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Friday, July 31, 2009

Obama And ObamaCare Sinking In Polls

Paging Doctor Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. Paging Doctor Obama, also known as The Kenyan.

Pee-Yew and Stinky is the reaction from Americans on Dear Leader His Excellency and his Marxist Rationed ObamaCare. According to the Thursday, July 30 Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll, Dear Leader only has a "Strong Approval" rating of 28 percent:

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 28% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -12. That’s the lowest rating yet recorded for President Obama.


    48% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. That is the lowest level of total approval yet recorded for this President. Fifty-one percent (51%) now disapprove.


    Just 23% believe health care costs will go down if health care reform is passed. Most (53%) expect prices would rise and 50% expect the quality of care would decline.

Most people think that ObamaCare is a bad idea. Seattle PI:

    More people believe President Barack Obama's health care plan is a bad idea, according to a recent WSJ/NBC poll.

    In the poll, conducted July 24-27, 42 percent of respondents said the plan was a bad idea, while 36 percent said it was a good idea. The number of people with a negative opinion of the plan increased by 10 percent from last month and is up 16 percent from April.

The more that Americans learn about ObamaCare, the more they oppose it, which is why Dear Leader wants to rush, rush, rush this legislation through without scrutiny, without debate.

Obama Loses the Healthcare Debate, declares The Business Insider:

    From a purely political standpoint Obama has lost the healthcare message war.


    The problem really boils down to the fact people don't trust big, government-run programs to perform well, and no matter how you slice it that's what Obama and the Democrats are pushing.

Some Pbama Cheerleaders and Cultists think that what this underperforming, illegal (Kenyan-born) and illegitimate prednint needs is a vacation. MSNBC:

    “This is a president who needs a vacation,” says Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted the survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff. “His job rating is … certainly an acceptable mark. But if you look at it over time, it has [gone] south without a doubt.”

Whew! A Dem pollster admitting approval polls for The Kenyan have "gone south without a doubt."

And the answer? The Kenyan needs a vacation! Try and get a week or two of vacation after being on the job for six months in the private sector. Many private companies across the U.S. require you work one full year before you qualify for only one single week of vacation. And Barry, after six months of forcing Marxism down our throats, needs a vacation? What a crock.

Obama is a Fraud, people. He's not even eligible to occupy the office he stole last November - with the help of ACORN - because he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. How much longer will this Fraud be permitted to gut and shred the Constitution and the country?

Produce the Long Form Birth Certificate, or Impeach Him!

Impeach FraudBama! Impeach him now!


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Why Are Obama's Hawaii Kindergarten Records Missing and Why Is He In An Indonesian Class Photo When He Was Supposed To Be in Hawaii?

Did you know the Kindergarten records of Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior are missing? And why is he pictured in an Indonesia class photo when he was supposed to be attending grade school in Hawaii? How odd. Examiner:

    Obama's Noelani Elementary School Kindergarten records are oddly missing from the State of Hawaii Department of Education. See the above link to where local paper reports the lost records. The important feature of this conspiracy is that Kindergarten records would have contained the following:

    1. Obama's REAL Birth Certificate.
    2. An application with the following:
    • His Legal name.
    • Parents or Legal Guardians’ names.
    • Date of Birth
    • Place of Birth
    • Vaccination Records

    Conspiracy theorists contend that the loss of records is important for two additional reasons. The Department of Education does not "lose" the records of one particular student. Breeding the claim, who paid whom what sum to make this record disappear? Finally the loss prevents the release of shamefully low test scores, embarrassing Equal Opportunity advancements, and trails of fraudulent funding to hide that could possibly "excuse" the quashing of public school Kindergarten entry records. Adding to the fuel is the fact that for the rest of his life he attended very expensive private schools and has had his records legally sealed to deny the public his true life story.


    The Jakarta plot begins with Obama’s stepfather (Lolo Soetero) taking the family to Jakarta, Indonesia and enrolled him in a Catholic school (Fransiskus Assisi) as Barry Soetoro as seen on the only document that exists in the public from any of Obama’s schools. It was not released by Obama but obtained by an investigative reporter.

    This document bred a whole new series of heories [sic] that Obama was adopted by Soetero and Obama became a citizen on Indonesia. Under Indonesian law, Obama could not hold dual citizenship.


    Obama’s disclosure prompted ABC News to contact the presidential candidate's campaign, which confirmed that in 1981, the year Obama transferred from Occidental College to Columbia University, Barack visited his mother and sister Maya in Indonesia. Obama then went on to Pakistan with a friend from college whose family was from that country, the campaign said. Further, it was disclosed that Obama was in Pakistan for about three weeks, said the campaign, staying with his friend's family in Karachi and also visiting Hyderabad in Southern India.

    Pakistan in 1981 was under military rule. It was difficult for U.S. citizens to travel to the country without assistance. It would have been easier for someone to enter Pakistan on an Indonesian passport. If Obama indeed possessed Indonesian citizenship as a child, it is unlikely he retains such citizenship. This has never been disclosed or discussed by the Obama campaign. This posed the question about Obama's registration in Indonesia under the name "Barry Soetoro" also raises questions as to whether he adopted that name in the U.S. at any time. According to Illinois state filings, when Obama registered as an attorney in 1991, under the name Barack Obama, he attested to never using any other names or aliases.

Circled is Barack/Barry or whatever alias he was using back then, in a Jakarta class photo. Uh, gee, during this same time, wasn't he supposed to be in elementary school in Hawaii? Oooopsie!

