. He is dangerously close to giving the enemy - that would be al-Qaida for all you Liberals who want to ignore this very important fact - aide and comfort.


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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ed Schultz Can't Stop Talking About Rosie!

Ed Schultz complained ad naseum about all the media coverage of Anna Nicole Smith, her death and the custody battle over her daughter.

This is the same guy who just can't stop talking about Rosie O'Donnell and the media circus over her leaving "The View".

It's all filtered through Ed's 80 proof, Liberal mentality.

I guess "Fat 'N Dumb" is just naturally attracted to other "Fat 'N Dumb".



Andy Rooney On 'Nappy' And 'Ho'

Andy Rooney shares his thoughts on the controversy on 'Nappy' and 'Ho'.
Click on the
button on the below audio "bar":

Andy Rooney

Voice is impersonated. Or...is...it?



The Left Exploits The Tillman Family

Another day of a slight Democrat majority in the House of Representatives is another day of the Dems exploiting Military Troops' number of dead and injured and their family members. This time it's the family of U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman who was killed in Afghanistan.

Perched in his chair like a vulture, nostrils flaring and slightly salivating at its nascent prey, is California Democrat PigManMoleMan Henry Waxman holding court over the latest egregious example of exploiting Tillmans' the grief in what should be called the Subcommittee on Exploitation. We can call this the Sixth Dog and Pony Show in what is proving to be a rapid series of Dog and Pony Shows since the Dems took office in January.

Lila Lipscomb (who?), yeah, Lila Lipscomb was used, abused, politicized, sensationalized and dumped by the wayside by the Dems when she outlived her usefulness to them. I wonder if the Dems bothered to wave good-bye to her? Cindy Sheehan was once the central and narrow focus of all things Iraq. Now she's on stand-by in the Green Room waiting as a last minute fill-in if a more current and important name fails to show up.

The Tillman family and the U.S. is entitled to an honest and truthful accounting of the circumstances surrounding the death of Pat Tillman. If the initial report of how Mr. Tillman died is wrong, then it must be corrected to reflect what actually happened. If the initial reports were erroneous because of what happens in war zones, then correct it. If the circumstances were deliberately skewed, we need to know who did it that way, why and hold the person(s) responsible.

I don't know the Waxman Inquisition can bring any type of closure to the Tillmans. Waxman is a Grand Manipulator, pushing an anti-War agenda using the Tillman family as his case. Waxman will abuse their grief - and Tillman's death - at some future point as an example of a solid reason why the Democrat Majority in the House must vote to cut the war funding.

You don't think the timing of Democrat Senator Harry Reid saying, "we've already lost the war," is coincidental or happenstance to Waxman's biased treatment of Pat Tillman and his family, do you? Reid calls the Vice President an "attack dog"; this coming from a man whose entire party is compiled of nothing but attack dogs. Rich, very rich.

The Dems just couldn't march in last January after being sworn in and start cutting the war funding. As much as they wanted to do this and appease the Insane Liberal Clown Posse, they realized the severity of political repercussions they would receive if they did so. With each and every Dog and Pony Show, with every "we've lost the war" remark uttered by elected Democrats, the Dems build their case piece by piece to justify cutting the funding in the future.

President George W. Bush has said that General David Petraeus indicates that come the end of September, we should have some type of assessable and measurable idea of progress. (Believe it or not, Bush said this on Tuesday night's Charlie Rose PBS program. I know - I know - hard to believe that Charlie wasn't interviewing Noam Chomsky or Madeleine Albright.)

The Dems can't wait five more months? Why not? Why the rush? Dems are usually the group sitting on their hands delaying any specific response to anything preferring a course of wait-and-see and if something isn't working it's "because we're not spending enough money on it". Why are these two critical components so obviously missing from their attitude on Iraq? It doesn't push forth their agenda of never again becoming the minority party. It doesn't advance the cause of Liberalism. It takes away from them an issue to politicize.

I hope the Tillman family receives the answers they seek, my heart goes out to them. After their chapter is completed, Waxman will move on to another victim, another family and another death to exploit and politicize for no reason other than sustaining the livelihood of his political party..



