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Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Great Democrat Giveaway!

Free iPods for all! PC World:

    [the] state of Michigan, which faces a $1 billion deficit, [has the] Detroit News and Detroit Free Press both reporting that House Democrats have offered a spending plan that would "buy an MP3 player or iPod" for every school-age kid.

    The cost? How about $38 million, according to the Free Press.

$38 Million....but, but, but....the Dems said it was "free"? What's up with that?

Oh, they'll pay for the Freebies by TAXING (what? - they said it was "FREE"?) soda and satellite TV services, among other things, to raise funds. "Other things" - heh - why that's an all inclusive category, ain't it?

What I like about Democrats is they're such a frugal group, always putting funding into the real important and critical areas of our lives. Like buying iPods and MP3s for students. Such a critical issue, so vitally important to mankind. We can always count on the Dems to be concerned about our fiscal welfare, such great stewards of the economy they are...right?

Taxpayers have lots of money, right Dems? Oh, yeah - we're loaded?


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Dane Bramage:

    Ohio's neighbor to the north, Michigan has had some financial difficulties, stemming mostly from the Democratic leadership.


    I feel for our taxpaying neighbors. The Democrats have designs on their money and an iPod for everybody just screams "fiscal responsibility". My God do the people of Michigan NOT see this as an attempt to simply buy influence and make the taxpayer fund it?


The Dumbasscrats say it's for education. I'm not sure how an iPod is suppose to teach kids how to read and write and add two numbers together. I doubt the Dumbasscrats know either, but that won't stop them. After all, spending other people's money is fun and when it's for the poor deprived children, it's Katie bar the door. Too bad the Dumbasscrats don't require schools to have some accountability when it comes to teaching the poor deprived children how to read and write and add two numbers together, but that would offend their buddies in the NEA. We can't have that, but we definitely can have tax payer funded iPods for the poor deprived children and all the Dumbasscrat's commie buddies. Hopefully the poor deprived children will get the video iPods so they can watch all the porn they can download and if they don't know how, the Dumbasscrats can spend a little more taxpayer money to teach them. So maybe it's kind of educational after all.
this is nuts. but couldya avoid calling all democrats idiots? my brother is one of them, and this stuff bends his twig too. the world is grey, not black and white.

ooops sorry i forgot it is easier to tally around that way. my bad.
molson - I agree with you. I'm all for giving kids the tools they need to learn - but the question that follows that statement is "at what price"? And that's a two-fold statement -at what price financially and at what price of some of the basics being but on the back burner while the latest "technology" is used?

Technology in and of itself is NOT a reason to implement it, especially in the educational system. Usually, the public ed system wants to "test" things out forefuckingever before approving them as a method and means of using them as a teaching tool. But with iPods and MP3s, they are just "grandfathered" in because they're the lastest version of the hoola hoop? Good Christ almightly....it's insane. (sorry for those who may be offended by my using the Lord's name, but honestly...when does spending end or is satiated "for the school children".

Thanks molson.
Rev - see my response to molson.

I didn't say or write Dems are "idiots", although they are. Come on man, when is govt going to be held accountable for its spending - whether under Democrat or Republican majorities? And this applies at state, federal and local levels.

And when "it's for the children" phrase is used, be afraid, be very afraid.

I agree, most things are grey, not all black or white. But, as I wrote in my reply above to molson, at what expense are MP3s and iPODS for the children's learning going to be at? We've given every school child a computer. Can they write a simple sentence, subject and verb, any better than before that PC? Can they do math, history, or civics any better? National results come out every year telling us how badly U.S. students are compared to the rest of the world. IF those studies are accurate, it is not the fault of our school kids NOT HAVING the latest in technology.

"Tally" around the world?!?!? Huh, what, where? ;-)
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