Finally, (from the same Examiner link above) there is the much touted Hawaii newspaper announcement of Obama's birth. It's amazing how The Left believes print journalism when it favors their candidate.

Perhaps someone can explain, then, why two twin girls born shortly after Obama, in the same Hawaiian hospital as he allegedly was, are missing from the same newspaper's birth announcements:

    The Kindergarten twins (Nordyke) conspiracy spun off from the “lost” kindergarten records. The question is why the Nordyke twin’s, who were born a few hours after Obama, announcement was missing from the newspaper. The theory is that they were removed so Obama’s could be inserted.


    The mother of twin’s recalls nothing of significance while she was in the hospital and can neither confirm or deny Obama and his mother were there.

Gee, you kind of think mothers-to-be in hospital labor wards kind of have an idea of the other mothers who are there and the births that occur during that timeframe. Yet, the mother of the Nordyke twins recalls nothing of Barack's mother, or his birth, which supposedly occurred a short while prior to her delivering twin girls. Strange. Very strange, when you consider that alphabetically, "O" for Obama (remember, he says his birth surname is Obama, not Soetero) follows "N" for Nordyke. Yet, no Nordyke birth announcement. Hmmmmmm...quite a conspiracy we have here with The Kenyan, huh?

I know many mothers who know what other moms-to-be were delivering their babies in the hospital around the same time they were delivering theirs. But no one remember the birth of The Kenyan. That's because he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. That's why Kenyans say it is common knowledge there that Pbama was born there, not in Hawaii.

There's a Fraud in the White House. Yep, there sure is. Barry could release his full and complete long-form birth certificate, but he refuses. What is it that he is hiding from the world? Only blind Pbama Cultists pretend they don't know the answer.


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New Jersey Sting Nets Almost Exclusively Corrupt Democrat Pols

You may have heard about the recent arrests in New Jersey stemming from a federal probe into political corruption, graft and even human kidney trafficking. WSJ:

    New Jersey has never been short of corruption scandals, but the one that unfolded yesterday was surprising even by the standards of the state that inspired "The Sopranos."

    Federal agents swept across New Jersey and New York on Thursday, charging 44 people -- including mayors, rabbis and even one alleged trafficker in human kidneys -- in a decadelong investigation into public corruption and international money laundering.


    The arrests in the public-corruption portion of the probe included the Democratic mayors of Hoboken and Secaucus, Peter Cammarano III and Dennis Elwell; Republican state Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt; and Democrat Leona Beldini, the deputy mayor of Jersey City.

ALL WERE DEMOCRATS, except for one. Seattle Times:

    Altogether, 44 people were arrested Thursday, stemming from the investigation into the sale of black-market kidneys and fake Gucci handbags that evolved into a sweeping probe of corruption in New Jersey.

    Among them were 29 New Jersey public officials, including three mayors, two state assemblymen, several city council members, local commissioners and regulatory inspectors. All but one of the officeholders are Democrats.

I would have added corrupt to the list.
Image via Snafugear

Wow. We'd sure be hearing a lot about this case if the majority politicians arrested were Republicans, huh? Yeah, the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) on the LefTardOsphere and the MSM would be going craaaaa-zeeeeeeee, cackling and hyping the story to no end, painting it with their usual broad brush as completely and accurately representing the entire Republican Party.

But, since the MSM yawns and fawns all over its own, the political association of the Corrupt Democrats in the above story is a moot point.

Democrats: The Genuine Party of Corruption!


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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Sgt. James Crowley and Barack Hussein Obama, Junior Walk Into A Bar...

Rather than jumping to knee-jerk, emotion-based hysteria-reactionism as The Left, and especially The Pillow-Biting Pbama Cultists, have done over the past week, I waited for the facts to emerge from the Henry Louis Gates Jr., story rather than engaging in how The LiberalTardOsphere operates, reporting unconfirmed information coupled with smear-merchanting, absurd speculation, spreading falsehoods and hate-mongering. In other words, their usual course of action anytime they feel they can politicize an event that will help their evil agenda of promoting Marxism and destroying America.

The bloggers in the LiberalTardOsphere, in some areas, are even going after and personally-attacking the woman who placed the 911 call. She's a racist, they say. Their proof? They have none. But darn it, they know...they just know that she's a racist. Watch out lady, you might get the Joe The Plumber treatment (see here and here).

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., mugshot

The first fact being ignored by The Pbama Cultists is that the lady who placed the 911 call

    The 911 caller who reported two men possibly breaking into the home of black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. acknowledged that they might just have been having a hard time with the door and said she saw two suitcases on the porch.

    Cambridge police Monday released the 911 recording and radio transmissions from the scene.


    In her 911 call, Lucia Whalen, who works at the Harvard alumni magazine, told the operator that she was not sure what was happening.

    Speaking calmly, she told the operator that she was stopped by an elderly woman who told her that she noticed two men trying to get into a house. Whalen initially said she saw two men pushing on the door.

    She did not mention the race of the men until pressed by a dispatcher to describe them.

    "Um, well, there were two larger men," Whalen said on the tape. "One looked kind of Hispanic, but I’m not really sure. And the other one entered, and I didn’t see what he looked like at all."

    The officer who arrested Gates, Sgt. James Crowley, said in his police report that he talked to Whalen soon after he arrived at Gates’ home. "She went on to tell me that she observed what appeared to be two black males with backpacks on the porch," Crowley wrote in his report.

Where is the racism so far?

We know that there had been a series of break-ins in the general area and this had been occurring for some time.

We know the neighbor who called 911 saw two men trying to gain access to a home by use of a crowbar or something similar.