Nanny Pelosi Won't Meet
With General David Petraeus

So Nanny Pelosi is more than willing to fly half-way around the world to sit down, face to face, with Syria's Bashar Assad, but she won't be attending the Iraq War Briefing being presented by General David Petraeus?

What are you afraid of Nanny, hearing something that doesn't fit into your Cut and Run/Defund predetermined attitude? Afraid of hearing some good news? Yeah, that wouldn't do your psyche no good, would it?

Oh, you'll hear from those on the Left that Peloshit doesn't need to attend because she had a phone conversation with him. Oh, I see - that's how the Left attempts to shield their hypocrisy by downplaying the importance and significance of the Petraeus briefing...in person.

Sure seems to me she could have picked up the phone and chatted with Bashar Assad too, saving the taxpayers a whole bunch of money from having to pay for her and her entourage and their sight-seeing trip to the Middle East earlier this month. But no, that wouldn't have propped up Liberal political rhetoric as good as sitting in a chair near Assad, would it?


Rosie Exits The View

Rosie won't be mooing much longer on ABC's "The View".

Some say that Rosie and ABC couldn't come to terms on contractual agreements.

Others say she was determined not to renew her contract after what she felt was a lack of support from Barbara Walters during the Donald Trump-Rosie Grudge Match.

Either way, I think I speak for many of my fellow bloggers who will miss Rosie for her uncanny ability to talk out of her butt with such regularity and who offers a veritable endless amount of Liberal babble and material on which to write and expose her hypocrisy and idiocy.

I think she got the good, old Entertainment "Shove-Out" from ABC, where the thinking was, "offer her so much she'll have to turn it down." That way, she can save face and ABC doesn't look like cheapskates and that they didn't want her.

Don't worry, Rosie will return to the media, right after a brief snack break.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Al Franken Explains: Duluth, Minnesota

If you've been following the series, you're aware I made this blog available for U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken to explain things to us.

In the past, Al has just sent me the audio clip, but today in my e-mail I found - wrapped in a plain brown wrapper - the below film clip of Al explaining Duluth.
Grab the popcorn and click on the
button on the below "player" and view the latest from Al Franken, Senate Candidate:

This Short Film also playing and appearing HERE.



Our Next President: MrsSatan...
Hillary Rodham Clinton.... HER!

Get used to it. Hillary "MrsSatan" Rodham Clinton will be the next president. You do know this, don't you? You don't? Get with it. The Clinton Propaganda Boat is currently barely moving. It's still trolling in calm waters leaving plenty of time to look at the coastline and lilly pads as you cruise along. Why, one year from now the CPB will be at full speed, leaving giant wakes in its aftermath.

The MSM will do their usual "Can She Win?" stories. These will increase in frequency after December of this year and reach their zenith from January through Election Day of 2008. "Can She Do It," "Can She Win"?

We're being set-up by the MSM to feed us another comeback "Kiddress" story just like they fed us on "Comeback Kid" Bubba and New Hampshire in 1992. This is exactly how the MSM will portray MrsSatan.

"Oh, Obama raised more money!" "Oh, Obama is polling better than Hillary!" "Oh - looky here - Edwards gains on Hillary!" You're not buying into this garbage, are you? Come on, some of you Libs have to admit that nothing and no one will halt the Hillary Machine. You know this.

I'm convinced that, in the so-far announced pool of Republican presidential candidates, not one of them can beat Queen Hillary. Maybe Fred Thompson...
maybe. Stop - put it this way - she will steal the Presidential election from whomever she needs to steal it from in order to win. This woman is hell-bent on having the keys to the White House again, only this time on her own key ring.

And face it, all you "anyone but Hillary hell-bent Liberals" out there, the crowds supporting Osama Obama or John Edwards - ain't gonna happen. You're refusing to look at the Clinton War Machine for what it is. What it wants, it gets. It wants the White House occupied by Lil' Miss "I Don't Feel No Ways Tired." Disabuse yourselves that "it could be Osama Obama in '08" or any other Dem in the race today. It won't be - count on it.

If you're thinking Albert Gore, Junior - inventor of the internets - will enter the race, well, maybe you're right. If you think he will win the Democrat primary, thus becoming the Democrat Candidate for president - well - you have greenhouse gases where your brain is.

