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Saturday, April 21, 2007


Clint Heine on the Labour Party: "I am fucking pissed off with what Labour are doing with our country. I cannot believe the cheek behind the proposed party funding laws, nor can I even understand the arrogance behind it all."
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Blog Censorship "that is not censorship, it is a way to make free speech even freer!" Dane Bramage
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“I have a ten second window, I wish I had a gun – His back is turned, he is not even looking at me, I could hit him without him even seeing me.” Tom Burrell
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The former New Jersey Governor, Jim McGreevey, who was married with children while having sex with men at truck stops and adult bookstores...He's now teaching law and ethics classes. Sweet Spirits of Ammonia
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Letters to Harry "We've Lost The War" Reid From Troops. Bluto

    "...the [war] loss will not be mine. It will be yours [Reid]. It will be Speaker Pelosi's. It will be the Democrats' loss, forever and ever. In fact, since the Democrats' conceded defeat in both Iraq and Vietnam when we were winning militarily, the only Vietnam parallel you will likely achieve is how the Democrats so readily accept defeat."

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Horrible Murder Story Buried by MSM, Mitchieville via H/T: Mr. Minority.
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Is there such a thing as A Moderate Muslim? Dhimmitude News Network
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Sounds just like Kofi Annan never left: UN Takes two steps forward, then seven steps back In delaying sanctions on Sudan. Reject The U.N.
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The Selling of Liberalism. House of Eratosthenes
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Furniture label lists couch color as "N-gger Brown". H/T: Two Dogs: "Blame Al Sharpton For This!"
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Two Dogs' other item on "South Park", "Wheel Of Fortune" and...the "N"-word.. A must see!

how come nobody had a fit back in january when lindsey graham said we were losing the war?

just curious.

btw: are my comment boxes broken?
Which of Grahma's comments are you referring to? I know he said "we will lose this war if we leave too soon."
Reference: http://www.senate.gov/~lgraham/index.cfm?mode=speechpage&id=239559

I don't know what you mean by comment boxes broken. Oh - DUH! - You mean at your site? Believe me...as much as I wanted to get into the discussions on your postings of late - that of abortion - I'm staying out of that issue for a while longer. No offense. I just can't get worked up over it anymore for a number of reasons, which you now have me thinking about writing. And if I do, I will linky-doo to your posts on the subject because they are very good.

you are such a sharp grasshopper, i knew you would pick up on that. i brought that up because i think this issue needs a forum where as many flavors of voices are heard speaking civily and listening to each other. without a good example like that, who will think such things possible? i could care less about my comment count, it is the example behavior that is important.

that said, there is never a gun to your head.

as for lindsey, trust me i heard him say exactly what i said above, on the radio in january. as i agree with his statement, i did not think much of it, but i cannot recall the station, but the month is correct.

when harry shot his mouth off, then i remembered. then it hit me that it must be unsupportive only if a democrat says it, so i gots it figured out all on my lonesome. but thanks anyhew.

i will say this, this is america and we have that nasty old first amendment, but i keep forgetting that only applies when everyone agrees with you. personally supporting the troops is hard to buy from someone who got tons of them killed from poor planning, but i really would not want to have to choose between supporting the troops and an american's right to speak his mind.

do we really want to shut down anyone who is saying something we do not like? i think they have something akin to that in china dave.
i might also add that this is beating semantics to death with spin. i cannot speak for harry but i personally know hundreds of AMERICANS who support our troops, think they are the best, but feel our government stuck them in a place they should not be.

dave you are a smart, sharp tac,how long are you going to perpetuate this twisted dogma from the desk of rove? reid is a jackass, but whether you realize it or not, your verbage is spray painting millions of americans as traitors and technically i am one of them. i know you do not mean to do that, i do, but you are. isn't it time we all dialed the rhetoric down a notch?

this is only helping to polorize this country. we do not need any more distance between us.
Yo! Yeah, I just haven't felt like civily leaping into the Abortion discussion of late except for mentioning it on the post last week about Harry Reid's hypocrisy on the SCOTUS decision and his own two votes on partial birth.

I looke for that alleged Lindsay Graham quote and can't find anything via google news archives or the web in general. I don't doubt you.

I'm not for shutting down the speech of Reid, but it is unpatriotic and borders on siding with the enemy in a broad sense.


I too know many who support the troops and the mission. I don't "know" that there's consensus on where they "got stuck".

Rev, my stuff isn't from the Dogma and Desk of Rove. How have I sprayed millions of Americans as traitors? I've never said those who protest the war or Bush-Cheney should leave America. I've never said they shouldn't be able to protest or their rights to free-speech should be diminished. What I have said is that it's an oxymoron to say one supports the troops but not the mission. Nor have
I said that by feeling that way equates to someone being a traitor. It can be indicative of such, and I *MAY* have written and applied that to one single person (Reid, Murtha come to mind) - but I've not lumped them into the same geletinous glob that the Left considers the "Right Wing" or the "Christian Right".

Rev, I'm "hard" on Liberals (not Democrats as a whole) who try to shove their beliefs down my throat when facts trump their beliefs. Case in point: O'Donnell being allowed to get away with perpetuating the lie that Cho had fully automatic handguns.

Don Imus makes a stupid and pathetic attempt at humor, is greeting by the most hypocritic form of critism from the Left who NEVER will ask Hillary about the numerous allegations of her using the "N" WORD and "F*cking J-W Bastard." No...I can't let their hypocrisy slide.
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