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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Gun Blame Game, What's Left

    ...[Cho Seung-Hui's] "gun sprayed bullets."


    "The object [the gun] did it [the killings at V Tech]."

- Larry O'Donnell, pundit and Talking Head on the most recent edition of The McLaughlin Group. Unless it's changed, the McLaughlin group tapes it program on Friday and airs that night and then reruns on PBS at various times. I view it on Sunday morning. As of this writing, the April 20 edition of their podcast of the program was not updated or added on its site.

Want to watch someone insanely talking out his butt, completely lacking any and all elemental and basic facts in what he's talking about?

Look no further than Liberal troglodyte Larry O'Donnell during the first few minutes of the most recent McLaughlin Group program.

O'Donnell says Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui only had to pull the trigger on his guns one time enabling him to "spray" bullets with his automatic weapons. There's only one thing wrong with O'Donnell's words, they are false and they are wrong.

Hui's weapons were a Walther P22 - .22 caliber - and a Glock .9mm. Neither was a fully-automatic handgun, meaning when the trigger is pulled the gun automatically fires repeated spurts of bullets. In other words, he had to pull the trigger for each and every shot he took - similar to a revolver.

But Liberals like O'Donnell never let facts get in the way of hyperbolizing and exploiting their anti-Second Amendment agenda, do they?

16 minutes into the program, O'Donnell says, "the object did it," meaning that it was the gun that did the killings, not the person pulling the trigger.

Later in the program O'Donnell says, "we have a fetishist gun culture" in the U.S.

    "We do nothing [after incidents like V Tech]."

E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Frothing at the mouth Liberal, E.J.Dionne, Jr., writing for the Washington Post, has his say blaming guns in an Op/Ed in the WaPo. Dionne says "we do nothing" after our nation experiences a horrific event like Virginia Tech or Columbine, but he's wrong.

We do respond and make attempts to tighten, improve and ramp-up campus security, physical changes and upgrades are made to improve safety, Democrats enact more anti-gun legislation (in the false belief that more laws will lessen or decrease occurrence) and many districts and states impose more severe penalties and sentencing for those committing a criminal act using a gun.

The city of St. Paul, Minnesota last year went as far as wanting to make it illegal to possess a toy firearm that looked real. I don't know what the final results were of their plan. Apparently those who proposed and supported this law didn't bother to stop and think that a squirt gun can always be painted over by using a black magic marker. In Liberal mentality, this means we need laws banning black magic markers!

We also let businesses, schools, churches and other organizations erect signs reading, "No Guns Allowed On Premises". Imagine how shocked and surprised Liberals must be when they learn that signs like these are obeyed only by law-abiding citizens, not someone intent on committing a crime. Imagine that...can you wrap your head around that one, Dems?

Liviu Librescu, the Virginia Tech Engineering Professor and holocaust survivor gave his life, at the age of 76, holding shut the door to his classroom, delaying Cho Seuing-Hui's entry while Librescu's students safely escaped through the windows. Cho ultimately forced the door open - after the last student had escaped - and shot Professor Librescu to death.

Mr. Librescu is a hero for his selfless actions and bravery. Would he - or any other V Tech staff member who passed the conceal/carry qualifications and background checks - be any less of a hero had he chosen to legally carry a concealed weapon on campus, using that gun against ChoSeung-Hui, defending and saving his life and the lives of others?

Dionne suggest the following remedies for the shootings at V Tech:

    What would the NRA's objection be to a law requiring gun dealers to establish whether a potential buyer is a student and, if so, to inform (or even get permission from) the student's high school or college before any weapons could be sold? What about raising the minimum age for purchasing a gun to 25 or 30? Why not renew the ban on the sale of assault weapons?

1) Oh, E.J., your first suggestion sounds like it could infringe upon someone's Civil Rights, are you sure you want to go there? 2) How 'bout raising it to age 50? See, the reason the U.S. doesn't have any societal problems with underage drinking is because everyone here seriously obeys the law and waits until they turn 21 before acquiring and drinking alcohol. 3) "Assault weapons" - nice try E.J., but alas - not part of the issue or equation. Did Cho use an assault weapon? No - so what's your point other than one of exploitation rather than examining real answers?

Liberal and Democrat politicians and eggheads like O'Donnell and Dionne constantly preach their intentions for saving society. How many times have we heard from this group their stale rhetoric of, "well, if one life can be saved" we need to do X,Y and Z.