Hillary will be the 2008 Democrat Candidate for the White House. Her name will be on the ticket as "President" and "President"-only, no second rate Vice Presidential slot for her.

Whatever it takes for the Clinton Crime Family to smear Hussein Obama, John Edwards and any other Democrat who dare thinks they deserve the Ruling Sceptre instead of MrsSatan. Whatever it takes to take-out the competition so she can climb atop them and stand victorious.

You don't believe this? Wake up and smell the Clinton Stench. The only slightly interesting part in all this is how will she steal the election? Will usual Conservative stronghold states like Florida vote en masse for Hillary? If that happens, we'll know the Clintons are on their way to stealing the country...again.


Who Is Linda David?

I found the below at some Liberal blog and quickly "captured" it:

Who is Linda David? Huh - I sure wonder. The writer got it wrong - TWICE! Linda...David.

The incorrect information stood as is, unnoticed by any of the LiberTards who commented on said post. Clearly the writer was too engaged in a mean-spirited rage and rant about Karl Rove to bother fact-checking. Typical Lib - "Facts...what are those?"

Being the kind, compassionate, Independent/Libertarian that I am, I was only too happy to add a comment bringing attention to the error. I didn't give the correct answer - Laurie David - I only noted that the blogger can't even get a name right. It eventually was corrected several hours later. I take full and complete credit for righting the Lefty wrong. Did I get a "thank you"? Was my comment even published? The answer to both is "no". No big deal, I didn't really expect it since the blogger is a rabid Liberal. I edited out the name of the blog, its writer and its URL on the above image - I don't wanna push any traffic to it.

But really, if you can't get a name right, how can you possibly be trusted on fact-checking and due diligence on other information that is far more important and vital than a name? Oh wait...silly me, "Facts...what are those?" - I forgot.

So many idiots...so many Liberal blogs...so many inaccuracies...

On a semi-related note, Charlottesville college crowd makes Linda David cry:

    "I heard kids saying, ‘Where’s the music? and I think I heard the ‘b’ word,” laments David. She rushed through her speech and off the stage before bursting into tears, “not because I took anything personally, but because it was so clear how much work is still to be done.”

"The 'b' word."
Oh, Dat's So Sad! Bwa-HA HA HA HA! To quote the great Eric Cartman: "THAT IS SO LAME!"



Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Study Finds Scientists Alarmed
At Changing Earth Temperatures

Geneva, Switzerland - New findings from a recent study proves that a majority of scientists are alarmed that the temperature of the earth varies. The prevailing scientific theory had been that earth's temperature remains at a constant, unchanging and unvarying 72.1 degrees.

"Shocked! Shocked, I tell you, shocked at this," exclaims Jim McJim, Senior Climatologist Administrator of the global warming organization World Under Scientific Study, or WUSS. According to McJim, shortly after the scientific community reached consensus that a flat earth theory is ultimately and woefully unscientific, the topic changed to varying temperatures from around the world.

"Who even suspected that one day might be nice and sunny and the next day it's raining," says McJim shaking his head. "We find this phenomena astonishing and uniquely quizzical. We're going to need millions and millions of dollars for WUSS so we can adequately and appropriately examine this discovery."

Indeed, this underreported but apparently common experience is felt by people around the globe.

Personal stories and hearsay abound that people in all countries remark that the weather changes from day to day and month to month. Some of the more elderly members of these areas even tell tales of weather pattern changes from year to year and decade to decade.

"You mean at any given moment the temperature and weather conditions, say, in DeKalb, Illinois may be different from those in Matam, Senegal? On its surface, that's preposterous," said McJim.

"Like any new discovery, we find this truly remarkable and challenging," says McJim, a small tear forming in the corner of his eyes. "I promise that WUSS won't disappoint the scientific community," he adds.


Monday, April 23, 2007

One Hit News

Students cheating on tests using iPods AP:

    MERIDIAN, Idaho (AP) -- iPods aren't just for listening to your favorite tunes.
    They're also for cheating, at least according to some school administrators.

    Many schools have banned iPods and other digital music players from exams.

    In Idaho, Mountain View High School Principal Aaron Maybon says the students come up with "new and creative ways to cheat pretty fast."

