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Friday, April 20, 2007

Blackberry Outage Identified

Blackberry announced service outages experienced by their customers worldwide was ultimately traced to an employee executives will only refer to as "Corky", the first one in the building every day and who unlocks the doors. It seems Corky absentmindedly plugged the coffee pot into the same power source that is solely dedicated to Blackberry's primary server.

Many in the technology world question if Blackberry has reached its network capacity .

Technicians say the additional drain of electricity from the coffee pot put far too much strain on the power for the server.

Corky has been demoted. He will never again be permitted or be responsible for making the morning pot of coffee. Blackberry executives further berated and shamed Corky in a public setting in front of a gathered group of co-workers.

Blackberry regrets the outage.


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