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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Iowa Senate Passes iPod Tax

From The Sioux City Journal comes word that "The Iowa Senate approved a bill Thursday dubbed the 'iPod tax' by its Republican critics."

Bolding mine:

    The bill, approved 29-20, would impose the state sales tax on the sale of digital downloads -- including songs, cell phone ring tones, software, audio books and other electronic products.

    Although the tax would be required, it would be collected on the honor system. It would be up to consumers to send payment to the state, right after they finish loading their iPod with new tunes.

    Backers of the move insist digital consumers should play by the same rules as shoppers at traditional stores who must pay sales tax on audio CDs and other items. The tax could bring in $4.8 million annually.

    But Sen. Jeff Angelo, R-Creston, said the bill is proof that government will tax anything.

    "This tax is impractical. It's unenforceable. And it's highly unpopular," Angelo said.

    All 20 Senate Republicans voted no. Passage sends the bill to the House.

From KETV.com:
    The bill would impose the state's 5 percent sales tax to digital downloads -- including songs, audio books, cell phone rings and software.

    Sen. Jeff Angelo, a Creston Republican, opposes the bill. He said it's proof the government will tax anything.

Hmmmmm, Michigan wants to give iPods to all students and Iowa wants to tax the downloads. Those Dems can sure think up the ingenious and inventive ways to rack up new ways of TAXING PEOPLE .... uh... enhancing investments, can't they?



honor system? BAWAHAHAHAHA
yeah, honor system. What a bunch of trusting--- as you call 'em -- Dimocrats!!! BWA HA HA HA HA indeed!!
My fingers are crossed hoping that the "Ranting Alec Baldwin" ringtone is still tax free. That bad toad is still audible over the roar of an F16 jet engine on full burner. Sweet.
Why do Democrats' eyes pop out at the thought of a new tax? Do they sit up late at night, gathered around a candle in some back office, dreaming up ways to screw the working man? WTF?

Why can't Democrats do what families do? We cut something out of our budget if we want to spend money on something else. Democrats want to spend, but never cut -- they just steal.

Greedy swine.
molson - wish I wouldda' thought of the "Ranting Alec Baldwin" ringtone! Damn, man, that's funny!

Nawwww- dude, the Dems are "investing" in our future!

At the very least, Dems wet their pants at the words "tax increase". Most of 'em have full blown orgasms.

And what an unpleasant thought that all is....
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