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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nanny Pelosi Won't Meet
With General David Petraeus

So Nanny Pelosi is more than willing to fly half-way around the world to sit down, face to face, with Syria's Bashar Assad, but she won't be attending the Iraq War Briefing being presented by General David Petraeus?

What are you afraid of Nanny, hearing something that doesn't fit into your Cut and Run/Defund predetermined attitude? Afraid of hearing some good news? Yeah, that wouldn't do your psyche no good, would it?

Oh, you'll hear from those on the Left that Peloshit doesn't need to attend because she had a phone conversation with him. Oh, I see - that's how the Left attempts to shield their hypocrisy by downplaying the importance and significance of the Petraeus briefing...in person.

Sure seems to me she could have picked up the phone and chatted with Bashar Assad too, saving the taxpayers a whole bunch of money from having to pay for her and her entourage and their sight-seeing trip to the Middle East earlier this month. But no, that wouldn't have propped up Liberal political rhetoric as good as sitting in a chair near Assad, would it?


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