Isn't that how any of us normal-thinking, non-Pbama Cultists would want our neighbors to act if they saw what appeared to be two men breaking into our homes?

Where is the racism, so far?

We know Gates was tired, having returned from a long flight from China. He probably wanted to get home and relax. He was frustrated when he realized he was locked out of his home. I don't fault him for perhaps developing a "slow burn," in the delays and inconveniences he went through when all he maybe wanted to do was plop down in his favorite chair with a finely-aged adult beverage or wanting to hit his own bed and zonk out.

The cops arrive on the scene. Remember, they are responding to a call that told them two men were seen breaking into a house.

Sgt. James Crowley, conducts classes for others in law enforcement on how to avoid racial profiling. His boss is Black and doesn't consider Gates' arrest racist.

Sgt. James Crowley, a praised and renowned law officer who just happens to be white, arrives on the scene with a Black and Hispanic officer, among others who arrived on the scene later.

Crowley encounters Gates who tells him he lives there. Is Crowley just supposed to take his word on this? Is this how you would want police to handle someone who has no business in your home but who may claim he lives there?

Crowley asks Gates for some ID, certainly not an unreasonable request. Gates produces his Cambridge ID. I've read conflicting reports saying that the Cambridge ID did show his street address and that it did not. Does anyone definitively know the answer?

Crowley asks for another form of ID, like a driver's license and Gates becomes belligerent. Where is the harm in asking to see an official, state-issued ID? Where?

Where is the racism so far?

Remember, one of the men reported as breaking-in hasn't been identified yet. The cops don't know if the second person is real, armed and dangerous or not.

Gates then basically plays the Liberal Elitism Card of "do you know who I am," with the cop. Sorry folks, it doesn't matter who you are in this day and age, "do you know who I am," doesn't work anymore. Not even for the Kennedys, for whom this strategy was specifically invented and designed.

Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior says the police, "acted stupidly." Chalk up another leap to judgment not only by Dear Marxist Leader, but for Liberalism is general, for this is how Liberalism behaves...Play That Race Card every chance you can.

What happened to Gates is not racism. Watch an episode of "Cops" and see white men, one after the other, being arrested for disorderly conduct and hauled off to the police station. Gates was arrested because he was uncooperative and difficult. Part of his demeanor via the frustration he had stemming from the long flight and then the delay in realizing he was locked out of his house - yeah, maybe it all built up. It frustrated him. It would affect me this same way, no doubt about it.

The way Gates handled himself was unprofessional. That's why he was treated as he was, not because he is Black. I think he engaged in some moments of misplaced anger, not entirely misunderstood, coupled with his Liberal Ego. And he lost it interacting with Sgt. Crowley. And Gates knows this and he's too proud to say he is wrong. Have we not moved past, "your momma," comments, of which Gates directed at Crowley? The Hispanic and Black officers confirm Crowley's log of events and find no basis in Gates' accusations of racism.

"Having a beer and a a fake photo op solves everything, doesn't it,"
said Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

Obama's silly, "let's get together for a beer," is - forgive me - a severely retarded idea. I noticed he can apologize for the entire United States for all the "bad things we've done," when he is on foreign soil, yet he cannot bring himself to apologize for saying the police "acted stupidly." Well, that's typical Liberalism, never apologize for yourself, never. Couch it in statements such as saying the words you used weren't carefully "calibrated." Who talks like this except someone going out of their way to avoid apologizing while trying to give the impression they are? Transparency? Oh yeah, on this, Pbama is very Transparent. His insincerity and phoniness shine like the blinding sun.

I think any White Liberals who, in their usual, permanently cemented demented thought process, deem Gates is a victim of racism are out of their mind. Clinically insane. But I can agree with you. Here's why:

If you Pbama Cultists and uber-Liberals are right, and what happened to Gates is racism, what does it say about Liberalism? Where did racism take place? In Massachusetts, a harbinger of Liberalism. What was the locale? In Cambridge..at Harvard! Does it get more Liberal than this? Who are the people and citizens? All Liberals! Who could have possibly guessed in good old Liberal Massachusetts a bunch of Liberals would be Racist? Fabulous. I agree with the Libs, they ARE a bunch of knuckle-dragging, mouth-drooling racists. They have to be, they're Liberals.

So if the Liberals want to hype this story of an example of racism, I say, go for it, because it proves what I've always said about Liberals: They are the true Racists.

They're now telling us they are racists and confirming our suspicions because they're pointing their fingers at their own people and accusing them of Racism. The Liberals and Pbama
Cultists never thought this far ahead. Thanks for showing America who you are, Racists though and through. Yep, it is racism. Pure, vile, ingrained racism from the Liberals. They've always been racists, they will continue to be racists. They have to be, again; look at where this racist incident occurred and all the Liberal parameters of it. Racism happens in a Liberal Vacuum, and that vacuum this time is Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Black Liberals who see this as racist may have a natural inclination based on the past, based on personal experiences for nothing more than "Driving While Black," and I understand this. I have friends who've experience DWB. I'm not saying this mindset justifies racism when racism isn't present, it doesn't. I'm only acknowledging the difference in foundations for charges of racism between white Liberals and black Liberals.

What we have to identify and define are grey areas where racism is alleged. We have to define these as best we can. We need Black Leaders (not Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson) to step up to the plate and engage in honest and intellectual dialogue and debate.

We know it is not always racism when a Black Man or Woman is arrested or taken into custody. The conversation has to be when is it appropriate and justified and not due to racism when someone who is Black is arrested? There are nuances, degrees of grey, just like any other legal nuances. There are clear cut cases of blatant racism. Only the most bigoted among us deny this.

