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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Sgt. James Crowley and Barack Hussein Obama, Junior Walk Into A Bar...

Rather than jumping to knee-jerk, emotion-based hysteria-reactionism as The Left, and especially The Pillow-Biting Pbama Cultists, have done over the past week, I waited for the facts to emerge from the Henry Louis Gates Jr., story rather than engaging in how The LiberalTardOsphere operates, reporting unconfirmed information coupled with smear-merchanting, absurd speculation, spreading falsehoods and hate-mongering. In other words, their usual course of action anytime they feel they can politicize an event that will help their evil agenda of promoting Marxism and destroying America.

The bloggers in the LiberalTardOsphere, in some areas, are even going after and personally-attacking the woman who placed the 911 call. She's a racist, they say. Their proof? They have none. But darn it, they know...they just know that she's a racist. Watch out lady, you might get the Joe The Plumber treatment (see here and here).

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., mugshot

The first fact being ignored by The Pbama Cultists is that the lady who placed the 911 call

    The 911 caller who reported two men possibly breaking into the home of black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. acknowledged that they might just have been having a hard time with the door and said she saw two suitcases on the porch.

    Cambridge police Monday released the 911 recording and radio transmissions from the scene.


    In her 911 call, Lucia Whalen, who works at the Harvard alumni magazine, told the operator that she was not sure what was happening.

    Speaking calmly, she told the operator that she was stopped by an elderly woman who told her that she noticed two men trying to get into a house. Whalen initially said she saw two men pushing on the door.

    She did not mention the race of the men until pressed by a dispatcher to describe them.

    "Um, well, there were two larger men," Whalen said on the tape. "One looked kind of Hispanic, but I’m not really sure. And the other one entered, and I didn’t see what he looked like at all."

    The officer who arrested Gates, Sgt. James Crowley, said in his police report that he talked to Whalen soon after he arrived at Gates’ home. "She went on to tell me that she observed what appeared to be two black males with backpacks on the porch," Crowley wrote in his report.

Where is the racism so far?

We know that there had been a series of break-ins in the general area and this had been occurring for some time.

We know the neighbor who called 911 saw two men trying to gain access to a home by use of a crowbar or something similar.

Isn't that how any of us normal-thinking, non-Pbama Cultists would want our neighbors to act if they saw what appeared to be two men breaking into our homes?

Where is the racism, so far?

We know Gates was tired, having returned from a long flight from China. He probably wanted to get home and relax. He was frustrated when he realized he was locked out of his home. I don't fault him for perhaps developing a "slow burn," in the delays and inconveniences he went through when all he maybe wanted to do was plop down in his favorite chair with a finely-aged adult beverage or wanting to hit his own bed and zonk out.

The cops arrive on the scene. Remember, they are responding to a call that told them two men were seen breaking into a house.

Sgt. James Crowley, conducts classes for others in law enforcement on how to avoid racial profiling. His boss is Black and doesn't consider Gates' arrest racist.

Sgt. James Crowley, a praised and renowned law officer who just happens to be white, arrives on the scene with a Black and Hispanic officer, among others who arrived on the scene later.

Crowley encounters Gates who tells him he lives there. Is Crowley just supposed to take his word on this? Is this how you would want police to handle someone who has no business in your home but who may claim he lives there?

Crowley asks Gates for some ID, certainly not an unreasonable request. Gates produces his Cambridge ID. I've read conflicting reports saying that the Cambridge ID did show his street address and that it did not. Does anyone definitively know the answer?

Crowley asks for another form of ID, like a driver's license and Gates becomes belligerent. Where is the harm in asking to see an official, state-issued ID? Where?

Where is the racism so far?

Remember, one of the men reported as breaking-in hasn't been identified yet. The cops don't know if the second person is real, armed and dangerous or not.

Gates then basically plays the Liberal Elitism Card of "do you know who I am," with the cop. Sorry folks, it doesn't matter who you are in this day and age, "do you know who I am," doesn't work anymore. Not even for the Kennedys, for whom this strategy was specifically invented and designed.

Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior says the police, "acted stupidly." Chalk up another leap to judgment not only by Dear Marxist Leader, but for Liberalism is general, for this is how Liberalism behaves...Play That Race Card every chance you can.

What happened to Gates is not racism. Watch an episode of "Cops" and see white men, one after the other, being arrested for disorderly conduct and hauled off to the police station. Gates was arrested because he was uncooperative and difficult. Part of his demeanor via the frustration he had stemming from the long flight and then the delay in realizing he was locked out of his house - yeah, maybe it all built up. It frustrated him. It would affect me this same way, no doubt about it.

The way Gates handled himself was unprofessional. That's why he was treated as he was, not because he is Black. I think he engaged in some moments of misplaced anger, not entirely misunderstood, coupled with his Liberal Ego. And he lost it interacting with Sgt. Crowley. And Gates knows this and he's too proud to say he is wrong. Have we not moved past, "your momma," comments, of which Gates directed at Crowley? The Hispanic and Black officers confirm Crowley's log of events and find no basis in Gates' accusations of racism.

