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Monday, June 15, 2009

Druggy Patrick Kennedy Back In Rehab

Overdose and die already, for Christ's sake, will 'ya?

Druggy Patrick Kennedy, back in The Rehab.
By now, the Kennedy family must get a group rate or frequent rehab discount.

Liberal Congressman Patrick Kennedy has yet again checked himself in for The Rehab. CNN:

    U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy has checked into an unnamed medical facility for help with his recovery from substance abuse, the Rhode Island Democrat said in a statement Friday.

    In May 2006, Kennedy, the son of Sen. Edward Kennedy, was admitted to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, a day after slamming his car into a security barricade on Capitol Hill. [Telling the cops he was on his way to a vote. Only he wasn't. He was lying. - Drake]

    At the time, Kennedy said he had been suffering from addictions and depression since he was a young man.

The Kennedy family, primarily all the male offspring, have caused nothing but grief, sadness and tragedy for everyone they come in contact with, the U.S. and the world. It's no wonder they self-medicate way beyond the point of addiction. They can't live with how they abuse others.


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All he needs to do now is rape a young boy and he will be honored as a hero in the leftard congress.
Molson, he probably already has "been there, done that." He needs to be caught with a dead, underage prostitute and then he will be a hero...wait...he probably already has "been there, done that."

Okay, he needs to have non-consensual sex with a domesticated pet...wait..."been there, done that"... a barn yard animal....again, wait...he's "been there, done that."

Damn. He's a Kennedy. Who/What hasn't he abused, raped, slapped, drunk-snorted-injected-shoved up his ass-inhaled?

It's slim pickings trying to guess what Kennedy has done and covered up. That IS their lifestyle.
Aw c'mon! Who hasn't photoshopped a Kennedy with a bottle of booze in his hand???!

Seriously, nice work.
Thanks Don!

Pat is probably stealthily stealing all the morphine and oxycontin he can while in rehab!
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