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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our Next President: MrsSatan...
Hillary Rodham Clinton.... HER!

Get used to it. Hillary "MrsSatan" Rodham Clinton will be the next president. You do know this, don't you? You don't? Get with it. The Clinton Propaganda Boat is currently barely moving. It's still trolling in calm waters leaving plenty of time to look at the coastline and lilly pads as you cruise along. Why, one year from now the CPB will be at full speed, leaving giant wakes in its aftermath.

The MSM will do their usual "Can She Win?" stories. These will increase in frequency after December of this year and reach their zenith from January through Election Day of 2008. "Can She Do It," "Can She Win"?

We're being set-up by the MSM to feed us another comeback "Kiddress" story just like they fed us on "Comeback Kid" Bubba and New Hampshire in 1992. This is exactly how the MSM will portray MrsSatan.

"Oh, Obama raised more money!" "Oh, Obama is polling better than Hillary!" "Oh - looky here - Edwards gains on Hillary!" You're not buying into this garbage, are you? Come on, some of you Libs have to admit that nothing and no one will halt the Hillary Machine. You know this.

I'm convinced that, in the so-far announced pool of Republican presidential candidates, not one of them can beat Queen Hillary. Maybe Fred Thompson...
maybe. Stop - put it this way - she will steal the Presidential election from whomever she needs to steal it from in order to win. This woman is hell-bent on having the keys to the White House again, only this time on her own key ring.

And face it, all you "anyone but Hillary hell-bent Liberals" out there, the crowds supporting Osama Obama or John Edwards - ain't gonna happen. You're refusing to look at the Clinton War Machine for what it is. What it wants, it gets. It wants the White House occupied by Lil' Miss "I Don't Feel No Ways Tired." Disabuse yourselves that "it could be Osama Obama in '08" or any other Dem in the race today. It won't be - count on it.

If you're thinking Albert Gore, Junior - inventor of the internets - will enter the race, well, maybe you're right. If you think he will win the Democrat primary, thus becoming the Democrat Candidate for president - well - you have greenhouse gases where your brain is.

Hillary will be the 2008 Democrat Candidate for the White House. Her name will be on the ticket as "President" and "President"-only, no second rate Vice Presidential slot for her.

Whatever it takes for the Clinton Crime Family to smear Hussein Obama, John Edwards and any other Democrat who dare thinks they deserve the Ruling Sceptre instead of MrsSatan. Whatever it takes to take-out the competition so she can climb atop them and stand victorious.

You don't believe this? Wake up and smell the Clinton Stench. The only slightly interesting part in all this is how will she steal the election? Will usual Conservative stronghold states like Florida vote en masse for Hillary? If that happens, we'll know the Clintons are on their way to stealing the country...again.


hillary will not win, even the dems are not that stupid. oh, finally have a story, not on abortion.
I hope to all things holy, just and right, that you are correct - that "she will not win". I would be GIDDILY ORGASMICALLY HAPPY to be wrong on my prediction! But I just....


....see it any other way. She's "entitled" to the White House and she's gonna get it.

I hope I am so very wrong.
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