Define the grey areas. Acknowledge that just because an arresting officer is White and a suspect is Black doesn't mean the arrest is based solely on race. Intellectually and honestly, we have to move beyond this and the quicker the better.


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Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama Supporters Are The 29 Percenters

The latest Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll shows only "29 percent strongly support" how Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior is carrying out his duties. Rasmussen:

    [the poll] for Sunday shows that 29% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President.


    Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -11. That’s the first time his ratings have reached double digits in negative territory.

Only 29 percent! A-ha ha ha ha haaaaa! Remember when The Left poked fun of, and belittled, the small group of "29 percenters" who supported W. Bush? It didn't matter which issue you supported of Bush, it may have just been one issue. But if you did, you were labeled part of an idiotic minority of being a "29 percenter."


The small nine-percent of LeftWingFringe Americans - the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) - who identify as "very Liberal" are now "the 29 percenters."

The Pbama Cultists are the "29 percenters." Say it out loud! Picture your favorite Pbama Cultist that you know or can think of. Now, picture telling them, "you're in the minority. You're part of the 29-percent crowd." And then laugh in their face. It's fun!

It sounds so good! So funny! A knee-slapper, it is...oh, damn, su-wheeeet!

"All the Pbama Cultists...hey, you're part of the 29-percenters, no one cares what you think!" Bwa! Heh heh heh!

Go ahead - everyone but the "29 percenters," - have yourselves a good laugh. You deserve it! Point fingers at the "29 percenters" and laugh at them. They deserve it.

Karma really equalizes things sometimes, doesn't it?


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Afghanistan Deadliest Month Ever

July 2009 has turned out to be the most deadliest month ever for U.S. Troops in Afghanistan.

I want to note that the person in charge is Barack Hussein Obama, Junior, the Warmonger.

I also want to note that The Left, even going back into their anti-War rhetoric of the W. Bush Admin said that they they agreed with the War in Afghanistan, but not Iraq.

So...does The Left have any culpability in the deaths, bloodshed and injuries in Afghanistan?

Obama was the one who boosted the U.S. Troop levels there. I'm not aware of Afghanistan being so violent during the W. Bush Admin. No...things seemed to be going well there until Barry took charge. No surprise really, he's wrecking America and Afghanistan at the same time. Multi-tasking.

Twelve civilians killed in Afghanistan blast.

Record-high UK Causalities in Afghanistan.

Herr Biden warns of more "sacrifice," in Afghanistan. More "sacrifice." That's ObamaBidenSpeak for more U.S. Blood and Treasure.

Afghan state targets repeatedly attacked by suicide bomb squads.

Yep. Heckuva Death Toll, Barry. Heckuva Death Toll!

Where are all the Pbama Cultists and their "War is Always Wrong," chant? Why so quiet? Why such hypocrites? What about "Bring The Troops Home Now!" Is it because Afghanistan is now being Illegally Occupied by Obama? Sure it is. Sure it is.


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Palin Exits Alaskan Governorship

Sarah Palin stepped down as Alaska's Governor.

She has served Alaskans well. Her poll popularity in her state is still in the eighty percent area, something that cannot be said for Dear Leader Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior, Vice Herr Biden or the Liberal Congress under Marxist leadership (heh...leadership) Nanny Pelosi and Harry ReidTard.

Sarah says, "Boo!" and The Liberals soil themselves.
She scares the widdle Commies.

More claims from The LefTards about investigating Sarah Palin over some concocted allegations that will likely be dropped or proven untrue, which is how all of the rulings so far have turned out. In everything The Palin-haters have thrown at her, how many convictions have stuck? Zero.
The Left is just out to "get" Palin because she poses the biggest political threat to them. That's all. That is the only reason.

All I can say to The LeftTards and The Pbama Cultists is please keep underestimating Sarah Palin.


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Thursday, July 23, 2009

White House Refuses To Release Visitor Log Of Healthcare Executives

So...the White House refuses to release the visitor log of the healthcare industry executives who have the privilege of meeting Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. Hmmmm...this is interesting.

The Left went BatPoop Crazy Insane when the Bush-Cheney White House refused to release certain visitor logs. I bet The Left - especially the Pbama Cultists - are applying the same criticism to the Pbama White House on this issue as they applied to the Bush White House. Huh? Huh?

From The L.A. Times:

    Invoking an argument used by President George W. Bush, the Obama administration has turned down a request from a watchdog group for a list of health industry executives who have visited the White House to discuss the massive healthcare overhaul.

    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington sent a letter to the Secret Service asking about visits from 18 executives representing health insurers, drug makers, doctors and other players in the debate. The group wants the material in order to gauge the influence of those executives in crafting a new healthcare policy.


    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics said it would file suit against the Obama administration as early as today. The group already has sued the administration over its failure to release details about visits from coal industry executives.


    As a candidate, President Obama vowed that in devising a healthcare bill he would invite in TV cameras -- specifically C-SPAN -- so that Americans could have a window into negotiations that normally play out behind closed doors.

    Having promised transparency, the administration should be willing to disclose who it is consulting in shaping healthcare policy, said an attorney for the citizens' group.


    "It's extremely disappointing," said Anne Weismann, the group's chief counsel. Obama is relying on a legal argument that "continues one of the bad, anti-transparency, pro-secrecy approaches that the Bush administration had taken. And it seems completely at odds with the president's commitment . . . to bring a new level of transparency to his government."