    While no kids have actually been caught iPod cheating, Maybon says a teacher overheard a couple of students talking about it.

    The music players can be used to record audio answers to tests, or crib sheet can be displayed as the text of song lyrics.

Same Story different site.
- - - - -

Hand Cuffing Students Police One:

    MILWAUKEE, Wisc. — After a series of violent incidents on school campuses, public school officials here are considering the use of flexible plastic handcuffs on out-of-control students — from kindergarteners [sic] on up.

    The Milwaukee School Board voted Thursday to begin training security staff members to use the plastic handcuffs, but the issue has provoked a heated debate between parents and administrators over how to provide a safe learning environment.

    In October, a 15-year-old female student reportedly attacked the principal at Milwaukee's Ronald Wilson Reagan College Preparatory High School. The principal sustained a compression fracture in her back and a concussion when her head was slammed against a wall.

    In November, a 17-year-old male student allegedly sexually assaulted a female teacher in front of a class at Madison High School. And earlier in the school year, an assistant principal was assaulted by a student.

    The issue of violence on school grounds took on an urgent tone this week with the Virginia Tech shooting rampage that left 33 people dead.


    "The key is making sure that staff is properly trained, especially given the debate that always seems to follow such efforts," he said.

    Critics of such handcuffing often cite injury risks: A student might accidentally be choked while being restrained, and the cuffs used too tightly might interfere with blood circulation or cut the skin.


    "This is only to be used as a last-ditch tool," argued outgoing board President Joseph Dannecker, author of the resolution. "This is about making sure our students are safe."

    Board member Charlene Hardin countered: "We don't need to prepare our students for prison…. If we do this, we might as well rename this the Milwaukee Public School Correctional Institution."

Without researching the numbers of incidents of the above, I am inclined...inclined...to initially side with Charlene Hardin.

Besides, how many sets of cuffs will each school have on reserve? Ten? Six-hundred? Enough for the entire student and faculty staff to be bound up by a psychotic, imbalanced and unstable student with a gun?
- - - - -


Former Russian President
Boris Yeltsin dies:

    Boris Yeltsin, who played a key role in the Soviet Union's demise and became Russia's first president, has died aged 76, the Kremlin says.

    Mr Yeltsin - who had a history of heart trouble - died of heart failure in hospital at 1545 (1145 GMT).

    He came to power after being promoted by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, a man he then outmanoeuvred.

Yeltsin Career Highs and Lows:

    He would break away from his security men and jump on a tram and talk to ordinary people.


    They really enjoyed the fact that he had a twinkle in his eye, that he wasn't afraid to speak his mind, say what he thought and enjoy a drop of vodka.

Yeltsin photographs:

Boris Boogies Down

Hillary Clinton...MrsSatan...um...
The Return of Auntie Remus

Book Review:

"'Auntie Remus And Her Legends of The Old Plantation' is sure to be a big hit! As heartfelt as her 'It Takes A Village', in her new book Hillary relates her personal stories about growing up as a poor black girl in the ghetto while fighting racism and prejudice at an all-white high school."
- New York Times Book Review

"Another huge, best-seller."
- Her publisher

"I ate it with Grey Poupon and it was good."
- Michael Moore

Even the sacred, Liberal Sceptre of Talking Points, the New York Times, is critical of the Southern Accent pandering from Mrs. Clinton:

    At times today, Mrs. Clinton’s slight, flat Midwestern accent dissolved in a cadence-laden speaking style that is more associated with a Southern Baptist minister (or her husband) than with her. Sometimes it was the “g” at the end of a gerund that disappeared, like “runni’” instead of running. Sometimes her voice went soft at the end of sentences.

    She has spoken like this to black audiences before, most memorably at a black church in Selma, Alabama, this winter when both she and Mr. Obama were in the town to commemorate a civil rights anniversary. Mr. Obama, who usually speaks without an accent, sometimes displays a similar lilt as well, and Mr. Edwards’s North Carolina accent sometimes sounds much sharper than at other moments.

Give a listen to yet another in a long list of affectatations of accents Auntie Remus has to offer whomever the crowd is she is speaking:


Comfort Select!

