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Monday, July 20, 2009

"They came after me," says Kid Funkadelic
...Who is "They?"

"They came after me," says Kid Funkadelic, writing about...well, writing about what I'm not sure of. Who, specifically, "came after" you, Kid? Who are "they?" Define "them."

Kid published a post on DKooks on Friday linking to
my January post. I published a response noting the hypocrisy of DKooks and Kid's fallacious attempt at making a cause-and-effect connection of racism regarding my post.

You're playing the Victimhood Card, aren't 'ya Kid? Is the false cry of Victimhood status the only page in your playbook?
Who is the "they" that "came after you?" Let me know, please let me know. I'm certain you won't comment here, because there is no "they."

It's more like a "Free Speech for me, but not for Thee," attitude that you have, isn't it Kid?

It boils down to the narrow-minded view Liberals have that Free Speech is a one-way street. Libs can say and write anything they want and expect impunity for it. And when someone responds to their rhetoric, they leap to the "they came after me"/I'm a victim defense mechanism.

I back everything I write here with facts. Everything, including the parody and satire because in order for satire and parody to be effective it must have elements of truth to it. And we know Liberals, Progressives and the Pbama Cultists can't handle facts.

No one "came after you," Kid; no one. You came after me, but you didn't witness me playing the Victimhood Status Card like you do, did you?

You simply can't take what you dish out, so you resort what Liberals always do...playing The Victim.

Leave a comment letting everyone know who "they" is. I'll publish your comment. But you won't leave one. There is no "they," is there Kid?


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Free Speech?
Libs can say and write anything they want and expect impunity for it. Except here.

Ah... the "I am offended" liberal style. Always trying to hide their lack of factual data with their uncalled emotions.

Obama also said that he was "deeply distressed" about the situation in Iran.... WHO CARES? THis is not about him, but about a nation that wants to be free.
In the same way, the "offended" liberal at DailyKooks should know that we don't care what you feel, but what you say.

Facts speak louder than emotions.
DailyKooks is the blog of effeminate liberals.

Thanks for including the link to the Dennis Prager story. I saved it and it is my required reading for the evening. I like Prager a lot.

Most Liberals just don't "get" what I do here. Oh, they claim they do, but then there's an onslaught of idiocy in the form of comments from them on the Malia/Sasha post. It sure is odd that I'm not aware of any of these same people registering their outrage at how Trig and Bristol Palin were and still are being treated.

Cerainly not to question you, but isn't "effeminate liberal" an oxymoron? ;-)

Thanks for commenting. I always appreciate you input.
They don't get it because they hava abandoned rational thought ages ago, just like comediant and political humoritst Evan Sayet has said.
If they ponder to think as to why they are "offended", they'll see how childish they are acting. Given that situation, they prefer to act imature and scream, and claim to be "offended" as means to end the discussion.
This is why sometimes it's a watse of time trying to debate with socialists about their cherished beliefs (abortion, homosexual "marriage", gay adoption, global warming, etc) bkz they don't really want to discuss but to impose/indoctrinate. When they run out of arguments, as it always happen since they have no basis for liberalism, they use the courts, the media, emotionalism or any other mean to stop the discussion.
People who are sure of what they believe don't act like this.

Anyway, it's nice to coment in your blog, Dave.

Keep up the good work expoising socialist hypocrisy, and the failures of irish president Barry O'Bama.
Dave your piece was right on the mark. I do believe William F Buckley said it the best: "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views."
FASCISTS!!! Thats what these EXCREMENT ARE!
They HATE freedom.
Who gives a CRAP about these 2 girls?!
Look at Amy Carter LOL- she was a MUTT!

Mats, Theodore, TMJ,

Thanks for you comments - all very well thought-out and articulate, as you always are.

The funny thing is that the crowd I run with is populated with real, Left of Left Liberals. And they know where I stand politically, and I know where they stand. And we never, NEVER, get into pissing matches. We sometimes disagree very loudly, but it always ends with "agreeing to disagree" in a civil nature.

Victimhood is embraced by the Libs.

Theodore is right on with the Wm F Bukley quote, Liberals are "shocked and offended to discover that there are other views."

I've published your comments in the past. You're not very patient, are you?

I publish comments on my timetable. Not yours or anyone elses.

Of course, it's ALL about you, isn't it Hathor?

That's okay though, I have no grudge against you. I don't hold grudges or have animosity towards those who disagree with me the way Liberals and Progressives do. I'm a better person because of it.
"I don't hold grudges or have animosity towards those who disagree with me the way Liberals and Progressives do. I'm a better person because of it."

Oh, you bet! If we allow anger and ressentment to take control of us, we give THEM power over US.

HOwever, when we know that we are on the side of truth, we can relax and speka our minds. They may or may not believe. It's their call.

But socialistas can't have that. They MUST impose their worldview or "the world will end $!#$""!!!!!"
Thanks, Mats.

yeah...life is just too short to hold grudges.

When we're ten years old we look at people in their 20's and thirties as being "old." Then we hit those ages and think, "gee, we're not that old."

I watched my dad die. I saw him take his last breath. Sudden cardiac arrest. He was 77. He'd always been a strong solid guy. As we age, our bodies break down and fail us. Heck, at 30-something-somthing there's things that I can still do but aren't as easy as when I was 20.

Line from the movie "The Straight Story:"

"What's the worst part about growing old, Alvin?"

Alvin: "Remembering when you were young."

We only get one life. It goes by too quickly to waste time on grudges.
Amen to that.

Yeah, we only get only life on this earth, so might as well do our best and prepare for what happens after death.

James 4:14 says that life is but a vapor, but sometimes we think that life is like a bulldozer: nothing can destroy it. All it takes is just one wrong turn, or the wrong virus, and we are history.

My dad also died, but he was very weak at the moment of death. He moved into a warmer place after living in portugal for years, and he had other health problems.

Did he go to heaven or hell? I don't know. I just know that I have my mother and sister to look after. Can't change the past, but I can work for a better eternal future.
May your dad (and mine) be at peace.

I don't know Mats. I find myself believing "this is it." That there is no afterlife. This is just it. I lost my religion a few years ago. (I expanded more on this on the other "baby bump" post in our comments there).

I see someone dressed in stained or torn clothing and it makes me depressed. Then I someone in the latest trendy outfit and I think, "why is life so damned unfair."

I 'used to be' (that phrase sounds so lame) more religious or had the faith. I believed. For several years I've moved to the agnostic side. It's not that I definitivly believe or not believe, I just "don't know." It may be nothing more than a natural progression of questioning what I once didn't, or that I'm in a stage of having seen bad stuff happen to really good people who don't deserve it. So I wonder why would a loving God or creator allow this to happen. I dunno. Sometimes none of it makes any sense.
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