Oh, that silly transparency promise made by Barry expired long ago. You don't expect Barry to keep his promises, do you?

Pbama does the same things as W. Bush. This must roil the Pbama Cultists and the ILCP, huh?

Obama is The Special Needs Prednint. He needs to conduct all his Marxist policies in private and rush them through before anyone has a chance to vet them, let alone object to them.


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Gidget, the Taco Bell Dog Dies, Age 15

This is sad news. The
“Yo Quiero Taco Bell” dog has died at the age of 15. Reuters:

    Gidget the Chihuahua, who achieved pop-culture immortality in the “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” ad campaigns run by the fast-food outlet in the 1990s, died of an apparent stroke in Santa Clarita, Calif., on Tuesday while watching television. She was 15.


    Gidget starred in Taco Bell ads for two years, beginning in late 1997. “She” became a “he” in the spots, which depicted the canine on a quest for Taco Bell fare. The tagline “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” (I want Taco Bell) passed into the lexicon, and Gidget became an instant celebrity. She showed up at movie premieres, on magazine covers, and even at the opening session of the New York Stock Exchange. A toy version sold briskly at Taco Bell’s 6,000 outlets. But the $200 million ad campaign did not do much for Taco Bell sales, and the company dropped Gidget after complaints from franchisees.

Some may ask, "Dave, why did you publish this when so many other newsworthy events (war, H1N1 flu virus, etc) - are competing for headlines?"

The “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” dog and the ad campaign are part of pop culture. Pop culture is often newsworthy. I'm not going to spend any more time on this subject other than this post. But it definitely merited mention.

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Moscow, Idaho Bans Cigarette Smoking

Moscow, Idaho has banned cigarette smoking in bars. The Spokesman:

    Moscow smoking ban passes: No more lighting up for bar patrons, amendment to allow designated smoking rooms is dropped/David Johnson, Moscow-Pullman Daily News

    More Info: Members of the Moscow City Council voted unanimously Monday night to ban smoking in bars and private clubs. The prohibition will go into effect probably within a couple of weeks, City Attorney Randy Fife said. The ordinance will allow smoking outside bars and clubs in designated areas at least 20 feet away from main entrances.

Chalk up another victory for the No-Smoking Nazis.

Here's the thing; research, facts and studies showing that second-hand cigarette smoke poses no or little health risk have been suppressed in favor of the political clout of the Non-Smokers. I've written about this before and you can read the evidence for yourself at The Heartland Institute.

If the No-Smoking Nazis would just admit that what they don't like is the smell of second-hand cigarette smoke on their clothing or hair, at least they would be intellectually honest. But no, they have to lie. And they have to lie because the facts are not on their side. Big surprise not.

Besides, Barack Hussein Obama, Junior is a smoker. How bad can it be? He claims he's "95 percent smoke free," but isn't that like being "a little bit pregnant?"

Oh, Lordy Day how The Left would have a sh*t-screaming fit over any smoker that isn't a Marxist. But Pbama receives the Coveted Free Pass because he's a prodigy of Karl Marx.

Smoking is cool, don't let anyone tell you any different.


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Michael Jackson, Manslaughter?; Authorities Raid Dr. Conrad Murray's Office; Joe Jackson Says "Foul Play." Concert Film Due in Ocotober

Michael Jackson's death is being investigated as potentially a case of manslaughter. People:

    Authorities are investigating whether Michael Jackson's death was a case of manslaughter, according to a search warrant served on the offices of the entertainer's doctor.

    The search of Dr. Conrad Murray's clinic in Houston was conducted Wednesday morning by agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, two detectives from the LAPD's Robbery Homicide division and officers from the Houston Police Department, according to Murray's attorney.

More from TMZ:

    Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, just released a statement about today's raid at the doc's office -- saying law enforcement officials were searching for evidence "of the offense of manslaughter."


    "The search warrant authorized law enforcement to search for and seize items, including documents, they believed constituted evidence of the offense of manslaughter.

    Law enforcement concluded their search around 12:30pm, and left with a forensic image of a business computer hard drive and 21 documents. None of the documents taken had previously been requested by law enforcement or the L.A. Coroner's office."

Joseph Jackson accuses Dr. Murray of "foul play." The Mirror:

    Michael Jackson's dad yesterday accused his son's doctor of being behind his death.

    Joe Jackson repeated his claims of "foul play" - but went further as he pointed the finger at medic Conrad Murray.

    He told US chatshow host Larry King: "The doctor gave him something to make him rest and he don't wake up no more. Something is wrong."

    Joe, 79, accused Dr Murray of fleeing after his son's death in Los Angeles on June 25.

    He said: "He ran away. They had to look for him for three days to find him. To me that is foul play.

    "Something happened there. This wasn't just drugs. There's something else behind all of that."

Both autopsies are said to confirm use of the anesthetic Propofol. Hollywood Gossip:

    You may recall that Michael Jackson's family commissioned a second autopsy on the star's body after the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office conducted one.

    Well, the results are in and they are not any different.

    A source with knowledge of the findings from both autopsies tells E! News that the private pathologist's findings are consistent with the county coroner's.

    In addition to finding needle marks on Jackson's body, both procedures revealed a potentially lethal amount of Propofol in the late singer's system.

    Propofol is a potent anesthetic administered via IV that leaves people in a largely comatose state. It should never be found outside a hospital, but it was.

Jackson concert film to be released in October by Sony. Entertainment Weekly:

    Sony Pictures has paid $60 million for the rights to release a movie of footage shot during Michael Jackson's rehearsals for his This Is It concert tour, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The film will hit theaters October 30. According to ther [sic] reports, AEG Live, which is said to have 80 hours of rehearsal footage at its disposal[.]