Well - I have a question for you guys. Where's the right of the general population to be informed and aware that they're in an environment where an "unstable" person may present a threat or risk to themselves and others?

Numerous accounts and stories have surfaced about Cho Seung-Hui's state of mental health and behavior towards others. Some of his writings expressed extremely violent tendencies. I'm not saying throw doctor-patient-therapist confidentiality out the window, but I want Liberals to sell me on the point that his personal privacy outranked the fact that he posed a risk to those he encountered on a daily basis. Go ahead, sell me on that.

Liberals don't want to "label" anyone as mentally unstable who may present and pose a threat and risk to others. Does abnormal, violent, aggressive behavior warrant warning those on a need-to-know basis; people like school administrators, teachers and others who are in daily contact with the person identified as posing a risk?

If that identified "at-risk" person is banned from the school or premises we can count on Liberalism and the ACLU falling over each other in a mad rush to see who will be first to defend the person expelled.

Cho was quiet. He was different. He stalked us. We thought he was quiet because of his culture. I tried to befriend him. He was a loner. Some of his creative writing professors were aghast and repulsed by his violent writing. We've heard all these things and more about Cho.

    CNN asked Nikki Gionvanni, [a professor] who taught Cho, [said] "...troubled youngsters get drunk and jump off buildings; troubled youngsters drink and drive. I've taught troubled youngsters. I've taught crazy people. It was the meanness that bothered me. It was really a mean streak." - Leonard Pitts, Jr., The Miami Herald.

Cho had a "mean streak". Jealousy, class, race and income envy. Which political party has made this their lifetime message of division in America? Which party exploits every inequality, those actual and existing and those imagined?

It is simplistic and easy for O'Donnell, Dionne and the massive Liberal movement to once again "blame guns" as the cause for V-Tech or any other tragic incident like it. That way, they don't have accept any responsibility that it is a Liberal societal mentality that first fails people like Cho, then enables their anti-social behavior and ultimately contributes to shootings like V Tech and Columbine.



"but I want Liberals to sell me on the point that his personal privacy outranked the fact that he posed a risk to those he encountered on a daily basis. Go ahead, sell me on that."

if you read the new post i put up, this was my last parting shot. not only does this liberal want privacy repealed for children, but if you read both abortion posts, i provided the reasons why.

if you read my newest comments on the reid deal below, then what i will say now might tie in.

neocons are not monolithic objects nor are liberals. there are stupid liberals and necons. i have actually heard liberals on talk radio complaing this week about privacy notification on minors, even though cho cheeze whiz was not a minor.

i won't sell you on that dave because it's crap, and i think most americans are realizing it.

as for guns, you know i am a second amendment backer because i back the entire bill of rights and constitution. but let's get real here too.how many do you think cho cheez whiz would have killed with a knife?

the attention needs to be on fixing the problems, and virginia has like zero waiting period and we have lousy if no coordination with nut case records and the gun registry.

there are mnay things that need fixing here. what the heck is wrong with a background check and a waiting period for virginia?

and you and i still get to keep our guns.

what say you?
just read a great column about this revisionist spin

Except for today, I'm UTD on your posts at LILP. Did read your Abortion posts. Don't disagree with your take on the Cone of Privacy on kids, teen pregnancy, etc.

I'm not saying all Liberals are monolithic. Larry OD is, E.J. Dionne is...they are a small part the represents the KoS, HuffPoo, DU'ers and that whole crowd. They are doing whatever it takes to take control of the Democrat party. Which moderates stand up to them? Oh, Lieberman did - as a "moderate" in their eyes and moderate Dems witnessed the trash and mud slinging that was heaped on him by other "more PROGRESSIVE" Liberals.

No, only the Far Left is a monolith and they are unwilling to do anything to compromise.

My responses to your other comments will probably be shorter since I'm working my way "down" the comments instead of my "usual" way up.

It's not about guns, Baybee...and you know it.
mia, thanks for the link.
i think the point below and the one here was more about the benefit of tagging the crime to an idividual, rather than blanketing an entire group, something about throwing the baby out with bath water combined with a need to find some harmony instead of polorization.

you know, stupid stuff like that.
I dont disagree with you Rev.

Believe me, whether its O'Donnell, Krauthammer, McLaughlin, Buchanan or anyone - regardless of political belief - gets something as wrong on purpose as O;Donnell did RE: "auto-matic" weapons I will hold their feet to the fire. All I'm sayin' is more moderate Dems need to arrive at the same party of holding all of 'em accountable.
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