If you're a big celebrity - and we mean a BIG celebrity - and in the bathroom you find yourself, well, let's just say having to do a lot of paper work, but you don't want to offend your fellow Liberals like Sheryl Crow, who think you should need no more than "one square per visit to the bathroom," well, have we got the bathroom tissue for you!


The Gun Blame Game, What's Left

    ...[Cho Seung-Hui's] "gun sprayed bullets."


    "The object [the gun] did it [the killings at V Tech]."

- Larry O'Donnell, pundit and Talking Head on the most recent edition of The McLaughlin Group. Unless it's changed, the McLaughlin group tapes it program on Friday and airs that night and then reruns on PBS at various times. I view it on Sunday morning. As of this writing, the April 20 edition of their podcast of the program was not updated or added on its site.

Want to watch someone insanely talking out his butt, completely lacking any and all elemental and basic facts in what he's talking about?

Look no further than Liberal troglodyte Larry O'Donnell during the first few minutes of the most recent McLaughlin Group program.

O'Donnell says Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui only had to pull the trigger on his guns one time enabling him to "spray" bullets with his automatic weapons. There's only one thing wrong with O'Donnell's words, they are false and they are wrong.

Hui's weapons were a Walther P22 - .22 caliber - and a Glock .9mm. Neither was a fully-automatic handgun, meaning when the trigger is pulled the gun automatically fires repeated spurts of bullets. In other words, he had to pull the trigger for each and every shot he took - similar to a revolver.

But Liberals like O'Donnell never let facts get in the way of hyperbolizing and exploiting their anti-Second Amendment agenda, do they?

16 minutes into the program, O'Donnell says, "the object did it," meaning that it was the gun that did the killings, not the person pulling the trigger.

Later in the program O'Donnell says, "we have a fetishist gun culture" in the U.S.

    "We do nothing [after incidents like V Tech]."

E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Frothing at the mouth Liberal, E.J.Dionne, Jr., writing for the Washington Post, has his say blaming guns in an Op/Ed in the WaPo. Dionne says "we do nothing" after our nation experiences a horrific event like Virginia Tech or Columbine, but he's wrong.

We do respond and make attempts to tighten, improve and ramp-up campus security, physical changes and upgrades are made to improve safety, Democrats enact more anti-gun legislation (in the false belief that more laws will lessen or decrease occurrence) and many districts and states impose more severe penalties and sentencing for those committing a criminal act using a gun.

The city of St. Paul, Minnesota last year went as far as wanting to make it illegal to possess a toy firearm that looked real. I don't know what the final results were of their plan. Apparently those who proposed and supported this law didn't bother to stop and think that a squirt gun can always be painted over by using a black magic marker. In Liberal mentality, this means we need laws banning black magic markers!

We also let businesses, schools, churches and other organizations erect signs reading, "No Guns Allowed On Premises". Imagine how shocked and surprised Liberals must be when they learn that signs like these are obeyed only by law-abiding citizens, not someone intent on committing a crime. Imagine that...can you wrap your head around that one, Dems?

Liviu Librescu, the Virginia Tech Engineering Professor and holocaust survivor gave his life, at the age of 76, holding shut the door to his classroom, delaying Cho Seuing-Hui's entry while Librescu's students safely escaped through the windows. Cho ultimately forced the door open - after the last student had escaped - and shot Professor Librescu to death.

Mr. Librescu is a hero for his selfless actions and bravery. Would he - or any other V Tech staff member who passed the conceal/carry qualifications and background checks - be any less of a hero had he chosen to legally carry a concealed weapon on campus, using that gun against ChoSeung-Hui, defending and saving his life and the lives of others?

Dionne suggest the following remedies for the shootings at V Tech:

    What would the NRA's objection be to a law requiring gun dealers to establish whether a potential buyer is a student and, if so, to inform (or even get permission from) the student's high school or college before any weapons could be sold? What about raising the minimum age for purchasing a gun to 25 or 30? Why not renew the ban on the sale of assault weapons?

1) Oh, E.J., your first suggestion sounds like it could infringe upon someone's Civil Rights, are you sure you want to go there? 2) How 'bout raising it to age 50? See, the reason the U.S. doesn't have any societal problems with underage drinking is because everyone here seriously obeys the law and waits until they turn 21 before acquiring and drinking alcohol. 3) "Assault weapons" - nice try E.J., but alas - not part of the issue or equation. Did Cho use an assault weapon? No - so what's your point other than one of exploitation rather than examining real answers?