It's still hard to believe Michael Jackson is no longer with us, isn't it?


Senate Rejects Gun Reciprocity

The criminal-friendly Liberal U.S. Senate just made it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and once again whittled away at the right to self-defense of law-abiding citizens.

The U.S. Senate rejected state gun reciprocity rights. APee/Yahoo News:

    In a rare win for gun control advocates, the Senate on Wednesday rejected a measure allowing a person with a concealed weapon permit in one state to also hide his firearm when visiting another state.

    The vote was 58-39 in favor of the provision establishing concealed carry permit reciprocity in the 48 states that have concealed weapons laws. That fell two votes short of the 60 needed to approve the measure, offered as an amendment to a defense spending bill.

    Opponents prevailed in their argument that the measure violated states rights [ when have Liberals ever given a rat's butt about "states rights?" Hell, in their mind, only The Federal Nanny Government knows best! - Drake] by forcing states with stringent requirements for permits to recognize concealed weapons carriers from states that give out permits to almost any gun owner.

    "Law-abiding individuals have the right to self-defense," even when they cross state lines, citing the example of truck drivers who need to protect themselves as they travel," [said Republican U.S. Senator John Thune of South Dakota].


    New Yawk CommieCrat U.S. Senator Cluck Schumer called the proposal], "the most dangerous piece of legislation to the safety of Americans when it comes to guns since the repeal of the assault weapons ban."

"The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing." - Adolf Hitler

"Banning guns is an idea whose time has come." - U.S. Senator Joseph Biden

Criminals will still be carrying concealed weapons and they will be carrying them across state lines. Law-abiding citizens, legally, cannot.

Liberals and Progressives are scared to death that a law-abiding citizen, who has passed every background check and passed every firearms safety training course, might defend him or herself against an attacker or against a violent crime.

Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior is adamantly against the Second Amendment. So is Herr Joe Biden.

Another win for criminals thanks to The Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP).

And The Left bristles when they are accused of being soft on crime and criminals? The facts speak loudly.


Image (that I Photoshopped) from Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama Approval Numbers Keep Sinking

Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's poll approval numbers just keeps getting lower and lower and lower. From USA MacPaper:

    Barack Obama, who completed six months in office Monday, has a 55% approval rating in the USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, putting him 10th among the dozen presidents who have served since World War II at this point in their tenures.


    "Approval ratings are absolutely critical for a president achieving his agenda," says Republican pollster Whit Ayres. For Obama, the timing of his slide in ratings is particularly unhelpful: He's intensified his push to pass health care bills in the House and Senate before Congress leaves on its August recess. He'll press his case at a news conference at 8 p.m. Wednesday. His overall approval rating has dropped 9 percentage points since his inauguration in January, and his disapproval rate has jumped 16 points, to 41%.


    More people disapprove than approve of Obama on four domestic issues: the economy, taxes, health care and the federal budget deficit.


    The biggest drop has been on his handling of the economy, down 12 points since February; his disapproval is up 19 points. The most erosion has come not from Republicans or independents but among his own Democrats. Support from conservative and moderate Democrats is down by 18 points. Another group in the party's political base — those earning $20,000 to $50,000 a year — had a drop of 15 percentage points, to 47%.


    At 55% overall, Obama's approval rating is a tick below that of George W. Bush at six months.

"The most erosion has come not from Republicans or independents but among his own Democrats."

Heckuva Job there, Barry Soetoro...or whatever your real name is. Heckuva job!

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Afghanistan Violence At Highest Level Since 2001

Barry is doing a Heckuva job, isn't he? Isn't he just the best? Isn't he just groovy? Why, he's a white Bill Clinton, isn't he?

Under Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior violence in Afghanistan has hit a record-high level, the highest since 2001. al-Reuters:

    A roadside bomb killed 12 Afghan traders as they drove through Afghanistan's remote west on Monday in an attack apparently meant for Afghan or foreign troops, witnesses and officials said.

    Highly destructive home-made bombs planted in the road are by far the most deadly weapons used by the Taliban and other insurgents, frequently killing civilians as well as the security forces they traditionally target.

    "I saw 12 men were killed and four were wounded," Abdul Razzaq Samadi, a local tribal chief who was at the scene of the blast, told Reuters.


    Violence across Afghanistan has hit its highest level since 2001, when the Taliban's austere Islamist government was ousted for failing to hand over al Qaeda leaders wanted over the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.


    Violence has spiked across the country since those operations began, with military and civilian casualties surging.

Remember when Liberals and Progressives cared about the deaths of U.S. and Allied Troops and Afghanistan civilians? Remember how Liberals and Progressives demanded and insisted "Bring Our Troops Home Now?" None of this matters to Liberals and Progressives now, because Blood and Treasure being spent and spilled is perfectly acceptable when a Marxist is in charge.

Where is the "War is Always Wrong," crowd? I'll tell you where they are: steeped in the deepest recesses of denial imaginable.

Image appears again at the request of Tym Machine.

Remember when Candidate Obama called Iraq a foreign policy disaster and called for all Troops to be out of Iraq by the Spring of 2008. Does Retard Barry understand how a calendar works?

Let's ask Dear Leader to answer some of the same questions that The Left asked of W. Bush:

* Define winning in Iraq and Afghanistan?

* Define the objectives of the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan.

* Fifteen of the September 11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Why is Obama so darn friendly and cozy with the Saudis?

