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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Who Is Linda David?

I found the below at some Liberal blog and quickly "captured" it:

Who is Linda David? Huh - I sure wonder. The writer got it wrong - TWICE! Linda...David.

The incorrect information stood as is, unnoticed by any of the LiberTards who commented on said post. Clearly the writer was too engaged in a mean-spirited rage and rant about Karl Rove to bother fact-checking. Typical Lib - "Facts...what are those?"

Being the kind, compassionate, Independent/Libertarian that I am, I was only too happy to add a comment bringing attention to the error. I didn't give the correct answer - Laurie David - I only noted that the blogger can't even get a name right. It eventually was corrected several hours later. I take full and complete credit for righting the Lefty wrong. Did I get a "thank you"? Was my comment even published? The answer to both is "no". No big deal, I didn't really expect it since the blogger is a rabid Liberal. I edited out the name of the blog, its writer and its URL on the above image - I don't wanna push any traffic to it.

But really, if you can't get a name right, how can you possibly be trusted on fact-checking and due diligence on other information that is far more important and vital than a name? Oh wait...silly me, "Facts...what are those?" - I forgot.

So many idiots...so many Liberal blogs...so many inaccuracies...

On a semi-related note, Charlottesville college crowd makes Linda David cry:

    "I heard kids saying, ‘Where’s the music? and I think I heard the ‘b’ word,” laments David. She rushed through her speech and off the stage before bursting into tears, “not because I took anything personally, but because it was so clear how much work is still to be done.”

"The 'b' word."
Oh, Dat's So Sad! Bwa-HA HA HA HA! To quote the great Eric Cartman: "THAT IS SO LAME!"



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