Liberal and Democrat politicians and eggheads like O'Donnell and Dionne constantly preach their intentions for saving society. How many times have we heard from this group their stale rhetoric of, "well, if one life can be saved" we need to do X,Y and Z.

Well - I have a question for you guys. Where's the right of the general population to be informed and aware that they're in an environment where an "unstable" person may present a threat or risk to themselves and others?

Numerous accounts and stories have surfaced about Cho Seung-Hui's state of mental health and behavior towards others. Some of his writings expressed extremely violent tendencies. I'm not saying throw doctor-patient-therapist confidentiality out the window, but I want Liberals to sell me on the point that his personal privacy outranked the fact that he posed a risk to those he encountered on a daily basis. Go ahead, sell me on that.

Liberals don't want to "label" anyone as mentally unstable who may present and pose a threat and risk to others. Does abnormal, violent, aggressive behavior warrant warning those on a need-to-know basis; people like school administrators, teachers and others who are in daily contact with the person identified as posing a risk?

If that identified "at-risk" person is banned from the school or premises we can count on Liberalism and the ACLU falling over each other in a mad rush to see who will be first to defend the person expelled.

Cho was quiet. He was different. He stalked us. We thought he was quiet because of his culture. I tried to befriend him. He was a loner. Some of his creative writing professors were aghast and repulsed by his violent writing. We've heard all these things and more about Cho.

    CNN asked Nikki Gionvanni, [a professor] who taught Cho, [said] "...troubled youngsters get drunk and jump off buildings; troubled youngsters drink and drive. I've taught troubled youngsters. I've taught crazy people. It was the meanness that bothered me. It was really a mean streak." - Leonard Pitts, Jr., The Miami Herald.

Cho had a "mean streak". Jealousy, class, race and income envy. Which political party has made this their lifetime message of division in America? Which party exploits every inequality, those actual and existing and those imagined?

It is simplistic and easy for O'Donnell, Dionne and the massive Liberal movement to once again "blame guns" as the cause for V-Tech or any other tragic incident like it. That way, they don't have accept any responsibility that it is a Liberal societal mentality that first fails people like Cho, then enables their anti-social behavior and ultimately contributes to shootings like V Tech and Columbine.



Saturday, April 21, 2007

Iowa Senate Passes iPod Tax

From The Sioux City Journal comes word that "The Iowa Senate approved a bill Thursday dubbed the 'iPod tax' by its Republican critics."

Bolding mine:

    The bill, approved 29-20, would impose the state sales tax on the sale of digital downloads -- including songs, cell phone ring tones, software, audio books and other electronic products.

    Although the tax would be required, it would be collected on the honor system. It would be up to consumers to send payment to the state, right after they finish loading their iPod with new tunes.

    Backers of the move insist digital consumers should play by the same rules as shoppers at traditional stores who must pay sales tax on audio CDs and other items. The tax could bring in $4.8 million annually.

    But Sen. Jeff Angelo, R-Creston, said the bill is proof that government will tax anything.

    "This tax is impractical. It's unenforceable. And it's highly unpopular," Angelo said.

    All 20 Senate Republicans voted no. Passage sends the bill to the House.

From KETV.com:
    The bill would impose the state's 5 percent sales tax to digital downloads -- including songs, audio books, cell phone rings and software.

    Sen. Jeff Angelo, a Creston Republican, opposes the bill. He said it's proof the government will tax anything.

Hmmmmm, Michigan wants to give iPods to all students and Iowa wants to tax the downloads. Those Dems can sure think up the ingenious and inventive ways to rack up new ways of TAXING PEOPLE .... uh... enhancing investments, can't they?