* During the Bush Admin, The Left said the reason violence in Afghanistan and Iraq is increasing is because "we're there." If Obama immediately withdrew all Troops, there would certainly be peace, right? This is what The Left said during Bush. So why aren't we withdrawing if "we're the cause" of the violence?

Oh...those questions are all appropriate when Bush was in the White House. But those questions were rendered expired on January 20. Clearly, the World still hates us. And it's all because of The Kenyan.


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Liberals Entitled To Offend and Attack

I dedicate this post to all the Liberals, Progressives and Pbama Cultists who told me in comments and e-mails that, "Nobody Photoshopped Trig Palin in an offensive way or in bad taste. Nobody." Well, take a look at the images people. And if you don't want to believe me, just Google search the terms Trig Palin Photoshopped.

Did you know Insane Liberal Close Posse (ILCP) and the Pbama Cultists have complete license to attack anyone they want without any consequences? They sure do.

They write, say and Photoshop anything they want and the rest of us are supposed to accept it without questioning or challenging it.
The ILCP and Pbama Cultists say and write things like the reason for Trig Palin's Down Syndrome is because Trig's real mother is Bristol, not Sarah, and the father of Trig is Bristol's brother Track. If you disagree with what they say, or you find it offensive, well...according to the ILCP and the Cultists you'd damn better not voice your disagreement. (Incest is not a contributing factor to Down Syndrome, btw - but the ILCP and The Cultists aren't about to allow medical facts get in the way of what they believe).

Which Liberals and Progressives condemned the things written, said and Photoshopped of Trig and Bristol Palin?
Who in the ILCP members and which Pbama Cultists expressed outrage over how the Palin children - especially Trig - were, and still are, being treated? I don't know.....0.000000000000001 percent, maybe? It's just a guess on my part.

Relentlessly attack and dehumanize those who disagree with your politics is the Modus Operandi of the ILCP and The Cultists. Hitler and the Nazis used the same tactics; relentless attacks and dehumanization.

The Left has to operate this way because they can't win on facts and evidence. Smear-merchanting, hate-mongering, personal attacks and lies are all they have.

In the existence of my blog, if anything, it could be said there are times I am guilty of bad taste, nothing more. Bad taste breaks no law. Being offensive isn't illegal. Neither is over-the-top satire or sarcasm.

A faux-documentary about the assassination of George W. Bush? Why, that's art. A crucifix submerged in urine? That's art. Feces included on a painting of the Virgin Mary? Again, it's art. It's offensive art. It's in bad taste. But according to the ILCP and The Cultists, no one is supposed to voice any disagreement. Instead, everyone else must accept being offended and bad taste because it's art.

If The Left policed their own, and held their own members as accountable as they do anyone that disagrees with them, the U.S. and the world would be a better place. But they don't do this. It's a one-way street for them. The Left gets to do undo others as they see fit, but hell breaks loose when they are treated as they treat others.

Liberals need division. Liberals need to propagate racism, sexism and any other "ism" you can name. Without them, The Liberals have no issues, no ideology, no party.

The image below is art, too. It is offensive and in bad taste. It's supposed to be, it is reflecting the hideous and odious nature and behavior of the ILCP and the Cultists. It is something they would create if the Pbama daughters were children of Republicans or Conservatives.

Bad taste. Offensiveness. Welcome to the Internet and the Blogosphere.

Well...except for the sites and blogs written by the ILCP and The Pbama Cultists. They are as pure as the wind-driven snow. They are as objective and fair-minded as can be. They are entitled to reach well below the depths of filth and mud in the gutter under the guise of Free Speech and no one is allowed to protest or question their motives. Hitler and The Nazis would have ruled the world forever had today's Liberals and Progressives been around in the U.S. and Germany.


H/Tips to, and images via: MoonBattery and Le•gal In•sur•rec•tion

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Ed Schultz Likes To Drive Drunk

On his Liberal Talk Radio Program, Ed Schultz, the Wife-beater, who, while drunk during a hunting trip shot and killed his own dog, said the following:

    "I like to drink and drive. But I can't do that anymore."
    - Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - 12:39 PM CST

What does that mean, that he can't do that anymore? Drunk driving has been against the law for decades. How many years has this LPOS been driving while intoxicated?

I guess with role models Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy, Druggy Al Gore, III and Druggy Patrick Kennedy, Junior, Liberals feel a legal entitlement to drive while intoxicated or whacked out of their mind on other substances.

Where is MADD when you need them?


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Monday, July 20, 2009

Liberals Never Condemn Real Racism

Warning: This post uses the N-Word in context, in quotes.

Racism is so...so...nebulous when it comes to the reaction - or more appropriately the lack of reaction - from Liberals and Progressives.

Who said the following?

    "I'll have them niggers voting Democratic for two hundred years."

Any guesses?

It was
Democrat President Lyndon Johnson:

    Johnson reportedly made the following comment in explaining why the civil rights bill was so important to him. He said it was simple: "I'll have them niggers voting Democratic for two hundred years."

Lyndon Johnson

Ready to play guess who said it again? Good. Who said the following?

    "The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia. It is necessary that the order be promoted immediately and in every state in the Union. Will you please inform me as to the possibilities of rebuilding the Klan realm of W. Va."

    "I will never submit to fight beneath that banner with a Negro by my side. Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds."

The above are words from U.S. Democrat Senator Robert Byrd.

Did you know Byrd was christened Exalted Cyclops of the KKK? He sure was.

And then there is Byrd's famous "white niggers" quote.