"Having a beer and a a fake photo op solves everything, doesn't it,"
said Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

Obama's silly, "let's get together for a beer," is - forgive me - a severely retarded idea. I noticed he can apologize for the entire United States for all the "bad things we've done," when he is on foreign soil, yet he cannot bring himself to apologize for saying the police "acted stupidly." Well, that's typical Liberalism, never apologize for yourself, never. Couch it in statements such as saying the words you used weren't carefully "calibrated." Who talks like this except someone going out of their way to avoid apologizing while trying to give the impression they are? Transparency? Oh yeah, on this, Pbama is very Transparent. His insincerity and phoniness shine like the blinding sun.

I think any White Liberals who, in their usual, permanently cemented demented thought process, deem Gates is a victim of racism are out of their mind. Clinically insane. But I can agree with you. Here's why:

If you Pbama Cultists and uber-Liberals are right, and what happened to Gates is racism, what does it say about Liberalism? Where did racism take place? In Massachusetts, a harbinger of Liberalism. What was the locale? In Cambridge..at Harvard! Does it get more Liberal than this? Who are the people and citizens? All Liberals! Who could have possibly guessed in good old Liberal Massachusetts a bunch of Liberals would be Racist? Fabulous. I agree with the Libs, they ARE a bunch of knuckle-dragging, mouth-drooling racists. They have to be, they're Liberals.

So if the Liberals want to hype this story of an example of racism, I say, go for it, because it proves what I've always said about Liberals: They are the true Racists.

They're now telling us they are racists and confirming our suspicions because they're pointing their fingers at their own people and accusing them of Racism. The Liberals and Pbama
Cultists never thought this far ahead. Thanks for showing America who you are, Racists though and through. Yep, it is racism. Pure, vile, ingrained racism from the Liberals. They've always been racists, they will continue to be racists. They have to be, again; look at where this racist incident occurred and all the Liberal parameters of it. Racism happens in a Liberal Vacuum, and that vacuum this time is Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Black Liberals who see this as racist may have a natural inclination based on the past, based on personal experiences for nothing more than "Driving While Black," and I understand this. I have friends who've experience DWB. I'm not saying this mindset justifies racism when racism isn't present, it doesn't. I'm only acknowledging the difference in foundations for charges of racism between white Liberals and black Liberals.

What we have to identify and define are grey areas where racism is alleged. We have to define these as best we can. We need Black Leaders (not Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson) to step up to the plate and engage in honest and intellectual dialogue and debate.

We know it is not always racism when a Black Man or Woman is arrested or taken into custody. The conversation has to be when is it appropriate and justified and not due to racism when someone who is Black is arrested? There are nuances, degrees of grey, just like any other legal nuances. There are clear cut cases of blatant racism. Only the most bigoted among us deny this.

Define the grey areas. Acknowledge that just because an arresting officer is White and a suspect is Black doesn't mean the arrest is based solely on race. Intellectually and honestly, we have to move beyond this and the quicker the better.


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So how many race cards are in this deck? You would think they would have run out by now. Well no problem, maybe Fraudy can have Paulson Jr. print some more. He's good at printing dollars so why not some race cards? Even better is the distraction it creates while Fraudy guts the economy and wrecks the nation. Must be the "white" genes in Fraudy that gives him the ability to lie and steal so much. That wouldn't be racist now would it?
How many cards in the race card deck? Great question. I'd have to guess it's a limitless amount. Like you say, the Fed just prints 'em up as Pbama needs them.

You have put my mind into overdrive, Molson. What if this is all a conspiracy, conceived by OFraudy and Gates to create an issue while other, far more insidious plans are afoot. Oh, wait, only Cheney is capable of that, right?!?!?!

Great to hear from you. Are you now officially relocated? (I don't want to say too much in comments).
I'm relocated. Just not where I want to be... yet. Now can we relocate Fraudy back to his country of origin? Hint to cultists, it's not here if you figure out where here is.
Glad to hear the relocation is in the process and sounds to be going well.

Gosh, you mean the Cultists don't know their Messiah was born in Kenya? That must be some strong fukcing kool aid they are drinking!
And to think that this type of mentality is in White House.
Mats, it's the mentality of Marxism, Racism and any other "ism".

It's the Age of The Isms. heh. but Sad.
"Obama's silly, "let's get together for a beer," is - forgive me - a severely retarded idea."

Indeed David, I thought exactly the same thing.

Here is a president of the USA who has allegedly a QI over 130 that comes up with the stupidest idea ever to solve a conflict, an idea of a QI of 80 at the most.

Is Obama's intelligence overrated or what or what's with acting so stupid in public that is going on with him?

This idea is indeed childish, immature and very juvenile and it's an idea that should not be said by a so-called president.

All that Obacrap really made me thirsty so how about a good round of beers David??? Everybody knows that republican fans are all hillbillies and alcoholics ;).

BEER?!?!?!??? BEER?!?!?! WHERE ??!

Hold on there, before you go tapping that keg and offering me a beer I have to adjust both the Confederate flag that I have in the back of my truck and the shotgun racks.

There, now that that's done, I better go check me my live traps and see if'n I got me a possum to put in the crock pot for dinner tonight.

Now what's that you said about Republicans and hillbillies? Make it fast, I have to take my sister out on a date soon.

You are one of my most favorite commenters Tym. You always bring so much to the table. If I don't say it enough, please know I appreciate it.
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