Clint Heine on the Labour Party: "I am fucking pissed off with what Labour are doing with our country. I cannot believe the cheek behind the proposed party funding laws, nor can I even understand the arrogance behind it all."
- - - - -
Blog Censorship "that is not censorship, it is a way to make free speech even freer!" Dane Bramage
- - - - -
“I have a ten second window, I wish I had a gun – His back is turned, he is not even looking at me, I could hit him without him even seeing me.” Tom Burrell
- - - - -
The former New Jersey Governor, Jim McGreevey, who was married with children while having sex with men at truck stops and adult bookstores...He's now teaching law and ethics classes. Sweet Spirits of Ammonia
- - - - -
Letters to Harry "We've Lost The War" Reid From Troops. Bluto

    "...the [war] loss will not be mine. It will be yours [Reid]. It will be Speaker Pelosi's. It will be the Democrats' loss, forever and ever. In fact, since the Democrats' conceded defeat in both Iraq and Vietnam when we were winning militarily, the only Vietnam parallel you will likely achieve is how the Democrats so readily accept defeat."

- - - - -
Horrible Murder Story Buried by MSM, Mitchieville via H/T: Mr. Minority.
- - - - -
Is there such a thing as A Moderate Muslim? Dhimmitude News Network
- - - - -
Sounds just like Kofi Annan never left: UN Takes two steps forward, then seven steps back In delaying sanctions on Sudan. Reject The U.N.
- - - - -
The Selling of Liberalism. House of Eratosthenes
- - - - -
Furniture label lists couch color as "N-gger Brown". H/T: Two Dogs: "Blame Al Sharpton For This!"
- - - - -
Two Dogs' other item on "South Park", "Wheel Of Fortune" and...the "N"-word.. A must see!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Alec Baldwin Threatens
Own 11-Year Old Daughter

I'm the last person I figured would be defending Alec Baldwin's harsh voice message to his 11-year old daughter.


    You don't have the brains or the decency as a human being. I don't give a damn that you're 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you're a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn't care about what you do as far as I'm concerned. You have humiliated me for the last time with this phone.


    You've made me feel like s**t and you've made me feel like a fool over and over and over again. And this crap you pull on me with this G**damn phone situation that you would never dream of doing to your mother and you do it to me constantly and over and over again. I am going to get on a plane and I am going to come out there for the day and I am going to straighten your ass out when I see you. Do you understand me? I'm going to really make sure you get it. Then I'm going to get on a plane and I'm going to turn around and come home. So you'd better be ready Friday the 20th to meet with me. So I'm going to let you know just how I feel about what a rude little pig you really are. You are a rude, thoughtless little pig, OK?

The whole tape can be heard HERE.

Some might wonder why and how I could defend Baldwin for the above rant against his own daughter, especially considering he's a raving Liberal.

Look people, this is Alec Baldwin we're talking about. He's a National Treasure, one of the finest actors America has ever produced.

When thinking of great actors - people who are true artists in the profession - very few names immediately jump to mind. Gary Cooper, Marlon Brando and Robert DeNiro immediately come to mind. After naming them, if "Alec Baldwin" doesn't follow, well...then something is wrong with you.

Whether it's the title role in a Broadway production of "Hamlet" or bringing pathos to his character, the gruff but lovable Sgt. McDink in "Police Academy 27: The Fun Really Starts Now", Baldwin's mastery and subtle nuances as an actor are more than enough for us to forgive him and overlook his transgression of a screaming fit at his eleven year old daughter.

If we condemn him, are we not possibly eliminating or limiting the full, 100% potential of verve and energy Mr. Baldwin will put into his future roles? Do we not run the risk of witnessing a lackluster performance from Baldwin should he come to a Dinner or Hardware Store Theater near us? Can we take the chance that shaming Baldwin for his actions now may result in diminished future performance from him being cast, say, in an Henrik Ibsen play or as Willy Loman in "Death of A Salesman"? I think not...I think not...

It's simple compassion, folks, that's all. Take it easy on Mr. Baldwin because, you know, good Liberals like him know their proper parenting skills and represent the best of Democrat Family Values.


Minnesota Gopher Football Rape

Here's an update on this story, the one of three U of MN gopher football players accused of rape.

From The MN Daily:

    Investigators released details Monday of the alleged rape of an unnamed 18-year-old woman by three University football players.

    A search warrant listed evidence police sought and seized in an evening search of the University Village apartment where the alleged assault took place. The warrant also contained in-depth allegations against the three for the first time.

    Prosecutors have not charged Alex Daniels, E.J. Jones and Keith Massey with the alleged sexual assault, which police say occurred sometime late April 3 or early April 4.

