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Thursday, April 19, 2007

NBC Has Ratings Hit With Cho Seung-Hui

What happened to the days when The Law would appear at NBC, seizing the Cho Seung-Hui tapes as evidence and tell NBC - in no uncertain terms - "you will not air this now", confiscating the original tapes and any copies made?

Law spokesmen said there was nothing new in the tapes that they didn't pretty much already know. Well, what's law enforcement supposed to say after the fact that NBC already has copies of it? But what gives any news organization the right to broadcast this tape before the authorities have an opportunity to review it?

NBC, wanting desperately to prop up their ratings, decided to exploit and milk the Cho Seung-Hui tape for every molecule. Other media outlets are hopping on the bandwagon. Now, Cho Seung-Hui attains his sick goal of posthumous "celebrity" status courtesy of NBC.

NBC demonstrated that "it's all about ratings, babe," when Cho Seung-Hui chose them as his news outlet.

Footage of an out of control, depraved, hell-bent killer displaying the most vile hatred for mankind can be broadcast over and over again, but footage of the attack on September 11? Oh, we're not strong enough to handle seeing that footage...right..."it's too soon."

You may have heard or used the word enabler. An enabler is, "a person who by their actions make it easier for an addict to continue their self-destructive behavior." Liberalism was Cho Seung-Hui's enabler.

What's next from NBC? A hastily developed new reality series titled, "Who Will Be The Next School Shooter", with a panel of three judges auditioning contestants of psychotics displaying anti-social behavior? Somehow, I wouldn't be surprised.



I'm glad they ran the footage. It's fascinating. The police would have had no reason to withold the evidence from the public.
It is - for lack of a better word - "informative+ that they ran the video etc. It's that they drove it into the ground in the most exploitative manner possible.

I'm not saying the police would deliberately withold anything. Just that usually evidence is first reviewed by law people and then the media gets it.

I don't think you'd be for allowing evidence to first go to media outlets and then law enforcement when a crime or killing is commited, are you?
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