What does Byrd mean by "white niggers?" He says there are "white niggers," he says he's "seen a lot of white niggers" in his time. Any Liberal, Progressive or Pbama Cultist want to explain this? I know the answer, but I want to know if you know.

Exalted Cyclops of the KKK Robert Byrd

As Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy ordered the illegal wiretapping and surveillance of Martin Luther King, Jr., of whom the Democrats back then considered a Communist. Whew - good thing RFK wasn't a Republican or Conservative, huh? Hell, we'd never hear the end of it. But today's Liberals and Progressives don't say much about RFK and how he wiretapped Rev. King.

We cannot forget at all about Hillary "MrsSatan" Clinton's racist and ethnic slurs, reported by numerous sources. Heck, she can show up in Selma, Alabama giving a speech where she slips into Southern drawl affectation, pandering to and currying for the Black Vote and she receives the Coveted Free Pass. Good thing she's a Liberal and didn't say "macaca."

Harry Truman

Liberal icon President Harry Truman wrote the following in a letter to the woman he would eventually marry:
"I think one man is just as good as another so long as he's not a nigger or a Chinaman."

Racism has long been a platform in the Democrat party, going back to Thomas Jefferson and as recently as Joe Biden. Click the link, read the story.

Al Gore, Senior / J. William Fulbright

Albert Gore, Senior and J. William Fulbright (mentor of Bill Clinton) were both Democrat Senators who opposed Civil Rights.

I'm not saying, nor have I ever, that the Republican party or Conservatives are perfect. Or that Conservative or Republican politicians have never said anything inflammatory or that could be deemed racist or offensive. Not by a long shot. But don't come to this blog and feign offense, alleging that I am racist for anything I've written or Photo-Shopped, when real racism is alive and healthy and has been for centuries within the Democrat party. There's a huge difference between sarcasm, satire and parody - what I do on this blog - compared to what the above ELECTED DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS HAVE SAID AND WRITTEN.

But you Liberals and Progressives just don't "get it," do you? You're too wrapped up in a sparkling, shiny object to dig any deeper than the surface.


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"They came after me," says Kid Funkadelic
...Who is "They?"

"They came after me," says Kid Funkadelic, writing about...well, writing about what I'm not sure of. Who, specifically, "came after" you, Kid? Who are "they?" Define "them."

Kid published a post on DKooks on Friday linking to
my January post. I published a response noting the hypocrisy of DKooks and Kid's fallacious attempt at making a cause-and-effect connection of racism regarding my post.

You're playing the Victimhood Card, aren't 'ya Kid? Is the false cry of Victimhood status the only page in your playbook?
Who is the "they" that "came after you?" Let me know, please let me know. I'm certain you won't comment here, because there is no "they."

It's more like a "Free Speech for me, but not for Thee," attitude that you have, isn't it Kid?

It boils down to the narrow-minded view Liberals have that Free Speech is a one-way street. Libs can say and write anything they want and expect impunity for it. And when someone responds to their rhetoric, they leap to the "they came after me"/I'm a victim defense mechanism.

I back everything I write here with facts. Everything, including the parody and satire because in order for satire and parody to be effective it must have elements of truth to it. And we know Liberals, Progressives and the Pbama Cultists can't handle facts.

No one "came after you," Kid; no one. You came after me, but you didn't witness me playing the Victimhood Status Card like you do, did you?

You simply can't take what you dish out, so you resort what Liberals always do...playing The Victim.

Leave a comment letting everyone know who "they" is. I'll publish your comment. But you won't leave one. There is no "they," is there Kid?


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Iran Tied To Minnesota National Guard Deaths In Iraq

Iraqi officials arrested members of an Iranian-backed militia of a missile attack that killed three National Guard Soldiers from Minnesota who were serving in Iraq. Star Tribune:

    Iraqi authorities have arrested a member of an Iranian-backed militia for the missile attack that killed three soldiers from the Minnesota National Guard.


    During a search of the house where the suspect and an aide were arrested, Iraqi officials said, they seized four Iranian-made rockets and documents listing names of Iraqi officials to be targeted.
    The men, who were arrested Friday night, told Iraqi authorities that they had been instructed in Iran to "plant improvised explosive devices, scare citizens and destabilize the country[.]"

Iran, of course, denies these charges.

But wait a minute...Cowardly Liberals, the Cut and Run DefeatOCrats, the Pbama Cultists and Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior all have been saying that Iran poses no threat to us. They say that Iran isn't a part of any insurgence in Iraq. Hell, Dear Leader said Iran is a tiny little country that poses no threat to us. As usual, The Liberals are wrong. When are they ever right?

Barry needs to get his ass out of the White House gymnasium and use his unparalleled finely honed diplomatic and negotiating stills and bring peace to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Why isn't he doing this? This is what Candidate Pbama said he would do. Why isn't he doing it?

A short six months after being sworn in, The Celebrity Prednint is an abject, abysmal failure. He is the reverse of the Midas Touch, everything Pbama touches rapidly dissolves in failure.

How much longer will Obama expend America's Blood and Treasure in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The day may come very soon where America will have no other choice than to "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran." Please remember that The Liberals are, and have been, dead set against this. What will be interesting is watching them Flip-Flop and, in their own sickly way, rationalize that they now support bombing Iran because The Kenyan decides there is no other choice.

The three Minnesota National Guard Soldiers are (L to R): Dan Drevnick, 22, of Woodbury; James Wertish, 20, of Olivia; Carlos Wilcox, 27, of Cottage Grove.

Images AP, reproduced via Fair Use Section 107.


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