According to the above story, the 18-year old woman who claims she was raped by Massey, Jones and Daniels says she went to the men's apartment with a friend to socialize and drink. According to the affidavit, the woman admits to being drunk. Funny, isn't it - that no matter how many laws we have on the books and no matter how many "We I.D." public service announcements that are broadcast and endlessly pounded into our heads - that we so often read of underage people obtaining access to booze.

Police also say the alleged rape incident happened three days before she reported it.

Now - "no means NO!" - and just because she reported it three days after it happened doesn't mean she consented to anything and later changed her mind. And being under the influence of alcohol may have impaired her ability to consent or not consent.

DNA samples from the team members and the woman are being analyzed by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Police have not completed their investigation.

Let's not rush to judgement until the facts are known. Did we learn nothing from the Duke Lacrosse fiasco?


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Blackberry Outage Identified

Blackberry announced service outages experienced by their customers worldwide was ultimately traced to an employee executives will only refer to as "Corky", the first one in the building every day and who unlocks the doors. It seems Corky absentmindedly plugged the coffee pot into the same power source that is solely dedicated to Blackberry's primary server.

Many in the technology world question if Blackberry has reached its network capacity .

Technicians say the additional drain of electricity from the coffee pot put far too much strain on the power for the server.

Corky has been demoted. He will never again be permitted or be responsible for making the morning pot of coffee. Blackberry executives further berated and shamed Corky in a public setting in front of a gathered group of co-workers.

Blackberry regrets the outage.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

NBC Has Ratings Hit With Cho Seung-Hui

What happened to the days when The Law would appear at NBC, seizing the Cho Seung-Hui tapes as evidence and tell NBC - in no uncertain terms - "you will not air this now", confiscating the original tapes and any copies made?

Law spokesmen said there was nothing new in the tapes that they didn't pretty much already know. Well, what's law enforcement supposed to say after the fact that NBC already has copies of it? But what gives any news organization the right to broadcast this tape before the authorities have an opportunity to review it?

NBC, wanting desperately to prop up their ratings, decided to exploit and milk the Cho Seung-Hui tape for every molecule. Other media outlets are hopping on the bandwagon. Now, Cho Seung-Hui attains his sick goal of posthumous "celebrity" status courtesy of NBC.

NBC demonstrated that "it's all about ratings, babe," when Cho Seung-Hui chose them as his news outlet.

Footage of an out of control, depraved, hell-bent killer displaying the most vile hatred for mankind can be broadcast over and over again, but footage of the attack on September 11? Oh, we're not strong enough to handle seeing that footage...right..."it's too soon."

You may have heard or used the word enabler. An enabler is, "a person who by their actions make it easier for an addict to continue their self-destructive behavior." Liberalism was Cho Seung-Hui's enabler.

What's next from NBC? A hastily developed new reality series titled, "Who Will Be The Next School Shooter", with a panel of three judges auditioning contestants of psychotics displaying anti-social behavior? Somehow, I wouldn't be surprised.



Polar Bear Knut Receives Death Threats

Cuddly polar bear cub Knut who lives at the Berlin Germany Zoo was the target of death threats:

    Security was tightened at Berlin Zoo on Thursday after a threat to kill its hugely popular polar bear cub, Knut.

    "Knut is dead! Thursday noon," read a note sent to the zoo on Wednesday afternoon after the fluffy white animal finished the second of his two daily public appearances.

    Police said they were not looking for anyone specific in connection with the threat, which they said was written in a confused manner, apparently on a computer.

    "If the threat was serious, then we would take action," a police spokesman said.

    The zoo said it had increased security around Knut's enclosure, but visitors would still be able to see him as usual. The four-month- old cub has been pulling in record crowds since he made his debut in public on March 23.

    A zoo official declined to comment on a report in the mass- circulation Bild newspaper that the number of security guards protecting Knut had been increased from five to 15.

    Bild said that after the threat was received, the zoo alerted police, who sent two squad cars to the scene as officers took up position outside the animal's cage.

    A plainclothes policeman with a walkie-talkie radio even hid behind a large rock overlooking Knut's enclosure, the newspaper said.


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